{Crochet} Daisy Wheel Granny Square

free daisy granny squareWelcome to my Daisy Wheel granny square tutorial. I love it when a pretty crochet square design is born unexpectedly! I was playing with these glorious colours last week when this pretty granny square emerged. It’s a simple but pretty square that i hope to make a blanket with, but it would be just as pretty as a cushion. If you make the square, please tag #daisywheelgranny when your posting images to instagram and add the tag #daisywheelblanket if you decide to make a blanket. I really love seeing your pictures.

I have used Heirloom Cotton 8ply in the following colours –

  1. Citrus Lemon (6696) Yarn A
  2. White (6607) Yarn B
  3. Pale Green(6612) Yarn C
  4. Pale Pink (6605) Yarn D
  5. Coral Pink (6611) Yarn E

You could use any 8ply cotton and switch up some of the colours too. I’d love to see this square in different colour combinations.

free daisy granny square

If you are unsure of how to make a Popcorn Stitch – here is a little tutorial to get you started.

Abbreviations and Stitches – Please not that the pattern is written in UK terms but there are shorthand instructions at the end of this tutorial, along with a chart for US crocheters. 

  • magic ring
  • ss – slip stitch
  • ch – chain
  • sp – space
  • dc – double crochet
  • tr – treble
  • dtr – double treble
  • pc – popcorn
  • v st – v stitch = (tr, ch1, tr)


  • 8ply Cotton Yarn in 5 different colours
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • scissors

Round One – Using Yarn A, work 8dc into a magic ring, ss into initial dc and fasten off. (8dc)

daisy  wheel granny square


Round 2 – Attach Yarn B, (ch3, 4tr) in the same stitch, you now have 5tr to make your first pc, then ch1. (1pc, ch1) into each of the remaining 7 stitches, ss into back of the initial pc and fasten off. (8pc, 8ch)

daisy  wheel granny square


Round 3  – Attach Yarn C at any ch-1 sp, ch3 (counts as first tr), 3 more tr into the same sp. Work 4tr into each of the remaining 7 ch-1 sps, ss into the third ch of the initial ch3 and fasten off. (32tr)

daisy  wheel granny square


Round 4 – Attach Yarn D, ch3 (counts as first tr), skip a stitch, 2tr in the next. Alternate between 1tr, 2tr around. Ss into top of inital ch3 and fasten off. (48tr)

free daisy granny square


Round 5 – Attach Yarn E, ch4 (counts as 1tr, ch1), tr in the same st, ch1, skip a st and work one pc into the next, ch1. * skip a st, (tr, ch1, tr) in the next, ch1, skip a st, pc in the next, ch1 * repeat from * to 10 more times. Ss into 3rd ch of inital ch4 and fasten off. (12pc, 12v st).

free daisy granny square


Round 6 – Attach Yarn A at to any v st and ch4 (counts as first dtr), 2dtr, ch3, 3dtr in the same sp (this forms your first corner). Ch1, 3tr in the next v st, ch1, 3tr in the next v st, ch1. * (3dtr, ch3, 3dtr) in the next v st, ch1, 3tr in the following v st, ch1, 3tr in the next v st, ch1, repeat from * twice more and then ss into top of inital ch4. Fasten off. (4x {3dtr, ch3, 3dtr}, 8x 3tr groups at sides).

free daisy granny square


Please note that the chart does not include starting and finishing points. Use the chart in conjunction with the written instructions.

daisy granny square chart


UK Shorthand

  1. 8dc into a magic ring
  2. (1pc, ch1) into each dc
  3. 4tr in each ch-1 sp
  4. alternate 1tr, 2tr around
  5. (tr, ch1, tr, ch1) skip a stitch (pc, ch1) around
  6. (3dtr, ch3, 3dtr) at corners (ch1, 3tr, ch1, 3tr, ch1) along sides.

US Shorthand 

  1. 8sc into a magic ring
  2. (1pc, ch1) into each sc
  3. 4dc in each ch-1 sp
  4. alternate 1dc, 2dc around
  5. (dc, ch1, dc, ch1) skip a stitch (pc, ch1) around
  6. (3tr, ch3, 3tr) at corners (ch1, 3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1) along sides.

free daisy granny square

{Crochet} New Bloom Square

free crochet square chart

A fresh new year calls for a new crochet square! This one is called New Bloom and i hope it will be one of MANY designs i create this year. I love a fresh new start and i am really excited about the possibilities and opportunities ahead of me in 2017. I am not sad to see the back of 2016. I didn’t enjoy last year and saying that makes me feel sad, because life is too short not to enjoy every single year, but the truth is, it was a hard year. I always say to my kids that we go through hard times so that we appreciate the good times even more. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a good year. :)

So, with that in mind i’d like to share my first charted pattern. Please be kind to me as this is the first crochet chart that i have made and anyone who has tried to do this will know how challenging it can be. I have checked it mulitple times but there might be some errors. If you find any, please let me know. I’ve only included my shorthand instructions this time around – both in UK and US terms.

