{Crochet} Flower Sprinkles Bunting Pattern

pdf pattern crochet bunting

Hooray! I have finally added my Flower Sprinkles Bunting into the pattern shop. This downloadable PDF has 9 pages of instructions including step-by-step images, a chart and shorthand instructions for both US and UK users. I have a small number of kits available too (that include the pattern). Please email me for a shipping quote if you live outside Australia  – amanda@redagape.com.au

Click the image above to go straight to the downloadable PDF or below to check out the kits (which include the downloadable pattern). Have fun! moya yarn bunting kit

{Crochet} Simple Crochet Lazy Daisy Flower

free crochet flower patternCrochet flower patterns don’t get much easier than this simply daisy, which I’m calling Lazy Daisy. This pattern uses 8ply Patons cotton blend and a 4mm hook. This pattern is in UK terms with some shorthand US instructions at the end.
free crochet flower pattern

Step 1.  Ch6, ss into first ch to make a loop

free crochet flower pattern

Step 2 – Ch1, then work 12htrs into the loop. Fasten off. (12htr)

free crochet flower pattern

Step 3 – Swap colour -join with a ss into any htr , ch8 and ss into the same htr, *ss into the next st, ch8, ss into same st* repeat from * to * around. Fasten off. (12 X ch8 petals)free crochet flower patternUS Shorthand 

1. Ch6, ss into first ch to form a loop.
2. 12hdc into the loop. Fasten off (12hdc)
3. With new colour – ss, ch8, ss into each hdc. (12x ch8 petals).

All done. Don’t forget to tag your #crochetlazydaisy. I’ve designed a few more really simple flower patterns that I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks. Enjoy. Xx

free crochet flower pattern