{Crochet} Crochet to Calm Book Giveaway

crochet therapyTo celebrate the release of this awesome book, Crochet to Calm, with a forward that i was honoured to write, i am having a giveaway on Instagram. It’s super easy to enter! Simply repost ANY of my instagram images on your own feed and tag #redagapecrochettocalm I’ll be running the giveaway for a week and it is open to everyone everywhere! hooray! If you don’t have an instagram account or have trouble reposting, then just leave your name in the comments here and i’ll add you to the draw. Good luck everyone. The winner will be drawn at 9.30 on Friday the 23rd of September.crochet book calming


76 thoughts on “{Crochet} Crochet to Calm Book Giveaway

  1. I follow you on instagram, but I have an private account there so I can’t participate there. Hoping to win this, because I crochet (and knit) to calm down after a stressful day. I have been burned-out 2 times, and nothing calm me down like crochet end knitting.
    Fingers crossed that I win this!
    My instagram is Fideliten. I will repost there, but you won’t be able to see it if you don’t start following me there.
    XOXO, from Ann-Sofi aka Fideliten, from Finland

  2. Hello,

    I had it in my head to use the blue-green yarn ball you had a picture of. I looked at it and thought to myself, “You know, I can sit just as quietly with my yarn before I unravel from this so-called’Life’ and everything it brings”. So hopefully, I can be calmed with your book, soothing music, and of course, yarn. Then, I realized I didn’t know how to repost . I’m not a quitter! I’ll find a way!! Thanks and take care. :-)

  3. What a fab giveaway – I’m on holiday and Internet is intermittent and won’t let me do a repost – I love your beautiful work and your kindness in sharing your beautiful patterns xxxx

  4. I love your work, every piece is so beautiful. I would love to win this book so I can begin my own crochet journey. It looks so inspirational!

  5. Congratulations on the book. Love your work and your photos they’re always so well shot I’ve made your mega mandala cushion ( twice) have a third one started. Your mandala patterns were the first ones I made and I’ve also.made your coasters which are great to work on in between Wip’s! Continued success with your work and shop. @craftdaydreamer on Instagram but unable to repost since I changed phones, will figure it out eventually?

  6. Mandy, sorry ended up posted twice as the first one came back saying it was deleted as it was duplicated( pushed the button twice)! Apologies for the duplication?

  7. Massive congratulations on the book, it looks awesome, and the title says it all for me. Like stepping into another world for a while. Big thank you for the chance to win a copy, please could you enter me, I’m only just getting my thick head around Facebook and only did that for the CAL, tech is a nightmare. Silver lining to everything though, met lovely folk in the CAL, and now the chance to win this book. Again well done you on your publication

  8. I have tried to repost on Instagram without success!! Need some lessons one thinks? Love the inspiration I get from seeing all the beautiful works you create, to have such a great avenue to explore is wonderful ?xx

  9. Hi, what a wonderful giveaway! Would love to win this book, seems like a verry nice book and I think that all crocheters are feeling calm(er) when they crochet, for me a lovely way to relax and enjoy the handiwork!

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