{Fabric Craft} Iron on Granny Square Bag

Funky granny square bagToday I have been decorating crochet kits bags using transfer paper, but i totally got distracted (read bored) and decided to make a cool granny square bag of my own instead.  The Gelato Pops and Melon Pops bags were pushed to the side, which actually are pretty cool too, and i whipped up a little granny square in my fave colours. Here’s how i made my own kit bag –

You will need –

  • calico bag
  • iron on transfer paper
  • an iron (obviously)
  • a granny square made from yarn
  • scissors
  • camera
  • ink jet printer
iron on granny square

Step 1 – photograph your granny square and print out the image on iron on transfer paper

iron on granny square

Step 2 – Cut around the granny square leaving about 1/2cm of white edge – this will iron on clear granny square bag

Step 3– With the print side down, press the iron in consistant circles for aound 2 min (set a timer if it helps) The instructions said around 40 secs, but with this large transfer i needed more time. Fun granny square bag

Step 4– Peel the backing paper off very carefully! If it doesn’t come off easily or the print is not transferring then you will need to use the iron for a bit longer. Be patient. :)iron on granny square bag

Step 5 – Ta da!! Pack your favourite yarn and tools into the bag and you are ready for crochet on the go!!

Funky granny square bagI am printing this image onto a shirt next…..i just need more transfer paper. :)

Mandy xx

{Craft As Therapy} Meet the Moderators – @annelies.leask

craftastherapy annelies I’m so happy to introduce the beautiful and charming Annelies from @annelies.leask  She is one of the newest moderators to #craftastherapy and i am totally in love with her photograpy and varied craft projects. Read on to find about a little more about her:
Why do you knit/crochet/design?
I crochet as it’s become my happy, productive, creative time that I can somehow (just about) manage to do alongside juggling being a stay at home mum to my wonderful, active, autistic 5 year old son and my sweet but cheeky, princess loving 3 year old daughter!
2. What’s your fave project that you’ve made?
I think the blankets I’ve made for my kids are my favourite projects to date. I love the magic that happens when all the granny squares get stitched together and you suddenly go from lots of little pieces of nothing much to a big old cozy blanket of love!
crochet square
3. Besides craft, what are you passionate about?
I love art, design and photography (and terrible action movies). I’m also a big fan of the outdoors and I love getting out and about with my family.
4. Do you have a nickname?
No, that’s probably why I somewhat unimaginatively used my actual name as my Instagram name! My husband is hoping that Yarn-Elise might catch on though!!
 knitting for therapy
5. Tell us why you love @craftastherapy
I love the amazingly creative, supportive and encouraging Craft As Therapy community. Such a lot of love, talent and inspiration.
6.  What’s next on your ‘to make’ list?
There are always too many things on my ‘make list’ probably another blanket (maybe using Tunisian crochet this time), and I would love to try a overlay mandala, a project bag would be nice (if I can decide on a style), and I definitely need an embroidery project too … (The list really is endless)
 embroidered feather
7. What are your dreams for the future.
I’ve always dreamt of owning a little art gallery by the coast. Maybe with a coffee shop attached so I could combine two of my favourite things!
8. Tell us something random that we wouldn’t know about you?
I love building flat pack furniture and I’d happily eat breakfast for every meal of the day!
 flower sketching
9. Share anything else you’d particularly like others to know about you.
I seem to be drawn to calm tranquil photography, I guess to balance out the craziness of my ‘real’ life.

{Craft as Therapy} Meet the Moderators : @olivesandpickles


crochet hexagons

Ryane is the queen of hexies!!

I am very blessed to have a wonderful group of ladies help moderate the @craftastherapy account on Instagram. If you haven’t heard of #craftastherapy, you can read more about it here. The ladies that run the @craftastherapy account come from all over the world, are avid crafters and give up their time to take turns moderating the account….for free! That’s right, these ladies volunteer their time because they are passionate about the therapeutic benefits of craft.

So, i thought it was time to ‘Meet the moderators’ of @craftastherapy! Hooray!

