Ten gifts for crocheters

gifts for crocheters

Ten Gifts for Crocheters

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favourite crocheting friend? I have ten budget friendly gifts for crocheters that will fill your present buying needs. Or is it time to treat yourself!?

1 – Pin Points Enamel Pins

These funky crochet pins come in three colours – pink, green and blue (pictured above). They make a sweet and affordable gift at $12.95. Check out the entire range of Pin Points here to find a nice collection of crochet and craft pins.

gifts for crocheters

2 – Pretty Pins in Japanese packaging

Gosh i love these sweet pins! For $9.95 you get two little cubes of pins in four pearl colours. There are 92 pins in total. They are perfect for pinning squares together when joining, or for props in your instagram images. You can find them here.

gifts for crocheters

3 – Clover Amour Hooks

Seriously, these hooks are my absolute favourites, which is why they are the only hooks i stock. Colour coded for easy identifying and soft grip handles for crocheting comfort. I love the slightly pointed head on the hook, because it makes slipping into stitches a breeze! Clover all the way! You can find them here priced from $9.95.

gifts for crocheters

4 – Caron Cotton Cakes

I have never met a crocheter that said they had too much yarn! Caron Cotton Cakes are so soft and the colour changes are absolutely divine. I am not a fan of colour change yarn, but i have made an exception for these pretty cakes. Any crocheter or knitter would love them as a gift. You can find them here for $8.95.

gifts for crocheters

5 – Basket Bases Australia

These Australian designed and made basket bases make an excellent gift for crocheters! No more soggy and sad basket bottoms. Made from locally sourced timber and working with environmentally conscious partners who offset the carbon footprint as much as possible. These timber bases are made of strong, hardwood ply and come in round and square shapes. You can find them here starting at $13.

gifts for crocheters

6 – Panda Soft Cotton Chunky

Looking for some yarn to gift along with a basket base? These balls of Soft Cotton Chunky come in a delicious range of colours – Shell Pink, Candy Pink, French Blue, Amber, Green Tea, Lilac, Optical White, Sand and Shadow. You find all the colours here for $6.95.

gifts for crocheters

7 – Teddy Bear Measuring Tapes

Measuring your yarn just got cuter! These Japanese packaged Teddy Bear Tapes are a sweet and budget friendly buy at just $5.95. Available in pink and yellow here.

gifts for crocheters

8 – Clover Tassel Maker

Give the gift of tassels with this functional tassel maker from Clover. Everything from Clover screams quality and these tassel maker is no exception. Available in small and large (pictured above) here.

gifts for crocheters

9 – Japanese Crochet Books

Stunning is the only word for these super stylish and creative Japanese crochet books. While they are written in Japanese, the universal charts included in each book make them readable for non Japanese speakers. Or just admire the stunning projects and photography. A beautiful, unique gift for your favourite crocheter. Find them here.

gifts for crocheters

10 – Precision Scissors with Safety Pouch $7.95

Scissors are a crucial part of any crocheters tool kit. These scissors are perfect for crochet on the go. The safety pouch means you won’t jab your fingers while searching through for crochet bag. Sharp but safe! Find them and other pretty scissors here.



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