{Crochet} Granny Heart Tutorial

granny square heart

Hello Crochet Heart Granny Square lovers! I have had so many people ask for a tutorial for this square that i thought it was time to write one. I’ve included a brief explanation of how i like to change colours. Enjoy! xx

Yarn – Patons Cotton Blend 8ply
Hook Size – 3.5mm hook
Measurement – approx. 10cm square
You will need
•  (A) pink, (B) Aqua
• 3.5mm crochet hook
• tapestry needle

The start of your square is like any other granny square. In fact the first two rounds are worked in a single colour – pink. I like my granny squares to be nice and compact, so i don’t have any chains in between the tr clusters and only 1ch at the corners. Feel free to add 1ch in between the clusters and 2 to 3 chs at the corners if that is your prefernce.

If you’re confident with making granny squares and changing colour, you can simply use the guide in the square below. Otherwise, scroll down for step by step instructions.

crochet heart squarecrochet heart square

Starting with yarn A  (pink) make a magic ring.

Round 1 Ch3, 2tr (counts as 3tr), ch1. Work (3tr, ch1) three more times and ss into top of beg ch3.(4x 3tr, 4ch)

crochet heart square
Round 2 Continue with Yarn A, ss across the tr cluster and into the ch-1 space. Ch3 (counts as first tr), 2tr, ch1, 3tr *Into the next ch-1 space, (3tr, ch1, 3tr) to form a corner. Repeat from * twice more, then ss into the top of the beg ch3.

crochet heart square


Round 3 This is the round where will make some colour changes.

  • Continue with Yarn A, ss across the tr cluster and into the ch-1 space. Ch3 (counts as first tr), 2tr, ch1, 3tr (to form first corner).
  • In the space between the next two tr clusters, work 3tr,  attaching Yarn B during the last YO over and pull through of the last tr.heart granny square

crochet heart squarecrochet heart square

  • Cut Yarn A and continue with Yarn B. In the corner space work 3tr, ch1, 3tr (switching to Yarn A during the last YO and pull through of the last tr).

crochet heart square

  • Cut Yarn B, then 3tr in the next space (switching to yarn B in the last tr). In the corner space work 3tr, ch1, 3tr (switching to Yarn A during the last YO and pull through of the last tr).
  • Cut Yarn B, then 3tr in the next space with Yarn A. 3tr, ch1, 3tr into the last corner space, switching to Yarn B during the last tr. With Yarn B, 3tr in the next space. Switch to Yarn A in the last tr, ss into top of beg ch3.

crochet heart square

crochet heart square
Round 4

  •  Continuing with Yarn A, across the tr cluster and into the ch-1 space. Ch3 (counts as first tr), 2tr, ch1, 3tr.
  • In the next gap, 3tr, switching to Yarn B in the last tr. With Yarn B, 3tr in the next gap and (3tr, ch1, 3tr) in the corner sp. 3tr in the next two gaps. (3tr, ch1, 3tr) at the corner. 3tr in the next gap, switching to Yarn A during the last tr).
  • With Yarn A, 3tr in the next gap. 3tr, ch1, 3tr at the corners, switching to Yarn B in the last tr. With yarn B, 3tr in the next two gaps. Ss into the top of beg ch3 and fasten off.

crochet heart square

crochet heart square

Round 5 Join Yarn B in between any tr cluster from the previous round. Continue to work 3tr into each gap along the sides and (3tr, ch1, 3tr) into the corner spaces. Fasten off and all done!!

crochet heart square

{Crochet} Pretty Puffy Square Tutorial

puffy crochet square

Pretty Puffy Square

This pretty puffy crochet square looks so fancy, but is so simple to create. I’ve used beautiful DMC Natura Just Cotton to create these pretty squares. It’s a fingering weight, worked up with a size 4mm hook. I was planning on creating a cushion with these squares, but i have had so many people ask for the pattern (read nag me on Instagram), that I’m posting the tutorial now. Please tag your #prettypuffysquare on social media if you decide to use this tutorial. Enjoy. :)


  • Yarn – DMC Natura Just Cotton (available at Yummy Yarn and co)
  • Colour A – Aguamarina
  • Colour B – Rose Soraya
  • Colour C – Blue Jeans
  • Colour D – Ibiza
  • Hook – 4mm
  • Yarn Needle