First up is the delightful Ryane from @oliveandpickles, a crafty canadian with a busy young family. She is the crochet hexie queen and has her own Etsy Store, OlivesandPickles. Ryane was kind enough to answer the questions below so we can get to know her a little better.

#craftastherapy @olivesandpickles

Ryane and her beautiful family

1. Why do you knit/crochet/design?

I crochet to create beautiful useful items for my loved ones and others; mostly blankets and to feel connected to my Great Grandmother and Granny who have passed.
2. What’s your fave project that you’ve made?

That’s a tough question, maybe my first colour block hexie blanket I made for myself or my newest blanket for myself my scrappy granny stripe afghan. It may sound selfish but the things you create for your self are often the last to be made or take the longest to complete so much extra love and dedication go into them because you rarely or never make anything for yourself.

crochet cubes

Just one of Ryane’s recent #wips

3. Besides craft, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family, taking care of them is so important to me. I also find great joy in music and just being in the warm sunshine. I enjoy photography and baking as well but I am really focused on crochet. Lol
4. Do you have a nickname?

My name is Ryane pronounced Rye-Anne. I haves a few friends along the way call my Rye or Rye-bott but now a days I’m more referred to as mumma, mum or MOM. I would also consider Olivesandpickles to be a nickname my kids point out the pickles and olives sign in the grocery store every time 😉
5. Tell us why you love @craftastherapy

I love the community of @craftastherapy. So warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable sharing stories about myself or my family I hadn’t shared on IG before. I was never judged, the people of this community just offered hugs and compassion. In some cases I felt like they understood what I was going through.

crochet hexie blanket

Just look at how Ryane plans her projects! Amazing!

6.  What’s next on your ‘to make’ list?

This summer I am taking time off of work persay and am tackling my many works in progress. I’m really looking forward to creating an abstract colour block hexie baby blanket for a dear friend. It will be a silent auction item which is part of her Inaugural Rare Finds Gala Fundraiser. Taking place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada my friend is raising money for The Rare Disease Foundation.

Visit here for more information
7. What are your dreams for the future.

My dreams for the future are to be able to continue creating and selling my crocheted items, while balancing motherhood and marriage. Balance is such a difficult task; my daughter has anxiety and keeping her steady, while helping everyone else can be a full time job.
8. Tell us something random that we wouldn’t  know about you?

I drink my tea with 3 or 4 sugar in it. I got my sweet tooth from my Grandmother and when I was younger the going joke was “would you like tea with your sugar?” They use to tease her and now they’ve moved on to teasing me. ?crochet project bag

{Crochet} LoveCrochet.com and Indie June


love crochet indie june

To read the full interview – click on the image above

It was an honour and a thrill to be involved in lovecrochet.com’s Indie June, a month long celebration of independent crochet designers. I was able to share the love of our #craftastherapy community during an interview, which you can read in full here.

I also participated in #lctakeover where i took control of the Lovecrochet.com instagram account for a day. These are some of the images i shared during the takeover. Head to the lovecrochet.com instagram account to see more of what happened during Indie June. Thanks for having me LoveCrochet.comfree crochet patterns granny square blanket free crochet mandala patterns crochet mandalas

{Christmas} Easy Craft Ideas

Crochet star pattern

Are you looking for some easy Christmas craft ideas? I’ve compiled some of my favourites here. All you need to do is tap the images to be redirected to the tutorials. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

poinsettia gift topper

Ribbon Poinsettia

ribbon and pegboard christmas tree

3 Ways to Make a Pegboard Tree

white clay star ornaments

Easy Clay Stars

pompom christmas tree

Pom Pom stick Christmas Tree

christmas paper wreath

Christmas Paper Wreath

How to Style a Pegboard – Easy Tutorial

pegboard inspo

I am a little obsessed with styling the pegboard in my office and my Instagram followers have become familiar with my habit of giving it a makeover. I like to fill it with essential items, pretty things and inspirational quotes. It helps to make my office a happy place to work. My pegboard recieves lots of ‘oohs and ahhs’ when i post pics of it on social media, which is why i have put together this easy peasy tutorial today. It looks impressive, but it is so easy to do and a great way to keep all of your bits and bobs sorted…..perfect for crafters in particular. Okay, here’s what you’ll need –

