Silhouette Art by Vana Chupp

I love craft projects that do not cost the earth or take weeks to complete. I found this gorgeous all in one book on Silhouette Art by Vana Chupp last weekend. It’s just perfect if you have a spare hour to spend doing some craft.

And the beauty of this book is it contains a handy little instruction guide, templates and papers. Almost everything you need to create your own modern heirlooms. The instruction booklet has a basic guide to silhouette art and a few little projects to get you started.





Here’s my first attempt using papers from the book. This literally took one hour to complete. Simple but effective! I’m keen to do silhouettes of all my family members and hang them grouped together on one wall. Anywho, that’s one down about 50 to go!! I have a big family!! :)


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