{Creative Makers} Indri from Inkibabinki

inkibabinki cushions

Image Credit @inkibabinki

I’m excited to announce a great new segment to the blog called “Creative Makers”. I come across an almost endless amount of inspirational and clever makers on Instagram and i thought it was about time i shared them with you. First up i have the super sewer Indri from Inkibabinki. Indri lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children, 4 and 1. After the birth of her first child she decided she would work from home. With a background in Interior Architecture, it just made sense for her to combine her love of sewing with childrens’ interiors. According to Indri, Inkibabinki is all about being fun, fresh and comfortable, while focusing on minimalistic design.

childrens homewares

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Indri began her business slowly in 2013. She was intitially focusing on childrens’ fashion but she eventually moved back to her roots as an interior architect and began to explore the world of kids’ interiors. Her monochrome cushions are bang on trend and bring an element of fun into kids spaces. Geometric grids and lines keep her designs minimal, which leaves plenty of room for imaginative play for the kids.

childrens homewares

Image Credit @inkibabinki

Inkibabinki’s etsy store is bursting with fun and fantasic cushions, clothing and even the custest little temporary tattoos for kids – all in contemporary black and white. And there’s no reason these fabulous monochrome cushions can’t be incorporated into grown up interiors too.

inkibabinki jumpsuit

Image Credit @bhranti1

Pictured above is a jumpsuit from Inkibabinki childrens’ clothing range. Indri also creates pants, t-shirts and onsies.

childrens homewares

Image Credit @jensonandbeau

The contemporary black and white grids, slot in easily into already establised monochrome interiors. Inkibabinki has many happy customers sharing images of their children’s spaces on Instagram. Pop over to Inkibabinki’s IG account to check out more beautiful childrens’ spaces.

ice cream cushion

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And seriously, what kid wouldn’t want an ice cream cushion!? Please check out Indri’s gorgeous etsy store here and support small business.

childrens homewares

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You can find Inkibabinki –

Inkibabinki on Instagram

Inkibabinki Etsy Store

Inkibabinki Facebook

DIY Painted Pot – Plant Decor

using plants in interior design I’ve been admiring some hand painted pots online over the last few weeks. Most of them have been in black and white with simple patterns. I love the look, but i can’t justify buying them when i know i can make something similar for a fraction of the price. So, using black and white spray paint, butcher’s paper, washi tape and a couple of terracotta pots i created my own version. painted pot tutorial
1.You can see in the image above that one of the pots was already coloured pink, but only on the base.
2. Tape up the base of the pot using butcher’s paper and washi tape.
3. With only the terracotta top exposed spray painted this area a nice glossy black. Two coats.
4. Let the paint dry a little, but not fully, before i removing the washi tape and paper. The result is a nice clean edge between the pink and the black areas. using plants in interior design
spray painted terracotta pot update Don’t let the paint dry fully before removing the tape because sometimes the paint will dry onto the tape so firmly that the paint may rip off the pot when the tape is removed. I allow around 10-15mins drying time, but no longer, before i remove the tape. The steps for the black and white pot were similar, but i wanted a zig zag break between the two areas. black and white painted pot tutorial
1. Spray painted the entire pot white – this took a few coats with drying time in between.
2. Cut a zig zag through some butcher’s paper to create a stencil.
3. Tape the butcher’s paper with the zig zag edge, onto the pot using washi tape.
4. Make sure the entire base is covered with paper before spraying the top of the pot.
5. Let the paint dry a little, but not fully before i removing the washi tape and paper.
6. The finished result is a clean edged, zig zag between the black and the white. diy black and white painted pot
using plants in interior design

Styling a Monochrome, Pink and Gold Bedroom

Monochrome bedroom interiors
I love monochrome interiors and I’ve using black and white as the base for mine and hubby’s bedroom for a while now. Black and white is easy to work with as long as you vary the tones and textures so it doesn’t look too stark.
Interior styling with monochrome and pink
Black and white also works well if you have males in the house that don’t really want their bedroom looking too girly. It’s the main reason I use monochrome in the bedroom….BUT, pink is really pretty and over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to sneak a little into the bedroom. And according to Real Living Magazine this month, I’m on trend! Fancy that, and I didn’t even know. :)
Monochrome, pink and gold bedroom interiors
Monochrome pink and gold bedroom interiors
I added pink by changing the pillow cases from white to blush, white and charcoal covers from Country Road. Changing your pillowcases is a cheap and easy way to update your bedroom, but I’ll be honest, the idea isn’t my own. I follow The Stylists Splash on Instagram and she is constantly changing the look of her bedroom by updating her pillow cases. Great idea!
Country road pillow caseBlack and white bedroom interior decor
The other pink touches in the room were items I found during a quick hunt around the house. A pink candle, some flowers, pencils and soap. Hubby also bought me perfume in a pretty pink bottle for Mother’s Day, which ties in perfectly. He did ask me a few days ago why his side table was looking so girly? But I think I’ve managed to limit the pink to an amount he can live with.
Black and white and pink interiors
And the best thing about this room is that it was all done on the cheap!! All of the throw cushions, except one, I made myself. I used a cheap print from Ikea as a headboard until we can afford a proper one. The black trunk is from a secondhand shop and all the other bits I already had on hand. The only new items purchased were the Country Road pillowcases.
Monochrome pink and gold bedroom styling