Stitches UK Terms (US Shorthand at the end of this tutorial)

  • Magic ring
  • ss – slip stitch
  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • htr – half treble crochet
  • tr – treble crochet
  • pc – popcorn stitch (see instructions below)
how to crochet a puff stitch

A popcorn stitch is just 5tr that are pulled together and then secured with a chain

Popcorn Stitch

It may look fancy but the pretty popcorn stitch is really simple to make. It’s really just 5trs pulled together and secured with a ch. Simply work 5x tr into the desired stitch, then pull up the loop a little in the last tr and remove your hook. Don’t worry it won’t be removed for long. Insert your hook into the top of the first tr that you made and then insert the hook into the last treble (where you pulled the loop out a little). Pull the loop of the last tr through the top of the first treble (bringing them together behind the other trs) and secure with a chain. For this pattern each popcorn stitch is followed by another chain, so there are two chains in a row. For example, where the instructions state to form a pc (popcorn stitch) this will include the securing chain, and then you will be asked to ch again (ch-1 space). So put simply this pattern is repeated – 5tr, ch1, ch1. I hope this makes sense.

Let’s begin –

puffy crochet square

Step 1 – Starting with colour A, work 6dc into a magic ring and ss to close the circle.


puffy crochet square

Step 2 – into each dc work 1x pc, ch1 and then ss into the securing chain of the first pc. (6x pc, 6x ch-1 spaces) Fasten off.


puffy crochet square

Step 3 – With colour B, ss into any ch-1 space and ch2 (counts as first tr of pc), work 4 tr and continue to make pc as normal, ch1 then form another pc in the same ch-1 space, ch1. Work {pc, ch1, pc, ch1} into each of the ch-1 spaces of this round, then ss into the securing ch of the first pc and fasten off. (12x pc, 12x ch-1 spaces)

puffy crochet square

Step 4 – With colour C, ss into any ch-1 space and ch2 (counts as the first tr of a pc), work 4tr into this same space and continue to make pc as normal, ch1 and then form another pc in the same ch-1 space, ch1. Work {pc, ch1, pc, ch1} into each of the ch-1 spaces of this round, then ss into the securing ch of the first pc and fasten off. (24pc, 24x ch-1 spaces).


puffy crochet square

Step 5 – With colour D, ss into any ch-1 space and ch2 (counts as 1tr), 1htr into the same space. *In the next ch-1 space work 2htr, then 2dc into each of the following three ch-1 spaces. 2htr in the next and 1htr, tr, ch2, tr, htr in the following space (to form a corner).* repeat from * to * 2 more times.  Then 2htr in the next space, followed by 2dc in the next three ch-1 space. Then htr, tr, ch2 and ss into to the top of the initial ch2.


puffy crochet square

Step 6 – ch1 (counts as htr), *work 1htr into each of the following stitches and then 2htr, ch2, 2htr at the corners* repeat from * to * three more times. Ss into top of first htr to finish. Fasten off. (18htr along each side, 4x of ch-2 to make corners).

UK Shorthand Instructions

  • work 6dc into a magic ring (6dc)
  • 1 pc, ch1 into into each dc (6 pc, 6 ch-1)
  • {pc, ch1, pc, ch1} into each ch-1 space (12 pc, 12x ch1)
  • {pc, ch1, pc, ch1} into each ch-1 space (24 pc, 24x ch1)
  • {htr, tr, ch2, tr, htr} to form corners, then 2htr, 2dc, 2dc, 2dc, 2htr along sides (14 stitches along each side)
  • {2htr, ch2, 2htr} at corners and 1htr into each st along the sides. Fasten off. (18 stitches along each side)

US Shorthand Instructions

  • work 6sc into a magic ring (6sc)
  • 1 pc, ch1 into into each sc (6 sc, 6 ch-1)
  • {pc, ch1, pc, ch1} into each ch-1 space (12 pc, 12x ch1)
  • {pc, ch1, pc, ch1} into each ch-1 space (24 pc, 24x ch1)
  • {hdc, dc, ch2, dc, hdc} to form corners, then 2hdc, 2sc, 2sc, 2sc, 2hdc along sides (14 stitches along each side)
  • {2hdc, ch2, 2hdc} at corners and 1hdc into each st along the sides. Fasten off. (18 stitches along each side)puffy crochet square