What you’ll need –

  • Any 8ply cotton yarn in 4 colours – Yarn A, B, C and D
  • 3.5mm hook
  • scissors
  • yarn needle

free crochet pattern

free crochet square pattern

UK Shorthand Instructions

  1. Yarn A – (1tr, ch1) 8 times into a magic ring
  2. Yarn B – (tr3tog, ch3) 8 times into each ch-1 sp
  3. Yarn C – (tr, ch3, tr, ch1) into each ch-3 sp
  4. Yarn A – (3dtr, ch3, 3dtr) at the corners, (ch1, 5tr, ch1) at the sides
  5. Yarn B –  (2dc, ch1, 2dc) at the corner ch-3 sp, work 1dc in into each stitch along the side
  6. Yarn D – (tr, ch3, tr) at the corners, work 1tr into each dc.

US Shorthand Instructions

  1. Yarn A – (1dc, ch1) 8 times into a magic ring
  2. Yarn B – (dc3tog, ch3) 8 times into each ch-1 sp
  3. Yarn C – (dc, ch3, dc, ch1) into each ch-3 sp
  4. Yarn A – (3tr, ch3, 3tr) at the corners, (ch1, 5dc, ch1) at the sides
  5. Yarn B –  (2sc, ch1, 2sc) at the corner ch-3 sp, work 1sc in into each stitch along the side
  6. Yarn D – (dc, ch3, dc) at the corners, work 1dc into each sc.

new bloom crochet square chart

{Crochet} Thank you Mollie Makes

crochet Mollie Makes

Click the image to head to Mollie Makes to read more…

It was pretty exciting to have my crochet featured on the Mollie Makes blog a couple of weeks ago! I have had a girl crush of Mollie Makes for a very long time, even before i started crocheting, so it was an absolute thrill to be part of their “Meet the Makers” segment. I don’t like to show my face very often, but i wasn’t about to say no to Mollie Makes. I wish i could say that it only took one shot to get a picture i was remotely happy with, but that would be a big fat lie. You should see how many images did not make the cut! It’s kind of funny. I contemplated putting them all into a flipagram to showcase my insecurity in a rediculous slideshow, but i am too embarrassed. Needless to say, the picture below is my favourite!! If you’d like to have a little look at the article head here to read more. :)

crochet mollie makes

{Crochet} Easy Christmas Stars

Crochet star patternWow – can you believe it is that time of the year again? I posted these Christmas Crochet Stars last year and they were a big hit. They are super quick and easy so i thought i’d share them again. Perfect for Christmas or other celebrations, they can be made into garlands, gift toppers or tree decorations. I’ve used 100% Heirloom Cotton and a 4mm hook. This instructions are in UK terms but there are some shorthand instructions for both UK and US at the end of this tutorial. Enjoy! #mandyssuperstarsCrochet star patternStep one – ch4 and then ss into the first chain to form a loop. Work 10htr into the loop. Ss into the top of the first htr. (10htr)Crochet star patternStep 2 – Ch2, tr2tog in the first st (counts as 1x tr3tog). Ch3, tr3tog in each of the following stitches. Ss into the top of the first tr3tog. (10x tr3tog, 10x ch-3)
Crochet star patternStep 3 – Work 4dc into each ch-3 space and leave the last stitch open. (10x 4dc)
Crochet star patternStep 4 – *ss, dc, htr, tr in the next 4 stitches (ie, the first 4dc from the previous round). Ch3 then tr, htr, dc, ss in the next 4 stitches*. Repeat from * to * four more times. (4x ss, dc, htr, tr, ch3, tr, htr, dc, ss)
Crochet stars Step 5 – Ss into the top of tr3tog from Step 2 (this will form a nice sharp indent) *Work 1dc into the dc, htr and tr from the previous round. Work (3dc, ch3, 3dc) into the ch-3 space. Work 1dc into the tr, htr, and dc from the previous round. Ss into the top of the tr3tog from Step 2. * Repeat from * to *  3 more times. Then work 1dc into the dc, htr, tr from the previous round. Work (3dc, ch3, 3dc) into the ch-3 space. Work 1dc into the tr, htr, and dc from the previous round and then fasten off.

