DIY Headboard at RedAgape Guesthouse

navy bedroom tufted headboardI was really excited to finally hang my DIY tufted headboard on the wall in the navy room at RedAgape Guesthouse. You can find the tutorial here if you are keen to make one for yourself. It is a challenging project but well worth the time and energy, as it is so cost effective when compared with buying a new headboard. 
beige headboard DIY bedhead tutorial beige bedhead navy room navy red beige bedroomYou can find more images of  RedAgape Guesthouse in my Instagram feed or my FaceBook page. :)


8 thoughts on “DIY Headboard at RedAgape Guesthouse

    • Thank you! I’m really proud of it. I won’t lie, it was harder than I anticipated, but totally worth the time and effort. I’m sure you’d be more than capable. I’m already planning one for my own bedroom at home. :)

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