No Vacancy


There are probably a thousand things I should be doing right now! I’ve got sheets and towels to wash, grocery shopping to do, three kids to get organised for school and a house to clean. But I’m far too busy basking in the afterglow of a weekend that saw Winterfell at full capacity….plus visitors.

There was not a bed spare on Australia Day weekend when my husband’s family came to visit. I’ve been curious as to how Winterfell would cope when fully occupied and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was still roomy and comfortable. Of course, the caliber of visitors most certainly made things easier.

There were 22 people in total with groups staying at the Millthorpe Motel and The Old Chemist. We filled the time with barefoot bowls at the local bowling club, dinner at the Commercial, breakfast at Tonic, a trip to historic Carcoar and games of blackjack.


The sign was hung before everyone arrived. I’m so happy with how it looks!! And with a weekend of rain the grass and plants are looking greener and healthier. Soooooo……I guess it’s time to get my butt into gear and list my house for rent. :)
Oh, and here’s a pic of the happy group just before breakfast at Tonic. And thanks to those who left beautiful messages in my guest book. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed your time at Winterfell.


The spare room might be my favourite…

The house is an eclectic mix of old and new, of neutral and brights, of gold and silver and of practical and just pretty. Each room is different from the next. The loft, the main bedroom, is my husbands and mine. The kids have all decided on a bedroom and are helping me with decorating ideas. This leaves one ‘spare’ room. A room to decorate however i wish….This is the first room that i have finished!

Shopping for bedlinen, doonas, blankets and pillows has been an expensive exercise! Unfortunately, it is an area where i need to buy NEW and thankfully I’ve been able to save a little money due to end of winter sales. And thank goodness really, because it has cost enough without paying full price. I guess it’s all in the timing.

Target lamp shades, my son Daniel lying amongst some of the linen and the ‘before’ shot of the room.

The barrels, before they were a side table.

The bedside table was created using a little experimenting. I picked up a couple of barrel planters, lacquered them, glued and strapped them together and finally attached a tray on the top. In total it only set me back $50, which i was pretty pleased with. :) The lamp shades were a Target buy and were ridiculously priced at $3 each! gotta love clearance sales! I whipped up the cushions with Amy Butler fabric. And the frames above the bed, well you’ve seen those before…..vintage prints $15 in total.

I really like this room. It’s not typical of what i usually like, but maybe that’s the reason it appeals to me…..a change is as good as a holiday right? ¬†Alright, a couple of the other rooms are very closed to being finished. I’ll post when they are done!! Excitement!!