May was a mix of crochet hearts, blankets and spinal surgery.

granny square heart

May was a mix of crochet hearts, Yummy Yarn and co, granny square blankets and spinal surgery. This year is certainly flying by, but i am really pleased that May is over. Taking my daughter to Sydney for spinal surgery was the hardest thing i have done since becoming a parent. Handing her over to doctors and nurses to open her up, insert rods and bone grafts was frightening to say the least, especially for a person who always braces themselves for the worst. This time, i couldn’t think of ‘worst case scenario’ because that included death and paralysis.

It’s quite comical looking back to the 18th, as my hubby and i were trying to fill out her admittance forms….we could barely remember our own names. I used #craftastherapy to the extreme in the lead up to the operation and during her week long hospital stay. And the whole experience gave me a new perspective on how blessed we are to have happy and healthy children. I am thrilled to report that all went well and my daughter coped with the entire adventure like a champion. I couldn’t be any prouder.

Now, back to real life and Yummy Yarn and co. I have more patterns, craft as therapy features and fun ideas to share, so hopefully i will be more active here.

air ambulance

Eilish was lucky enough to get a trip home in the air ambo and transferred to a regular ambo that dropped her home. How’s that for service!

colour granny square blanket

Rainbow Noodles – my daughter’s blanket.

spoked mandala

I must be getting old as i got myself some bifocals this month. It’s so refreshing to be able to see clearly again. 🙂

crochet blanket patterns

The top blanket was my main #craftastherapy project for May.



  1. June 7, 2016 / 5:51 pm

    So good to hear you all made it back home again safely 🙂 that must have been a very difficult time for you all x

    • redagapeblog
      June 28, 2016 / 8:46 am

      Thanks Kellie. It was very stressful but i know that others go through worse, so we are grateful that this surgery went smoothly. xx

  2. Judy Grivas
    June 7, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    what wonderful news about your daughter! Yes, handing over your child for surgery is a very frightening thing!

    Love all of your work!!!

    • redagapeblog
      June 28, 2016 / 8:45 am

      Thank you for your comment and i apologise for my late reply.

  3. leonie - australia
    June 14, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    That would have been so stressful, glad she is doing well! The blanket is looking gorgeous too!

    • redagapeblog
      June 28, 2016 / 8:43 am

      yes!i’m pleased to report that she has has her post op checkup and is doing well. We are so pleased this is now behind us. 🙂

  4. July 1, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    Or you could crochet a long starting chain that s blanket-sized, and then crochet random rows of stitches to create your blanket.

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