May was a mix of crochet hearts, blankets and spinal surgery.

granny square heart

May was a mix of crochet hearts, Yummy Yarn and co, granny square blankets and spinal surgery. This year is certainly flying by, but i am really pleased that May is over. Taking my daughter to Sydney for spinal surgery was the hardest thing i have done since becoming a parent. Handing her over to doctors and nurses to open her up, insert rods and bone grafts was frightening to say the least, especially for a person who always braces themselves for the worst. This time, i couldn’t think of ‘worst case scenario’ because that included death and paralysis.

It’s quite comical looking back to the 18th, as my hubby and i were trying to fill out her admittance forms….we could barely remember our own names. I used #craftastherapy to the extreme in the lead up to the operation and during her week long hospital stay. And the whole experience gave me a new perspective on how blessed we are to have happy and healthy children. I am thrilled to report that all went well and my daughter coped with the entire adventure like a champion. I couldn’t be any prouder.

Now, back to real life and Yummy Yarn and co. I have more patterns, craft as therapy features and fun ideas to share, so hopefully i will be more active here.

air ambulance

Eilish was lucky enough to get a trip home in the air ambo and transferred to a regular ambo that dropped her home. How’s that for service!

colour granny square blanket

Rainbow Noodles – my daughter’s blanket.

spoked mandala

I must be getting old as i got myself some bifocals this month. It’s so refreshing to be able to see clearly again. :)

crochet blanket patterns

The top blanket was my main #craftastherapy project for May.

{Instagram} Crochet Projects March

crochet potholder patternAlthough the year is flying by i feel like i have accomplished a lot so far – we opened Yummy Yarn and co, i have been keeping up with  Guesthouse bookings and i am starting (and finishing!) new crochet projects. Here’s a snap shot of March from my instagram accounts  @crochetbyredagape and @redagape (my home styling and photography page).
debbie bliss poncho crochet mandala pattern granny square patterns styling bookshelves

{Crochet} Candy Granny Square Blanket with Pom Poms

easy pom poms

Just a little quicky post to share my finished colourful crochet Candy Granny Square blanket. This was such a fun and easy project to work on. I didn’t use a pattern, it just evolved and grew until i was happy with the size. The colours were added randomly with little breaks of white to add freshness. This crochet lap blanket was made with Patons Cotton Blend yarn which was beautiful to work with. I added some pom poms (see my Easy Pom Pom Tutorial ) on each of the corners to finish it off. So much happiness in one blanket!!

Colourful crochet blanket

Candy Crochet Blanket in progress…

colorful granny square


crochet blanket with pom poms

{Craft as Therapy} Moderated by Queen Babs

Crochet hearts

Wise words from Jane aka @queen_babs

A big thank you to Jane, aka @queen_babs who moderated @craftastherapy last week. She did a brilliant job choosing features from the #craftastherapy feed and sharing her words of wisdom. Jane suffers from a chronic condition called fibromyalgia, so she understands completely that craft can act as a successful form of therapy. In fact, she moderated the @craftastherapy handle during a week where she was quite ill. During her week we reached 500 followers and over 4000 images in the #craftastherapy feed. Well done Jane! Here are her features for the week –

Colour crochet projects

{Top Left} @marretjeroos
{Top Right} @melovediy
{Bottom Left} @cuddlebugkids
{Bottom Right} @ceyhan65

Crochet granny squares

{Top Left} @sabinaspeich
{Top Right} @tiedwitharibbon
{Bottom Left} @sulphurcrested
{Bottom Right} @sewflippincute1

Crochet amigurumi projects

{Top Left} @vanessakind
{Top Right} @neverjillian
{Bottom Left} @ektelykke
{Bottom Right} @atolye_lina

Crochet flower projects

{Top Left} @figalili
{Top Right} @patchmania
{Bottom Left} @crochetcookies
{Bottom Right} @lisacloverhill

Food crafts

{Top Left} @zehradilek07
{Top Right} @lynne_ee
{Bottom Left} @pearliebirdy
{Bottom Right} @eradiva


International Crochet Day

7 vignettes learning crochetThe 12th of September is International Crochet Day! A massive thank you to @crochetgirl99 for introducing me to the joy of crochet. You can follow her on IG here. And I’m pleased to report that I’m producing granny squares that no longer look sad and wonky (see above). Happy Crochet Day!! xoxo

happy crochet

Colourful Crochet Stars

international crochet day

Mollie Makes print

international crochet day

Mega Granny Square

international crochet day

White crochet coaster