Spray paint side table makeover

It’s amazing what a difference some spray paint makes! I picked up this pretty cane table for $20 at a secondhand store. It’s in great shape and I knew it would be simple to freshen up.

After brushing off the cob webs I applied two good coats of lovely shiny white paint, allowing drying time in between. It was a little tricky to get in all the nooks and crannies but the end result speaks for itself. It looks like new!
Here it is at Winterfell in one of the bedrooms. Oh, and here’s a sneak peek at another room that is VERY close to being finished.




12 thoughts on “Spray paint side table makeover

    • Now that’s funny! I actually said to my husband at the time that it was a shame Rose, our daughter wasn’t with us on our last visit to Winterfell, because she loves origami and probably could have folded those towels into cranes.

  1. That looks great! I am addicted to spray paint– well, to ALL paint, really. Every single thing I see in thrift stores, by the side of the road, even in people’s homes, I think, “That’d look AWESOME with a few coats of paint!” 😉

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