UK Shorthand

  1. ch4 and form a loop. 10htr into loop
  2. 10x (tr3tog, ch3)
  3. 4dc into each ch-3 space
  4. Work *ss, dc, htr, tr, ch3, tr, htr, dc, ss* repeat from * to * around.
  5. *Ss into tr3tog, dc in the dc, htr, and tr, then (3dc, ch3, 3dc) in Ch-3 sp , dc in tr, htr and dc* repeat from * to * around and fasten off.

US Shorthand

  1. ch4 and form a loop. 10hdc into loop
  2. 10x (dc3tog, ch3)
  3. 4sc into each ch-3 space
  4. Work *ss, sc, hdc, dc, ch3, dc, hdc, sc, ss* repeat from * to * around.
  5. *Ss into dc3tog, sc in the sc, hdc, and dc, then (3sc, ch3, 3sc) in Ch-3 sp , sc in dc, hdc and sc* repeat from * to * around and fasten off.


{Crochet} Springtime Hexie


crochet hexagonHere is my simple and sweet crochet Springtime Hexie. It’s a simple round motif that can be turned into a hexagon. I’ve used 8ply Cotton Blend for my hexies, but any 8ply yarn will do. I’ve used a 3.5mm hook. The instructions are in UK terms but I’ve included UK and US Shorthand Instructions at the end of the tutorial. Happy Spring!
crochet hexagon

Round 1 Begin with Colour A. Form a magic circle. Ch3 (counts as first tr), then work 11 more tr into the circle. Ss into the top of the intital ch3 and fasten off. [12tr]


crochet hexagon

Round 2 – Attach colour B between any two tr, (ch3, tr2tog)(counts as first tr3tog), ch3. Work 11 more (tr3tog, ch3) into the circle. Ss into the top of the initial tr3tog and fasten off. [12x (tr3tog, ch3)]


crochet hexagon

Round 3 – Attach Yarn C at any ch3 space, dc and then ch4. *Dc in the next ch-3 sp, ch4. Repeat from * 10 more times. Ss into initial dc, do not fasten off. [12x (dc, ch4)]


crochet hexagon

Round 4 – continuning with Yarn C, ss into next ch-4 sp. Ch3, tr2tog (counts as first tr3tog). Ch2, tr3tog all in the same space. Ch3 then dc into the next ch-4 space, ch3. *In the next ch-4 space (tr3tog, ch2, tr3tog). Ch3, dc in the next ch-4 sp, ch3.  Repeat from * 4 more times. Ss into initial tr3tog and fasten off. [6 x (tr3tog,ch2,tr3tog), 6x (ch3, dc, ch3)]


crochet hexagon

Round 5 – Attach yarn D at any ch-2 space, that is, between any two tr2tog pairs. (Ch3 (counts as first tr), tr, ch2, 2tr) all in the same space. Ch1, 2tr in the ch-3 space, ch1, 2tr in the next ch-3 space. Ch1, * (2tr, ch2, 2tr) in the next ch2 space.  Ch1, 2tr in the ch-3 space, ch1, 2tr in the next ch-3 space, ch1 .Repeat from * 4 more times.  Fasten off. [6 x (2tr, ch2, 2tr), (ch1, 2tr, ch1, 2tr, ch1)]



Shorthand UK 

Magic Ring

  1. 12tr
  2. 12tr3tog, ch3
  3. ch4, dc around
  4. (tr3tog, ch2, tr3tog), ch3, dc, ch3 repeat around
  5. (2tr, ch2, 2tr), ch1, 2tr, ch1, 2tr, ch1  repeat around

Shorthand US

Magic Ring

  1. 12dc
  2. 12dc3tog, ch3
  3. ch4, sc around
  4. (dc3tog, ch2, dc3tog), ch3, sc, ch3 repeat around
  5. (2dc, ch2, 2dc), ch1, 2dc, ch1 ,2dc, ch1 repeat around.


{Crochet} Paintbox Yarn Stop Motion

I was pretty excited when my Paintbox Yarn from LoveCrochet.com arrived in the mail! Seriously, the colour range is amazing and the cotton is so lovely and soft. I still cannot bring myself to undo the labels, but i spent a little bit of time playing with all the lovely colours. Enjoy!

