{Craft As Therapy} Meet the Moderators – @annelies.leask

craftastherapy annelies I’m so happy to introduce the beautiful and charming Annelies from @annelies.leask  She is one of the newest moderators to #craftastherapy and i am totally in love with her photograpy and varied craft projects. Read on to find about a little more about her:
Why do you knit/crochet/design?
I crochet as it’s become my happy, productive, creative time that I can somehow (just about) manage to do alongside juggling being a stay at home mum to my wonderful, active, autistic 5 year old son and my sweet but cheeky, princess loving 3 year old daughter!
2. What’s your fave project that you’ve made?
I think the blankets I’ve made for my kids are my favourite projects to date. I love the magic that happens when all the granny squares get stitched together and you suddenly go from lots of little pieces of nothing much to a big old cozy blanket of love!
crochet square
3. Besides craft, what are you passionate about?
I love art, design and photography (and terrible action movies). I’m also a big fan of the outdoors and I love getting out and about with my family.
4. Do you have a nickname?
No, that’s probably why I somewhat unimaginatively used my actual name as my Instagram name! My husband is hoping that Yarn-Elise might catch on though!!
 knitting for therapy
5. Tell us why you love @craftastherapy
I love the amazingly creative, supportive and encouraging Craft As Therapy community. Such a lot of love, talent and inspiration.
6.  What’s next on your ‘to make’ list?
There are always too many things on my ‘make list’ probably another blanket (maybe using Tunisian crochet this time), and I would love to try a overlay mandala, a project bag would be nice (if I can decide on a style), and I definitely need an embroidery project too … (The list really is endless)
 embroidered feather
7. What are your dreams for the future.
I’ve always dreamt of owning a little art gallery by the coast. Maybe with a coffee shop attached so I could combine two of my favourite things!
8. Tell us something random that we wouldn’t know about you?
I love building flat pack furniture and I’d happily eat breakfast for every meal of the day!
 flower sketching
9. Share anything else you’d particularly like others to know about you.
I seem to be drawn to calm tranquil photography, I guess to balance out the craziness of my ‘real’ life.

{Craft as Therapy} New Fun Weekly Themes

crochet flower patterns

{Top Left} – @samela_moss
{Top Right} -@ivamakes
{Bottom Left} – @crochetbylin
{Bottom Right} – @araniaturuleca

We have introduced a weekly theme for @craftastherapy on Instagram, where each moderator chooses a fun theme and a new hashtag for crafters to use. Keep on tagging your makes with #craftastherapy, as pictures for features will still be chosen from here. The weekly theme is there as an extra challenge. This weeks theme is #craftastherapy_nature which has been chosen by @neverjillian. This theme will run until Saturday, so if you’d like to join in please feel very welcome to do so. Below are some of the themes and features from previous weeks. Thanks to everyone for playing along. :)

crochet icecream

{Top Left} – @supercutedesign
{Top Right} – @withmyhandz
{Bottom Left} – @carolynchristmas
{Bottom Right} – @matuszka_i_jaguszka

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_food theme as selected by @smilewithsade.

granny squares

{Top Left} – @emilie.snaps
{Top Right} – @alegriachaamano
{Bottom Left} – @umdiddle_diddlediddle
{Bottom Right} – @kellykellykellygreen

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_human theme as selected by @bqueencollection.

{Top Left} -  {Top Right} -  {Bottom Left} -  {Bottom Right} -

{Top Left} – @llwyngwril_yarnbombing_project
{Top Right} – @dulcinas
{Bottom Left} – @sabinspeich
{Bottom Right} – @shaula_la_la

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_animals theme as selected by @queenbabs.

favourite craft projects

{Top Left} – @winterbeachbymab
{Top Right} – @thelittleblock
{Bottom Left} – @charlisadesigns
{Bottom Right} – @tinachalks

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_favorite theme as selected by @marretjeroos.

colorful craft projects

{Top Left} -@suanknits
{Top Middle} – @bisukiut
{Top Right} – @joakhui80
{Middle Left} -@ceyhan65
{Centre} -@littlemasih
{Middle Right} – @locamonica
{Bottom Left} – @bymamidk
{Bottom Middle} – @taralee.peace
{Bottom Right} -@maria.c.makeit

These features were picked for the #craftastherapy_colorful theme as selected by @maritparit.


