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Welcome to my crochet blog!

Hello, I’m Amanda, but you can call me Mandy. You will find me a yarn lover or a crochet addict too! A few years ago, I learned how to crochet; my curiosity always pushed me toward learning new skills, and crocheting has much to offer. So I stop by here and turn all the rails of my passion toward the most beautiful crochet work!

I searched online, followed many famous crocheters, and brought out my creativity by making some of the unique granny squares in the crochet world, which are no one else’s property. If you also want to join me in this creative journey of making handmade crochet items, here you will find many free crochet patterns, easy crochet stitches, fun, innovative ideas, and tutorials.

 A little bit about REDAGAPE and my crochet blog.

What is RedAgape? R, E, and D are the first initials of my children’s names, and ‘agape’ is a Greek word for ‘unconditional love’. I live on a small property in country Australia with my family, 4 alpacas, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 10 goldfish, and too many chickens to count!  But I always want to share what I learn with the outer world; that’s why I founded this amazing website ” redapageblog.com ” where I post my crochet work, some of the mischiefs I made with fabric, and some of the important things happening in my life.

I started this site as a hobby enthusiast, but the love, support, and interest of my readers motivate me to spend more time exploring something new about crocheting and sharing innovative patterns, techniques, stitches, crochet tutorials, and a lot of other useful stuff regards crocheting with the others.

Now I am keen to run this website as a hobby + career, so I started making tiny youtube shorts to educate beginners about crochet by learning the easiest crochet stitches. I also shared my work on youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to gather an audience of passionate crocheters and develop a community with similar interests to explore the crocheting world with open arms.

We worked with huge platforms like Mooliemakes and jellybeanjunction, studiohipenstripe, ponymctate, paintboxyarn, and lottieandalbert to do some crochet wonders. And our work has been featured by Lifehacker, Bloglovin, Hunker, Concreteplayground, and some renowned websites online.

So you can trust redagapeblog as an experienced and trustworthy network to get inspiration about crocheting.


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