Saucy ads from the 70s

I was packing up some books to take to Winterfell this weekend, when i found this little gem in the pile. I had forgotten all about it. I found it at a retro themed store in Bangalow, which i now can’t remember the name of….sorry. Anyway, i spent a good deal of time flicking through this book, enjoying A BLAST from the past! As a baby from the 70s i’m reluctant to tease the era too much. I think i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. WARNING!! Things get a little saucy from here on in, so if you can’t handle the heat then stop reading here! 😉

70s Fashion – Vintage Fashion and Beauty Ads, Edited by Jim Heimann, Tashen, 2006

Happy Legs, 1973

Brylcreem, 1974
Now this ad really confused me. The arrow points one way for sexy and the other for not sexy. Hmmm…..
Also, LOVE the catch phrase at the bottom! “We’ve come a long way since, a dab’ll do ya!”

Eminence Paris, 1977
“In colours that dare”? I could only look at this one for a moment…..cringe!

*SHOCK* This cologne ad from Faberge, 1976 is baaaad…..really bad and NOT in a good way.

Ok, time to tone it down a bit. My skin is still crawling….ewww. Here are some light ones to finish off.

Sunkist, 1973.

Jump Suits Ltd, 1976. The name really does say it all. :)

I’m hoping that the guests of Winterfell will enjoy this book as much as i have. Happy Friday!!