Playing with Vignettes and Stencils


I am desperate to go treasure hunting again soon. It feels like months since I’ve injected some new pieces into the guesthouse. Life simply gets too busy at times and the kids always seem to have things cropping up. Fingers crossed i’ll have some new treasures to share soon. Until then, I’ve been playing the Interiors Addict’s 7 Vignettes on Instagram and experimenting with stencils. My tea light heart was picked by Jen from the Interiors Addict for a daily collage, which was pretty cool. :) This month the themes were :
1. Holder – cane heart shaped holder
2. Set – cutlery
3. Gold – frame, ribbon and jewellery
4. Edible – icing flowers and pearls
5. Candlelit – hearts on fire
6. Vintage – baking tray and brooches
7. His – drum, cigars, whiskey, antlers

I’ve also been experimenting with stencils and fabric paint this week, so I can create unique cushions. I used ready made stencils by Ed Roth from his book Stencil101. He is a stencilling legend. This was my first attempt and i am quite happy with the result. Not perfect, but not bad for a first try. I’m going to run them through the washing machine a couple of times to see how they standup to everyday treatment. Have a great weekend!