How to Style a Pegboard – Easy Tutorial

pegboard inspo

I am a little obsessed with styling the pegboard in my office and my Instagram followers have become familiar with my habit of giving it a makeover. I like to fill it with essential items, pretty things and inspirational quotes. It helps to make my office a happy place to work. My pegboard recieves lots of ‘oohs and ahhs’ when i post pics of it on social media, which is why i have put together this easy peasy tutorial today. It looks impressive, but it is so easy to do and a great way to keep all of your bits and bobs sorted…..perfect for crafters in particular. Okay, here’s what you’ll need –

  • sheet of pegboard (available at hardware stores and it’s cheap!)
  • some baskets for storing bigger items (i found mine at bunnings)
  • some pegboard hooks (these should be available where you buy your pegboard)
  • sturdy rope and wall hooks (although you may prefer a different method of attachment)
  • bits and bobspegboard ideas pegboard inspo pegboard inspo pegboard ideas pegboard ideas


Easy Pom Pom Tutorial


rainbow pom poms

Finally, i have found an easy, failsafe method for making pom poms! Hooray! After many failed attempts using various pom pom making contraptions, i decided to try making them without any fancy gadgets. Success! These are the best pom poms i have ever made and because pom pom making should never be frustrating or sad, i am going to show you how it is done.

rain pom poms

Here is my recipe for rainbow pom poms. All you need is yarn and scissors – oh and your hands. That’s it! Read on –

step by step pom poms

Step 1 – Using your thumb to hold the end of the yarn, begin wrapping your first colour around three of your fingers. Try to keep a little separation between your fingers as this will make it easier to remove your yarn.

easy to make pom poms

Step 2 – Continue wrapping until you have made 30 circuits around your fingers.

fail safe pom poms

Step 3 – Then cut the yarn.

fail safe pom poms

Step 4 – Starting with a new colour, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with each of the five different coloured yarns. This equates to 150 circuits of yarn aound your fingers.  If you would prefer a single colour then just wrap 150 times with your colour preference.

the best pom poms

Step 5 – Gently slide the yarn bundle off your fingers.

easy peasy pom poms

Step 6 – Lay the yarn bundle carefully on top of a length of yarn. It is up to you how long this length is – mine is around 30 cms because i wanted some length leftover to attach my pom pom to things!

fail safe pom poms

Step 7 – Tie a knot in the bundle of yarn, being careful to keep it centred. Make sure the knot is tight and secure to prevent your pom pom from exploding when you cut it.

Rainbow pom poms

How to make pom poms

Step 8 – Flip your yarn bundle over and bring the lengths of yarn forward. DIY pom poms

Step 9 – Tie another tight knot at the back of the yarn bundle. Having a knot on either side helps to keep your pom pom neat and secure.

Rainbow pom poms

Pom Pom tutorial

Step 10 – Carefully slip your scissors into the yarn and cut around the edges of your yarn bundle.

Rainbow pom poms

Step 11 – Keep cutting all the way around and then trim your pom pom to shape. Yarn confetti!!

Rainbow pom poms

Ta da! All done. You can vary the size and density of your pom poms by changing the number of fingers and circuits you make. The lengths of yarn that you used to tie your knots can also be using for attaching your pom poms. I’ve attached my rainbow pom poms to the corners of my crochet candy blanket and i think they look grand! What could be better than rainbow pom poms!? (well, secretly i have a plan for some mega poms poms that may be better, but i’ll save that for another blog entry).

crochet blanket with pom poms

DIY Headboard at RedAgape Guesthouse

navy bedroom tufted headboardI was really excited to finally hang my DIY tufted headboard on the wall in the navy room at RedAgape Guesthouse. You can find the tutorial here if you are keen to make one for yourself. It is a challenging project but well worth the time and energy, as it is so cost effective when compared with buying a new headboard. 
beige headboard DIY bedhead tutorial beige bedhead navy room navy red beige bedroomYou can find more images of  RedAgape Guesthouse in my Instagram feed or my FaceBook page. :)


