Crochet Patterns

moya yarn bunting kit

KIT AND PATTERN ON SALE – Click on the image to shop

Gelato Pops Crochet Cushion  Downloadable PDF

Gelato Pops Crochet Cushion
Downloadable PDF

crochet popcorn cushion

Melon Pops Crochet Cushion
DownLoable PDF

moya yarn bunting kit

Flower Sprinkles Bunting PDF

free round chunky cushion

FREE Chunky Popcorn Cushion


chunky crochet rug

Chunky Monkey Crochet Rug

crochet mandala

Mandy’s Mandala Free

crochet coaster patterns

Flower Power Free Pattern

Crochet mandala pattern

Flower Power Mandala Free

c2c heart

Corner to Corner Heart Chart

crochet square flower pattern

Flower Power Square

granny square heart

Granny Heart Pattern

crochet pattern

Spiked Granny Rib Stitch Pattern/Blanket Pattern

free crochet flower coaster

Candy Flower Coaster Free Pattern

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