{Crochet} Crochet to Calm Book Giveaway

crochet therapyTo celebrate the release of this awesome book, Crochet to Calm, with a forward that i was honoured to write, i am having a giveaway on Instagram. It’s super easy to enter! Simply repost ANY of my instagram images on your own feed and tag #redagapecrochettocalm I’ll be running the giveaway for a week and it is open to everyone everywhere! hooray! If you don’t have an instagram account or have trouble reposting, then just leave your name in the comments here and i’ll add you to the draw. Good luck everyone. The winner will be drawn at 9.30 on Friday the 23rd of September.crochet book calming


76 thoughts on “{Crochet} Crochet to Calm Book Giveaway

  1. I was a bit upset to see this is only on Instagram….since that is one “social media” platform I don’t do.
    I’m just a lowly crocheter – not a designer, so I guess it doesn’t matter. As it is, if I sign up for any more social media outlets, I will have NO time left to actually crochet….which I do – not just because I enjoy it (which I do!), but because it is therapy for me. I am partially handicapped and unable to do all the physical activities I’d like to do because my body will not allow me (including my own housework!).
    But – those are the breaks, right?
    Good luck to all. I have Pinned the book image herein. But Instagram, I don’t do.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

    • Hi Carol, if you reread above you’ll see that I’ve said anyone who comments here will be automatically entered in the draw. You’re already in the draw!! Good luck xx

  2. Completely awesome to be take part in a book, well done you! yes I have an Instagram account but I also have all the techno ability of a plank of finely aged wood, so pleeease my name into the book draw on my behalf. Thank you for all your beautiful inspiration x

    • Thanks so much Kellie! I completely understand that some people have issues reposting which I why I’ve opened up the competition here. Thanks for playing along. You’re name is now in the draw. Good luck! Xx

  3. Hi I don’t have Instagram either but would love for you to put my name into the draw. I am a volunteer cancer counsellor and I am disabled with less mobility than I want and more pain than anyone needs. I use my crochet, sewing & knitting as my own therapy, as there is no place within the local authority running therapeutic groups for others like myself. I have great crafty friends too.

    • Thanks so much for commenting here Audrey! It certainly sounds like you could make good use of this book. Craft is such good therapy isn’t it….I don’t know what I’d do without it. I’m adding your name to the draw. Good luck. Xx

  4. I don’t do Instagram. I have found that with only a finite time available each day for crafting that it’s best to limit the number of social media platforms that I use. Otherwise all I’d do is to look at what others have made and do nothing myself. However I am very interested in your book “Crochet to Calm” and would be grateful if you could add my name to the draw.

    • I completely understand why you limit your Social media platforms…. You can lose hours! I opt not the use FB much anymore in favour of IG. Thanks for commenting here. I’ve added your name to the draw. Xx

  5. I do have Instagram and follow you and that is actually how I found your lovely blog! However, I tried tagging someone one time and she said I sent her a private message. Who knew. I need to have my 13 year old niece show me a few more things! So please enter me in the drawing through the blog format, and I’ll try to learn a bit more on Instagram. I love it. Thank you.

    Cindy Bee

  6. What a wonderful give away. I have crocheted for many years but not very often. As soon as I started to see your work on IG I just had to start a project. Everything is so bright and beautiful. I would love to win your book, Crochet to Calm and take my crocheting to another level
    Thank you!

  7. Congratulations!! I would love to have a chance to win the book. I don`t do Instagram either…so thank you for adding me to the draw. I belong to a knitting/crochet group (my husband calls it my “therapy group”) where we make items for 8 different organizations serving the needy including those living on the street, women’s shelter, Food Bank, etc.

  8. Hi Mandy! Thanks a lot for the chance to win that amazing book. I have an IG account but I still don’t know how to repost. Love your blog, your posts on IG and every work you share with us. Thanks!! Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  9. Hello! I am from the Philippines. It’s too far away from you, but I hope I can still join the draw. :) I also love to crochet. It’s about a year now. Thank you for always inspiring me and posting free patterns of your crochet specially mandalas! :)

  10. Hi Mandy,
    It looks like a beautiful book… I would love the chance to win a copy. Thank you for your beautiful blog and Instagram account!!

  11. I’m very excited for this giveaway! Crocheting does actually make me calm.. I get emotional very fast, but after I grab my yarn and hook.. the world just fades away! Thank you Mandy

  12. Congratulations on being a part of what looks like a great book. Crochet has been my stress relief for many years. When I pick up the yarn my troubles seem to just melt away. I am so excited to have a chance to win this book, the projects look so beautiful!!!

  13. Repost is just not working for me today so I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the lovely work you show on Instagram. Your colour choices are wonderful.

  14. Congratulations on being part of such a beautiful book! Thanks for all your lovely inspiration. And thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  15. I’d love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity. I do follow you on instagram but am relatively new to it so not sure on reposting! Xxx

  16. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway. I need to learn how to repost on Instagram. I tried but couldn’t figure it out. Thank you for opening an alternative method. Looks like a lovely book!!

  17. Hi,
    Although I do have an Instagram account, I’m still totally clueless how to repost anything. So it’s nice I can enter your give away by leaving a comment on your blogpost. I would love to win your book!

  18. Wow! Congratulations to you! How exciting to be part of a book!
    I really like your posts on Instagram and I love the new cowl!
    I would like to win this book so I will just give it a try!

    Lots of love


  19. Cingratulations on being a part of this new book, what an accomplishment! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the draw! All the best. Mieko

  20. I crochet to calm every evening when I pick up my hook and yarn. And I would love to win that book. I think internet, Instagram and books are great for inspiration./ Jennie ??

  21. Hi and thank you for this great oportunity! I would really love winning this beautiful book. Let’s see if I get lucky ?
    Have a lovely day

  22. Hi Mandi! I Will love to win this beautiful book ! Thank you for all the things you share with us! I just discover your blog and i Will try some of your crochet tutorial soon because there are so Beautiful !

  23. Hi.
    I would love to win this book! I have two hats on. 1. Avid cricket to calm O Holocene
    2. Editor of a yarn magazine and as it’s a new release I would do a book review in magazine so will spread the yarnyblove far and wide across OZ, NZ and U.K. :)


  24. What a wonderful achievement to be part of such a delightful book Mandy.I wish you every success and so love your posts here & on Instagram of your beautiful work that so appeals to my colour palette .Unfortunately I’m having problems with the reposting so leaving my good wishes here. Elaine xx

  25. Hi Mandy. What an amazing achievement to be able to contribute to this delightful book. I love to see your IG posts, your soft colour pallets really appeal to me. Such talent to inspire so many of us. Wishing you every success for a bright future ahead. Elaine X

  26. Your book looks amazing, so so pretty! Would love to win this! My husband is in the military so this book would do lovely to help pass some time!

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