  • sheet of pegboard (available at hardware stores and it’s cheap!)
  • some baskets for storing bigger items (i found mine at bunnings)
  • some pegboard hooks (these should be available where you buy your pegboard)
  • sturdy rope and wall hooks (although you may prefer a different method of attachment)
  • bits and bobspegboard ideas pegboard inspo pegboard inspo pegboard ideas pegboard ideas


{Craft as Therapy} Your chance to be a guest moderator!


Hello there! Have you been playing along with #craftastherapy on Instagram and wishing that you were able to pick the features? Well, this could be your chance. We are looking for a guest moderator to take over the account for a week, starting Nov 7. The job involves, choosing features, posting inspirational quotes and providing feedback to creative crafters.  As @craftastherapy belongs to everyone, the moderators and i thought having a guest moderator, chosen from our community, would be a great way to involve our participants. Okay – to be in the running you need to post a picture on IG, tag #craftastherapy_guestmod and tell us a bit about yourself. If you post a picture of yourself,  you will get two entries into the draw. So go on, give it a go! Being a @craftastherapy moderator is a lot of fun! The guest moderator will be drawn this Saturday, but until then please enjoy these features and posts from @neverjillian‘s and @smilewithsadie‘s week of moderating.


creativity quote

Image Credit – @neverjillian

crochet doilies

{Top Left} – @raimarie16
{Top Right} – @murphy_and_me_handmade
{Bottom Left} – @hannapopana
{Bottom Right} – @nesimerciger

craft on instagram

{Top Left} – @rarepearstudio
{Top Right} – @crochetspecs
{Bottom Left} – @thehopeanomaly
{Bottom Right} – @suzannemartin

mandala craft

{Top Left} – @knitirene
{Top Right} – @themessybrunette
{Bottom Left} – @locamonica
{Bottom Right} – @maga_instamamme

{Craft as Therapy} New Fun Weekly Themes

crochet flower patterns

{Top Left} – @samela_moss
{Top Right} -@ivamakes
{Bottom Left} – @crochetbylin
{Bottom Right} – @araniaturuleca

We have introduced a weekly theme for @craftastherapy on Instagram, where each moderator chooses a fun theme and a new hashtag for crafters to use. Keep on tagging your makes with #craftastherapy, as pictures for features will still be chosen from here. The weekly theme is there as an extra challenge. This weeks theme is #craftastherapy_nature which has been chosen by @neverjillian. This theme will run until Saturday, so if you’d like to join in please feel very welcome to do so. Below are some of the themes and features from previous weeks. Thanks to everyone for playing along. :)

crochet icecream

{Top Left} – @supercutedesign
{Top Right} – @withmyhandz
{Bottom Left} – @carolynchristmas
{Bottom Right} – @matuszka_i_jaguszka

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_food theme as selected by @smilewithsade.

granny squares

{Top Left} – @emilie.snaps
{Top Right} – @alegriachaamano
{Bottom Left} – @umdiddle_diddlediddle
{Bottom Right} – @kellykellykellygreen

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_human theme as selected by @bqueencollection.

{Top Left} -  {Top Right} -  {Bottom Left} -  {Bottom Right} -

{Top Left} – @llwyngwril_yarnbombing_project
{Top Right} – @dulcinas
{Bottom Left} – @sabinspeich
{Bottom Right} – @shaula_la_la

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_animals theme as selected by @queenbabs.

favourite craft projects

{Top Left} – @winterbeachbymab
{Top Right} – @thelittleblock
{Bottom Left} – @charlisadesigns
{Bottom Right} – @tinachalks

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_favorite theme as selected by @marretjeroos.

colorful craft projects

{Top Left} -@suanknits
{Top Middle} – @bisukiut
{Top Right} – @joakhui80
{Middle Left} -@ceyhan65
{Centre} -@littlemasih
{Middle Right} – @locamonica
{Bottom Left} – @bymamidk
{Bottom Middle} – @taralee.peace
{Bottom Right} -@maria.c.makeit

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_colorful theme as selected by @maritparit.


