Easy Pom Pom Tutorial


rainbow pom poms

Finally, i have found an easy, failsafe method for making pom poms! Hooray! After many failed attempts using various pom pom making contraptions, i decided to try making them without any fancy gadgets. Success! These are the best pom poms i have ever made and because pom pom making should never be frustrating or sad, i am going to show you how it is done.

rain pom poms

Here is my recipe for rainbow pom poms. All you need is yarn and scissors – oh and your hands. That’s it! Read on –

step by step pom poms

Step 1 – Using your thumb to hold the end of the yarn, begin wrapping your first colour around three of your fingers. Try to keep a little separation between your fingers as this will make it easier to remove your yarn.

easy to make pom poms

Step 2 – Continue wrapping until you have made 30 circuits around your fingers.

fail safe pom poms

Step 3 – Then cut the yarn.

fail safe pom poms

Step 4 – Starting with a new colour, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with each of the five different coloured yarns. This equates to 150 circuits of yarn aound your fingers.  If you would prefer a single colour then just wrap 150 times with your colour preference.

the best pom poms

Step 5 – Gently slide the yarn bundle off your fingers.

easy peasy pom poms

Step 6 – Lay the yarn bundle carefully on top of a length of yarn. It is up to you how long this length is – mine is around 30 cms because i wanted some length leftover to attach my pom pom to things!

fail safe pom poms

Step 7 – Tie a knot in the bundle of yarn, being careful to keep it centred. Make sure the knot is tight and secure to prevent your pom pom from exploding when you cut it.

Rainbow pom poms

How to make pom poms

Step 8 – Flip your yarn bundle over and bring the lengths of yarn forward. DIY pom poms

Step 9 – Tie another tight knot at the back of the yarn bundle. Having a knot on either side helps to keep your pom pom neat and secure.

Rainbow pom poms

Pom Pom tutorial

Step 10 – Carefully slip your scissors into the yarn and cut around the edges of your yarn bundle.

Rainbow pom poms

Step 11 – Keep cutting all the way around and then trim your pom pom to shape. Yarn confetti!!

Rainbow pom poms

Ta da! All done. You can vary the size and density of your pom poms by changing the number of fingers and circuits you make. The lengths of yarn that you used to tie your knots can also be using for attaching your pom poms. I’ve attached my rainbow pom poms to the corners of my crochet candy blanket and i think they look grand! What could be better than rainbow pom poms!? (well, secretly i have a plan for some mega poms poms that may be better, but i’ll save that for another blog entry).

crochet blanket with pom poms

How to make a washi tape heart card

how to make a washi tape heart card

We attended my brother-in -law’s wedding over the weekend. I needed a card for them and knowing the couple to be completely down to earth and relaxed, i wanted the card to suit them. It is no secret that i am a fan of washi tape. Who isn’t? Its uses are limitless. Just search ‘washi tape’ on Pinterest, i dare you, and see the massive number of creative projects that people all over the world have completed.

My card is simple but effective and easy to make. You’ll need –

1. cardboard

2. kraft blackboard heart (or another heart as a template)

3. pencil

4. assorted washi tapes

5. scissors
washi tape card outline

Step 1 – trace around the heart template so you have an outline on your card. 

how to make a washi tape heart card

Step 2 – stick lengths of washi tape to the heart template. Don’t stick them down too hard because you will need to be able to lift the pieces of washi tape off easily.  Keep sticking until the heart is completely covered.

washi tape card heart template

Step 3  – carefully cut off the overlapping  bits of washi tape.

washi tape card template

Your heart template should look like this.
washi tape card heart template

Step 4 – Once your heart is covered, very carefully remove the pieces of washi tape and attach them to your card using the pencil outline as a guide.

washi tape card constructionIt is easiest to start in the middle of the heart. Place your first two strips of washi tape in the centre.

how to make a washi tape heart cardAnd here is the card complete.

washi tape card complete

And finally, here it is all wrapped up with a bit more washi tape and string. I used the kraft chalkboard heart as a tag, which echoes the theme of the card inside.

washi card wrapped

The wedding itself was nothing short of stunning! Check out the lantern lit tent where we dined on delicious, simple and hearty food. And finally, a pic of the gorgeous couple. Congrats! xo 
magical lantern lit wedding tentchris and jeri wedding