Bottle Finds

Just a quick note to show off some cool bottles. I picked these up with my husband in mind at a garage sale. The leather covered star bottle was a bargain at $5 and the others were free because of other purchases we made (more on those later). These should serve as interesting decor items in the house. I’ve certainly never seen anything like them before. i particularly like the knight’s head on the bottle second from the end….very cool.

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4 thoughts on “Bottle Finds

  1. The knight head made me laugh. How odd!! And what a perfect find!!

    Paul and I were in an antique/junk store yesterday and they had a knight helmet and an antique, super tall, band-leader hat with a plume. I wanted to put them on and take a photo for our Christmas card, but in the end was too skeeved out at the unknown heads they had been on in the last hundred years!!

    I was going to say that the second photo looks like the Texas flag… but then I remembered you’re an ocean removed from Texas…

    • Haha! That would have made the perfect christmas card!!
      Hmm….not sure about the Texas flag?? Oh, actually it’s very similar (just googled it). :)

      And I love that it has a chain. You know, just in case you want to use it as a handbag? Lol

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