{Craft as Therapy} Round Up by @Olivesandpickles

Craft quote

Image Credit – @olivesandpickes

Here is another @craftastherapy roundup from Ryane at @olivesandpickles. Her weekly theme was #craftastherapy_hexies, where crafters were invited to tag their images of crafty hexagons – sewn, crocheted, painted or drawn. Her hexie grid is at the bottom of this post. Thanks Ryane! And if you’d like to find out more about @craftastherapy on Instagram please read more here.

Craft hexagons

Image Credit – @olivesandpickles

Pretty craft projects

{Top Left} – @joykilledthepoet
{Top Right} – @leannesaysitallg
{Bottom Left} – @vilseivirkligheten
{Bottom Right} – _riaparamita_

Styled yarn pictures

{Top Left} – @petalplum
{Top Right} – @nikkioutwest
{Bottom Left} – @crochetgirl99
{Bottom Right} – _deborah.brandon_

Craft hexagons

{Top Left} – @maria.c.makeit
{Top Centre} – @deartomyartcreations
{Top Right} – @yardagedesign
{Middle Left} – @chitweed
{Middle Centre} – @marretjeroos
{Middle Right} – @madewithloops
{Bottom Left} – @mobiusgirl
{Bottom Centre} – @squeeze_cuddles
{Bottom Right} – @ourlovelylittlelife


{Fabric} Vintage Suitcase Makeover

Old suitcase upcycle

Give a vintage suitcase a new life with an easy fabric makeover

Today I’m going to show you an easy and affordable way to make old vintage suitcases pretty by giving them a makeover with fabric and glue. Vintage suitcases make fabulous storage for blankets and craft supplies and you can find them cheaply at op shop or thrift shops. Their vintage brown exterior compliments neutral settings well, but can look old and dirty in bright or modern settings. I have owned these 3 suitcases for years, so I thought it was time to pretty them up and makes them useful in my craft office.

Vintage suitcases

Three old brown vintage suitcases found at my local op shop.

I gave two of these suitcases a couple of coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint, but I wanted to cover the third suitcase in fabric. This turned out to be my favourite! Here is a little pictorial guide of how I made it pretty. :)

RedAgape suitcase makeover

I like to start at the bottom. Give the bottom of the suitcase a generous coat of mod podge in preparation for the fabric.

Fabric covered suitcase

Lay the fabric over the top of the suitcase and press down firmly. Don’t worry if the Mod Podge soaks through a little as this will make it extra secure.

Fabric covered suitcase

Pull of corners of the fabric into a peak at the corners in preparation for trimming.

Vintage suitcase makeover Fabric

Cut through the peak you formed to divide the fabric. Cut off excess fabric.

Vintage suitcase makeover

Secure the sides with plenty of mod Podge making sure to press down firmly.

Fabric covered vintage suitcase

Press fabric firmly against the Mod Podge to secure. Trim away any excess and secure the corners that you trimmed previously. Fold the top of the fabric over and secure it inside the suitcase.

Fabric covered suitcase makeover

Ensure that any joins in the fabric are well secured with Mod Podge

Covering a vintage suitcase

Cut carefully around any obstacles (latches, handles etc) with a blade. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Vintage suitcase makeover

The vintage latch revealed provides a rustic contrast against the pretty pink fabric. Repeat this process for the lid of the suitcase. I found it easier to work this two pieces of fabric – one for the top and one for the bottom.

Mod Podge covered suitcase

I secured fabric to the inside of the suitcases too, to make sure they were as pretty as the outside.

Mod Podge suitcase

When the entire suitcase is covered with fabric, give it all a good coat of mod Podge to protect and seal the fabric. This will dry clear.

Fabric covered suitcase makeover

Ta Da! All done! Now you have pretty and practical storage for your blankets and craft supplies