DIY Diamond Tufted Headboard using Pegboard

tufted upholstered diy headboardI have just completed my DIY diamond tufted headboard and it looks great! Following is a tutorial and recount of my emotional journey 😉 that lead to the creation of a tufted headboard that is a fraction of the price of a bought one. I won’t lie, this has been my most challenging DIY yet. Don’t be fooled by the feminine curves of the tufting or the inviting soft plumps of foam, this project was a bitch! That said, it was so worth it!! I’m so relieved that it turned out well and my button to button method (explained below) worked beautifully for a beginner at upholstery. I challenge you to give this a go! It’s so rewarding. Anyway, here we go – diy tufted headboard pegboard

You will need –
Pegboard cut to size. The measurements will depend on what style and size you need.
3inch foam the same size as the pegboard
Batting – the same size as the pegboard with an additional 6inches all the way around
Fabric – same amount as the batting
Extra fabric for buttons
Upholstery thread – NOT regular cotton (trust me it won’t work)
Button making supplies – I needed 51
Staple gun
Buttons for backing – 51
Upholstery needlediy tufted headboard pegboardStep 1 – mark out where you want the tufts to be on the pegboard by circling around the holes. My tufts were about 6inches apart but you may prefer to have them closer or further apart depending on the look you want to achieve. Start marking the holes in the centre of the board so that the tufts are symmetrical. I drew up the pattern of diamonds when I was finished so that I could see they were all positioned correctly.
diy tufted headboard pegboardStep 2 – lie the pegboard on the foam and using a sharpie draw through the holes to mark the pattern onto the foam. You should be able to see the marks clearly on the foam. diy tufted headboard pegboardtufted-upholstered-diyStep 3 – using an old knife cut out a square section of foam where marked. Don’t be scared to cut out a decent amount of foam as this will make the tufting process easier and make sure the hole goes all the way through. This is the secret to nice deep tufts. diy tufted headboard pegboardStep 4 – layer up your headboard : pegboard, foam, batting and then fabric. Make sure the marked side of the pegboard is facing out at the back (so you can see where the tufts will be) and that the batting and fabric are nice and smooth with no bubbles. tufted-headboard-tutorial-stepsStep 5 – using the extra fabric make enough buttons to complete your tufts. This process takes and while, so be patient. Warning – your thumbs will be sore….very sore.fabric buttons for upholsteryStep 6 – let the tufting begin!! I’ve seen some tutorials where a staple gun is used to secure the upholstery thread in place. I tried it and I didn’t like it….at all. I found it difficult and really messy looking, so I tried a new method using some old buttons. I’m calling it the ‘button to button’ method. The pretty fabric covered button is on display at the front and any old four hole button secures the tuft at the back. Thread your upholstery needle, double it over and tie the ends in a knot. Thread the needle through the four hole button and then through the middle of the two threads. I went around a few times for added strength.tuftedheadboard-upholstery diy tufted headboard pegboardStep 7 – start at the top in the centre and work your way out to the edges. Insert the needle through the marked hole at the back and out the front through the foam, batting and fabric. Pull your thread tight so the button at the back is over the hole. At the front, ease the fabric into a point and then attached your fabric button. tuftedheadboard-diy-tuftStep 8 – Take the needle back though the foam and pegboard. Don’t go through the exact same position or your fabric might tear. I tried to leave about 1/2 cm between the exit and entry point.  Sounds easy right! Wrong. :( sometimes the needle went straight through and out the exact hole and other times it took an eternity to find the right route back through the foam. Patience is the key. I was pretty patient, surprisingly patient (especially given I was premenstrual) up until the last couple of rows. Then the cursing started….and it didn’t stop until the last button. Thank goodness the kids were at school. :)DIY headboard using pegboardStep 9 – Alright, once your needle is back out through the same hole it entered it’s time to secure your tuft. Apply pressure to your fabric button while pulling tight on the upholstery thread. Insert the needle under the thread in the button and knot tightly. I repeated this about three times for each button to make sure it was properly secure. Stand back and admire. diy tufted headboard pegboardtufted-headboard-tutorialStep 10 – Now repeat steps 6,7,8 and 9 about 51 times (it felt like about 1000 times). It’s agony….really. I must have stabbed myself a hundred times with the needle, the thread almost cut a slice out of my hand and all of my muscles ached from wresting with the foam and buttons. I totally underestimated how physical this task would be. When that last button was secured I’m pretty sure I heard a choir of angels singing and I may have cried a little. Post tufting euphoria! Cursing over. :) Happy days! tutorial for tufted headboardStep 11 – staple the fabric firmly over the pegboard making sure your corners are nice and tidy. Try to keep the tension the same all the way around. Trim off the excess fabric and batting. I’m planning on covering the entire back surface with a piece of felt or fleece to stop the buttons rubbing on the wall once it’s hung. diy tufted bedhead pegboardHere are a couple of shots in my room at home. The headboard will go to the guesthouse next week and I’ll be sure to post some pics of it at it’s new home. I’m convinced now that I want to make one for my bedroom at home, but I’m going to wait about 6 months, maybe have some counselling and physiotherapy before I started the next one. :) pegboard bedhead tuftedtufted headboard pegboard

