{Craft as Therapy} Moderated by Jill from @neverjillian

craft as therapy

Image Credit – @neverjillian

Another fabulous week has passed over at @craftastherapy where the fabulous Jill from @neverjillian took the reins as moderator. It is hard to believe that she was initally apprehensive about jumping on board as a moderator – her posts so clever, inspiring and creative. Here’s some of Jill’s posts and featured pictures from last week. Thank you for doing such a great job this week Jill. xx

crochet cactus

{Top Left} – @jo_quittenton
{Top Right} – @momma_tiff4
{Bottom Left} – @_riaparamita_
{Bottom Right} – @joyfulfour

inspirational art quote

Image Credit – @neverjillian

pretend play food

{Top Left} – @caterpiyarn
{Top Right} – @marbergna
{Bottom Left} – @deartomyartcreations
{Bottom Right} – @sunshinebychannon

creativity is contagious

Image Credit – @neverjillian

crochet projects

{Top Left} – @surisuriami
{Top Right} – @knot_katy
{Bottom Left} – @pearliebirdy
{Bottom Right} – @sulphurcrested

crochet motifs

{Top Left} – @yarn_house
{Top Right} – @solstrikke
{Bottom Left} – @flo_and_dot
{Bottom Right} – @joakhui80


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