2 thoughts on “{My Houzz Articles} Colour Coding Your Home

  1. Some people are very brutal arent they? I really dont know how a book loses it’s soul when placed beside another book the same colour. I did this with DVDs and my husband hated it but I thought it worked. Most of the black covers were of the same genre [action] anyway. Now they are hidden away and garage sale fodder anyway.
    I love the colour coded towels, its an excellent idea I have been using with my kids for a while but I think I’ll now find a separate colour for the man too. Good work Mandy. I would have commented on your original Houzz post but I got lazy when it wanted me to register etc. Keep up the good work. x Sandy

    • Hi Sandy! Sorry for late reply – we’ve been in Vietnam for my brother’s wedding. Yes, people can be brutal. I’m working on hardening up….I’m really far to sensitive. :)
      And as for colour coding taking away a books soul – what a ridiculous thing to say. I love books! It’s why I spend so much time displaying them this way.
      I was pleased to come back from our trip and find many more positive comments on the article. :) thanks for your support.

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