{Craft as Therapy} Moderated by Jill from @neverjillian

craft as therapy

Image Credit – @neverjillian

Another fabulous week has passed over at @craftastherapy where the fabulous Jill from @neverjillian took the reins as moderator. It is hard to believe that she was initally apprehensive about jumping on board as a moderator – her posts so clever, inspiring and creative. Here’s some of Jill’s posts and featured pictures from last week. Thank you for doing such a great job this week Jill. xx

crochet cactus

{Top Left} – @jo_quittenton
{Top Right} – @momma_tiff4
{Bottom Left} – @_riaparamita_
{Bottom Right} – @joyfulfour

inspirational art quote

Image Credit – @neverjillian

pretend play food

{Top Left} – @caterpiyarn
{Top Right} – @marbergna
{Bottom Left} – @deartomyartcreations
{Bottom Right} – @sunshinebychannon

creativity is contagious

Image Credit – @neverjillian

crochet projects

{Top Left} – @surisuriami
{Top Right} – @knot_katy
{Bottom Left} – @pearliebirdy
{Bottom Right} – @sulphurcrested

crochet motifs

{Top Left} – @yarn_house
{Top Right} – @solstrikke
{Bottom Left} – @flo_and_dot
{Bottom Right} – @joakhui80

Vintage paper wreath tutorial

vintage paper wreath display wallI spent quite a bit of time constructing this wreath out of the pages of an old music book. Craft is therapy for me and when times are stressful i find it easy to immerse myself in a project. This paper wreath was no expection. I began this project a few weeks ago, when my Mum was in the final stages of brain cancer. I choose this project because i knew it would be meaningful, for her and me. My Mum’s father, my Pop, introduced me to music at a young age and spent time teaching me how to play the organ. The pages for this wreath are from one of Pop’s music books called 101 Hits for Buskers.
paper wreath wall display tutorial

You’ll need – paper, double sided tape, glue gun, stapler, cardboard and string.

Step 1. Making the paper cones. Place two strips of double sided tape on the right hand bottom corner of the page, as per the picture. Fold that corner around to form a cone shape, making sure the upper right hand corner is centred and straight.

paper wreath construction

Step 2. Peel off the cover of the double sided tape and stick the lower right hand corner down. The taped area should be around the back of the cone.

paper wreath constructionpaper wreath constructionStep 3. Fold up the base of the cone and staple in place. Continue to make paper cones. Make lots! My wreath has approximately 70 cones. You can make your wreath any size you like, but for intensive therapy, i recommend making loads!! You’ll find yourself getting quicker and more accurate as you go along. 
how to make a vintage paper wreath

I really like that i can see so many of the song titles sticking out the top. LOVE!

vintage sheet music paper wreath tutorialStep 4. Alright, when you think you have enough cones you can begin to assemble your wreath. Cut a circle out of stiff cardboard to use as your base. Heat up the trusty old glue gun and start gluing the cones around the edges. vintage paper wreath tutorialStep 5. Continue to glue the cones, making sure that each layer sits in between the layer before, so that you can see all the cone points. Fill in each layer until the entire cardboard base is covered. I punched a hole through the base and threaded some string through, so i could attach it to the wall. 
vintage paper wreath progress

Here it is all finished and hung in my creative zone in the office. This has been one of my favourite projects and so extremely meaningful to me. I know Mum would have loved it and now every time i look at it i’ll be reminded of her and Pop. Rest in peace Mum. xo

vintage sheet music wreath tutorial vintage paper wreath wall decor display