Wall Banner Tutorial

handmade wall banner tutorialHave fun, regret nothing! I made this wall banner for our rumpus room and if you can sew in a straight line, then you can make one too. :) All you need is some fabric, cotton, a rod, decorative thread and a ruler.

Step 1 – Measure  and cut your fabric. Mine is 20×27 inches.

Step2 – Mark 10 inches across to find the middle of the base and then mark 10 inches up either side and rule to from two joining lines.

Step 3 – Cut off these excess triangles.

Step 4 –  Pin the seams and then iron them flat. I started with the pointed end, then the sides and finally the top. The top is folded down (temporarily) about 4 inches to accommodate the rod.

craft wall banner tutorial

Step 5 – I inserted the rod and sat the banner between two chairs to make sure it was level. It’s much easier to fix any issues now rather than later.

Step 6 – Sew the seams, making sure you leave the top until last.

Step 7 – Refold the  loop for the rod casing, pin in place and then sew.

Step 8 – Hand stitch, using decorative thread, the quote you have chosen.

diy craft wall bannerFinally, insert rod and tie on more decorative thread! All ready to hang! :)
wall banner diy tutorial



Vintage paper wreath tutorial

vintage paper wreath display wallI spent quite a bit of time constructing this wreath out of the pages of an old music book. Craft is therapy for me and when times are stressful i find it easy to immerse myself in a project. This paper wreath was no expection. I began this project a few weeks ago, when my Mum was in the final stages of brain cancer. I choose this project because i knew it would be meaningful, for her and me. My Mum’s father, my Pop, introduced me to music at a young age and spent time teaching me how to play the organ. The pages for this wreath are from one of Pop’s music books called 101 Hits for Buskers.
paper wreath wall display tutorial

You’ll need – paper, double sided tape, glue gun, stapler, cardboard and string.

Step 1. Making the paper cones. Place two strips of double sided tape on the right hand bottom corner of the page, as per the picture. Fold that corner around to form a cone shape, making sure the upper right hand corner is centred and straight.

paper wreath construction

Step 2. Peel off the cover of the double sided tape and stick the lower right hand corner down. The taped area should be around the back of the cone.

paper wreath constructionpaper wreath constructionStep 3. Fold up the base of the cone and staple in place. Continue to make paper cones. Make lots! My wreath has approximately 70 cones. You can make your wreath any size you like, but for intensive therapy, i recommend making loads!! You’ll find yourself getting quicker and more accurate as you go along. 
how to make a vintage paper wreath

I really like that i can see so many of the song titles sticking out the top. LOVE!

vintage sheet music paper wreath tutorialStep 4. Alright, when you think you have enough cones you can begin to assemble your wreath. Cut a circle out of stiff cardboard to use as your base. Heat up the trusty old glue gun and start gluing the cones around the edges. vintage paper wreath tutorialStep 5. Continue to glue the cones, making sure that each layer sits in between the layer before, so that you can see all the cone points. Fill in each layer until the entire cardboard base is covered. I punched a hole through the base and threaded some string through, so i could attach it to the wall. 
vintage paper wreath progress

Here it is all finished and hung in my creative zone in the office. This has been one of my favourite projects and so extremely meaningful to me. I know Mum would have loved it and now every time i look at it i’ll be reminded of her and Pop. Rest in peace Mum. xo

vintage sheet music wreath tutorial vintage paper wreath wall decor display