{Crochet} Help feed the victims of Hurricane Harvey

paintbox yarns As you know, i am a huge fan of www.lovecrochet.com and everything they do for the crochet community. Not only do they supply us yarn addicts with an endless amount of tempting yarn, but they are passionate about giving back where they can. LoveCrochet are donating 100% of sales from this pattern to the Houston Food Bank to help feed victims of Hurricane Harvey. Each pattern purchase will provide a meal for 15 people! Isn’t that amazing! So, if you needed a guilt free reason to purchase another pattern, well this is it!

Mandy xx paintbox yarns

{Corner to Corner Crochet} C2C Chunky Heart Graph

c2c heart

This heart shaped corner to corner, C2C, chunky crochet rug has been one of my most popular projects ever….and you know what, it is EASY! After seeing lots of C2C projects online featuring hearts – washcloths, blankets, potholders – i thought it might be fun to make a great big chunky blanket based on the same idea. I was confident i could create the chart (graph) myself, so i grabbed some grid paper and started scribbling.c2c heart

There are some great C2C tutorials online, so i’m not going to reinvent the wheel, but instead i’ve provided you with a little list to get you started.

Once you understand how c2c stitches are made, the hardest part is counting your blocks and locating where the colour changes occur. It’s important to constantly refer back to your chart in case you’ve made a mistake. The only way to rectify mistakes is to undo!
c2c heartMy chunky corner to corner blanket is made from Panda Soft Cotton Chunky in white and green. I used about 10 balls of white and 3 balls of green to make a decent size blanket, so approximately 13 balls in total. It was lots of fun watching the heart appear in the blanket.c2c heartAnd finally, here is the chart that i created for my blanket. If you don’t feel confident in creating your own graph, you are very welcome to use mine. I used stitch fiddle to create this simple chart. Enjoy!c2c heart chart graph