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crochet mandala

Image Credit @millefleurs13

The lovely Fiona from @millefleurs13 hosted the @craftastherapy account on Instagram last week. It was a difficult week for fellow crocheters as the gorgeous and talented Marinke, also know as Wink, from A Creative Being lost her battle with depression. Sadly, sometimes #craftastherapy isn’t enough. Mandalas like the one above have been flooding instagram since her passing and igniting lots of discussion about the therapeutic benefits of craft. Wink herself was included in the book Crochet Saved my Life  by Kathryn Vercillo –

“Crochet is basically repeating the same thing over and over again, and for me that flow really helps me get through the day. But at the same time, you have to keep thinking about what you’re doing, so it never gets boring. And you get to be creative while you’re at it – what more can you want?” -Wink 

I think many crafters can relate to the idea that repetitive movements can calm and heal, but the act of creating itself, even with repetitive movements, still requires enough concentration and focus that it can distract the mind from worry and illess…..to varying degrees. Of course, the therapeutic benefits of craft does have its limit. Myself and all of the moderators from @craftastherapy send out our sincerest condolenses to Wink’s family and friends. xx

Please enjoy some of the posts from @millefleurs13 that were shared over the last week. And please feel very welcome to join our friendly and supportive community over on Instagram by tagging your images with #craftastherapy. Much love to all.


crochet flowers

Image Credit @millefleurs13

flower crafts

{Top Left} – @asplashofcolour_georgi
{Top Right} – @intheyarngarden
{Bottom Left} – @vannesa_yulan
{Bottom Right} – @audrey_studiopaars

uplifting quote

Image Credit @millefleurs13

craft as therapy hexagons

{Top Left} – @flossiecottage
{Top Right} – @olivesandpickles
{Bottom Left} – @knitpurlhook
{Bottom Right} – @sairsparrow

@craftastherapy instagram

Image Credit @millefleurs13

food amigurumi

{Top Left} – @coachhousepictures
{Top Right} – @flamingpot
{Bottom Left} – @ecembayarozturk
{Bottom Right} – @lynne_ee


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