{Crochet} Crochet to Calm Book Giveaway

crochet therapyTo celebrate the release of this awesome book, Crochet to Calm, with a forward that i was honoured to write, i am having a giveaway on Instagram. It’s super easy to enter! Simply repost ANY of my instagram images on your own feed and tag #redagapecrochettocalm I’ll be running the giveaway for a week and it is open to everyone everywhere! hooray! If you don’t have an instagram account or have trouble reposting, then just leave your name in the comments here and i’ll add you to the draw. Good luck everyone. The winner will be drawn at 9.30 on Friday the 23rd of September.crochet book calming


{Craft As Therapy} Meet the Moderators – @annelies.leask

craftastherapy annelies I’m so happy to introduce the beautiful and charming Annelies from @annelies.leask  She is one of the newest moderators to #craftastherapy and i am totally in love with her photograpy and varied craft projects. Read on to find about a little more about her:
Why do you knit/crochet/design?
I crochet as it’s become my happy, productive, creative time that I can somehow (just about) manage to do alongside juggling being a stay at home mum to my wonderful, active, autistic 5 year old son and my sweet but cheeky, princess loving 3 year old daughter!
2. What’s your fave project that you’ve made?
I think the blankets I’ve made for my kids are my favourite projects to date. I love the magic that happens when all the granny squares get stitched together and you suddenly go from lots of little pieces of nothing much to a big old cozy blanket of love!
crochet square
3. Besides craft, what are you passionate about?
I love art, design and photography (and terrible action movies). I’m also a big fan of the outdoors and I love getting out and about with my family.
4. Do you have a nickname?
No, that’s probably why I somewhat unimaginatively used my actual name as my Instagram name! My husband is hoping that Yarn-Elise might catch on though!!
 knitting for therapy
5. Tell us why you love @craftastherapy
I love the amazingly creative, supportive and encouraging Craft As Therapy community. Such a lot of love, talent and inspiration.
6.  What’s next on your ‘to make’ list?
There are always too many things on my ‘make list’ probably another blanket (maybe using Tunisian crochet this time), and I would love to try a overlay mandala, a project bag would be nice (if I can decide on a style), and I definitely need an embroidery project too … (The list really is endless)
 embroidered feather
7. What are your dreams for the future.
I’ve always dreamt of owning a little art gallery by the coast. Maybe with a coffee shop attached so I could combine two of my favourite things!
8. Tell us something random that we wouldn’t know about you?
I love building flat pack furniture and I’d happily eat breakfast for every meal of the day!
 flower sketching
9. Share anything else you’d particularly like others to know about you.
I seem to be drawn to calm tranquil photography, I guess to balance out the craziness of my ‘real’ life.

Crochet to Calm Book

calming crochet I’ve been published in a proper book! Hooray! I was pretty excited to receive this book from Interweave publishers last week. They asked me, as the founder of @craftastherapy, to write the forward and contribute a simple mandala pattern for this gorgeous book, Crochet to Calm. I am really excited to be part of a book that promotes my philosohpy of #craftastherapy. I’ll be having a book giveaway on Instagram soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Mandy xx crochet to calm bookcrochet book calming

Creative and comforting interiors

Floral bedroomThis year so far has been a whirlwind of new challenges, some exciting and others a little scary. I cannot believe that August has arrived already….not just arrived, but almost gone. Over the last month the pace has slowed down giving me a chance to stop and gather myself up. Mum’s birthday, early August, is always a time for me to reflect and address the grief I still feel. I passed a lady on the street recently who looked like Mum, not the physically fit and trim mum I remember, but the Mum that was fighting brain cancer, overweight from the drugs and losing her sense of dignity. I recognised the same look in this stranger and I felt sad for her.  A lot has changed since Mum passed almost 3 years ago and sometimes the shock of this rises up and hits me unexpectedly, hard and sharp.

When I feel this way I try to spend more time at home. Home for me is my sanctuary, a safe place for me to refuel. I like to spend time moving things around, styling and planning mini makeovers. On the surface it seems superficial, but it’s not just about making things look pretty. A home should be a reflection of those who live there, a gallery of memories and a place where you can decorate however you like! So this month I restocked my yarn storage, started planning a bedroom makeover and finished off a granny square cushion for the office. And with my spare time, I channeled my grandmother and started learning a new skill – knitting. Here’s a snapshot –

Amazing yarn storage

Modern country interiors

Beginning knitter shawlGranny square cushionEnvelope granny square cushion