{Crochet} Crate Crochet Review

crochet subscription boxWell, it’s finally happened! Australia has it’s own crochet subscription boxes thanks to Crate Crochet. Hooray! I was so excited when Crate Crochet  invited me to review their subscription boxes. I had been wanting to try one for a while, but they sell out fast.

5 reasons to love Crate Crochet! (there’s actually more than 5, but these are my top 5)

  1. Value for money! The RRP of the contents of these boxes is guaranteed to be higher than the cost of the box.
  2. Try New Yarn – i love trying new yarn. This box contained to most gorgeous Australian Superfine Merino from Morris & Sons.
  3. Great patterns – fresh new designs every month from a range of different designers.
  4. Extras – so many extras included : this box included tea, sweet treats, a pom pom kit, stitch markers and a Clover Beanie Gauge.
  5. Skilled Boxes – if you are a beginner there’s a box just for you! If you’re worried the Intermediate/Advanced box will be too challenging, then you have the option to sign up to the beginners box.

crochet subscription boxThere’s even a shop where members get a discount. Crate Crochet are currently sold out, but subscriptions open again on the 18th of June, that’s only a few days away, so mark it on your calendar if you don’t want to miss out. I cannot wait to see what is in my next box. :)crochet subscription box

* This has been a sponsored post! :)

{Crochet} New Crochet Cushion Kits

watermelon crochet cushion

Exciting News! I’ve been working on some new bags for my Melon Pops and Gelato Pops cushion kits and i am happy to report they are available in STORE now!  Hooray! Pop over to the SHOP to see the new bags and browse through the many options for your kits – you can choose whether or not you want just the yarn in your kit or choose an option that includes a hook and/or insert. Round inserts can be tricky to find, so i’ve done the hard work for you and sourced some reasonably priced inserts for your circular crochet cushions.

Shipping options for Australia, UK, US and New Zealand are all included at the checkout for these cushion kits. Please contact me on amanda@redgape.com.au if you would like to shipping quote if your country isn’t included in the options. Happy Making!!

Mandy xx

popcorn crochet cushion

{Yarn Love} Paintbox Yarn Giveaway!!

paintbox cotton yarn*THIS COMP IS NOW CLOSED *I have an amazing giveaway from LoveCrochet and Paintbox Yarns. Hands up if you would like to win all 56 shades of Paintbox Cotton DK!! I know i would. I have fallen in love with this awesome yarn – so many delicious shades to choose from. paintbox cotton yarn

It is seriously easy to enter this giveaway – all you need to do if follow the link HERE and sign up to the LoveCrochet newsletter. And that’s it! The competition will run for 7 days and the winner will be selected and emailed by the 31st of March. How exciting it that!? Good luck everyone.

Mandy xx  paintbox cotton yarn paintbox cotton yarn


{Crochet} Paintbox Yarn Stop Motion

I was pretty excited when my Paintbox Yarn from LoveCrochet.com arrived in the mail! Seriously, the colour range is amazing and the cotton is so lovely and soft. I still cannot bring myself to undo the labels, but i spent a little bit of time playing with all the lovely colours. Enjoy!

Easy Pom Pom Tutorial


rainbow pom poms

Finally, i have found an easy, failsafe method for making pom poms! Hooray! After many failed attempts using various pom pom making contraptions, i decided to try making them without any fancy gadgets. Success! These are the best pom poms i have ever made and because pom pom making should never be frustrating or sad, i am going to show you how it is done.

rain pom poms

Here is my recipe for rainbow pom poms. All you need is yarn and scissors – oh and your hands. That’s it! Read on –

step by step pom poms

Step 1 – Using your thumb to hold the end of the yarn, begin wrapping your first colour around three of your fingers. Try to keep a little separation between your fingers as this will make it easier to remove your yarn.

easy to make pom poms

Step 2 – Continue wrapping until you have made 30 circuits around your fingers.

fail safe pom poms

Step 3 – Then cut the yarn.

fail safe pom poms

Step 4 – Starting with a new colour, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with each of the five different coloured yarns. This equates to 150 circuits of yarn aound your fingers.  If you would prefer a single colour then just wrap 150 times with your colour preference.

the best pom poms

Step 5 – Gently slide the yarn bundle off your fingers.

easy peasy pom poms

Step 6 – Lay the yarn bundle carefully on top of a length of yarn. It is up to you how long this length is – mine is around 30 cms because i wanted some length leftover to attach my pom pom to things!

fail safe pom poms

Step 7 – Tie a knot in the bundle of yarn, being careful to keep it centred. Make sure the knot is tight and secure to prevent your pom pom from exploding when you cut it.

Rainbow pom poms

How to make pom poms

Step 8 – Flip your yarn bundle over and bring the lengths of yarn forward. DIY pom poms

Step 9 – Tie another tight knot at the back of the yarn bundle. Having a knot on either side helps to keep your pom pom neat and secure.

Rainbow pom poms

Pom Pom tutorial

Step 10 – Carefully slip your scissors into the yarn and cut around the edges of your yarn bundle.

Rainbow pom poms

Step 11 – Keep cutting all the way around and then trim your pom pom to shape. Yarn confetti!!

Rainbow pom poms

Ta da! All done. You can vary the size and density of your pom poms by changing the number of fingers and circuits you make. The lengths of yarn that you used to tie your knots can also be using for attaching your pom poms. I’ve attached my rainbow pom poms to the corners of my crochet candy blanket and i think they look grand! What could be better than rainbow pom poms!? (well, secretly i have a plan for some mega poms poms that may be better, but i’ll save that for another blog entry).

crochet blanket with pom poms