12 Beautiful Things to Crochet With Free Patterns

When you crochet something, the finished item always tends to be beautiful. But in this list, we have compiled the best of beautiful things to crochet around the community. These include everything whether crochet amigurumi, accessories, home decor, or functional items. You will appreciate the creative designs and ideas we are providing here. Just scroll down and choose your favorite one.

12 Beautiful Things to Crochet With Free Patterns

Patterns for Beautiful things to crochet

From cozy blankets to decorative wall hangings, each beautiful item will beautifully your space. These creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. For instance, crocheted baskets for storage, while stylish throws enhance the comfort of lounging areas.

Crochet isn’t limited to home decor; wearable items like slippers offer personalized fashion. Beyond their beauty and utility, crocheted gifts carry a personal touch that makes them special. With all this, let’s dive into these beautiful things to crochet with step-by-step video patterns:

Crochet Baby Mobile

This crochet baby mobile is ideal for beautifying a nursery and bringing smiles to a newborn face. This easy-to-follow tutorial allows for customization with any theme, such as day and night, woodland, or underwater, repurposing small amigurumi figures as mobile elements.

You’ll need 12-inch trim (metal or wooden ring) for the base, yarn for decorating, and optional beads for embellishment. Shri demonstrates how to achieve a fancy look by adorning the ring with a crochet scallop design. This mobile is a perfect gift.


Crochet Bunny Rabbit

Crochet this cute Bunny Rabbit if you are looking for the cutest toy. This plush bunny can have its ears styled either drooping down or perked up. The project uses super chunky or plush yarn for the body, with additional colors for the tail, nose, and headband. A USG crochet hook, 12mm safety eyes, etc are also needed, with stitch markers highly recommended. Robin’s tutorial is easy to follow, targeting those familiar with basic crochet amigurumi techniques. She suggests the project isn’t very difficult.

 Crochet Cute Baby Booties

These crochet baby booties are adorable boho-inspired sandals that make an excellent gift or accessory for your baby. The booties are denoted by their detailed tassels and buttoned ankle strap, creating a charming T-bar design.

To start, you’ll need DK weight yarn in several colors, a 3.5 mm crochet hook, buttons, and scissors. The pattern is not overly complex. LaToya guides each step, ensuring even beginners can follow along. These booties will add a splash of color to a baby’s outfit.

Crochet Heart Granny Square

If you want something new to classic granny, crochet this heart granny square for crocheting lovely items. Featuring a lovely heart centered within a plain solid square it is easy.

You’ll need medium-weight acrylic yarn, a 5 mm hook, scissors, and a yarn needle to complete this project. The heart granny square stands out for its versatility, easily incorporated into various projects like pouches, blankets, or even garments. The tutor suggests that even with minimal crochet experience, you can follow along and create something beautiful.

Crochet Rainbow Garland

Here is a tutorial to crochet pastel Rainbow Garland, to add a whimsical charm to any space. The garland combines adorable little rainbows strung together, optionally with pompom yarn for an extra fluffy cloud effect. It requires seven shades of yarn, a matching hook, scissors, and a needle. The tutorial suggests using any yarn type, offering versatility in customization. Ideal for decorating rooms or parties, this garland brings a cozy and colorful touch. A tip from the tutorial: ensure to leave a long tail when starting each color for easy assembly.

DIY Crochet Basket


This DIY Crochet Basket tutorial creates a charming Fireside Basket, for storing handmade blankets, oversized Christmas gifts, or as a stylish laundry hamper. The tutorial offers a tiny version, but patterns for both sizes are available on her blog. Using category 5 bulky weight yarn, with 9mm and 6.5mm hooks. The project is medium in difficulty. The tutorial’s distinctive feature is utilizing yarn-held double for added sturdiness.

Tony suggests that for best results, you should be comfortable making magic rings and working in spirals. An excellent addition to any home, this basket can serve various storage needs.

 Crochet a Lucifer Flower

Learn how to crochet the stunning Lucifer Flower, featuring delicate petals surrounding a vivid stamen. This project is moderately challenging and ideal for those with some crochet experience.

In addition to regular supplies, have wires of various lengths to maintain the shape of the flower parts. You will need 20 cm for petals, 12 cm for stamens, and 25 cm for leaves. The tutorial’s special approach involves incorporating wire into the crochet to keep the flower parts well-defined and upright. The creator suggests wrapping and adjusting the wire to ensure that each part maintains its shape.

Crochet Scrunchie

To tie up hair, crochet this cozy, fluffy scrunchie using milk cotton yarn, a 6mm hook, and a hair band. With a straightforward technique of making a slip knot, chaining, and half-double crochets, it’s fairly easy to follow.

The scrunchie’s distinctive feature is its versatility and fluffy appearance. It will be achieved by crocheting around a standard hair band and building up 40 rows of stitches for that extra plush look. The tutor suggests keeping an even count of stitches across rows to ensure uniform scrunch and recommends this project as a quick, fun creation that’s perfect for craft fairs or as personalized gifts.

crochet Heart wall decor

This wall hanging features a corner-to-corner heart design with a Chart available on the website. This project, perfect for adding a cozy touch to any room, is of intermediate difficulty. You’ll need worsted-weight yarn along with an 5.5-millimeter crochet hook.

The graph is printable for easy follow-along. Melissa suggests using a ruler and marker to track your progress on the graph for a more straightforward experience. This crochet piece can be utilized in various ways, such as a lovey, wall art, a tote bag side, or even a pillow cover, making it versatile for personal use or gifts.

Crochet wall hanging

Here is a beautiful boho-style double-ring wall hanging, a project that beautifies space with boho style. You’ll just need a 2.5 mm crochet hook, double knitting yarn, a 4-inch and a 6-inch metal ring, and optionally a wooden bead and lighter for the finishing touches.

This hanging needs intricate stitches and a tassel at the bottom. A unique tip offered is to stretch the piece over the rings sufficiently to ensure it holds its shape without sagging.

Crochet a Wreath

Learn how to crochet a cute little wreath, an ideal project for a holiday like Christmas. It creatively adds curly branches for to become compatible for festive themes. This can be crocheted around a metal hoop of any size. Ally suggests personalizing the wreath with different decorations such as a red bow, ornaments, or flowers, making it suitable for various seasons or as permanent decor. The tutor emphasizes the easy adjustment of the pattern to fit any ring size and invites creativity in decorating.

Crochet a sUNFLOWER Blanket


The Daisy Granny Square Blanket is a crochet pattern that combines vintage charm with trendy flair. It features a sunshine-yellow center surrounded by creamy petals, all framed within a square, creating a striking daisy motif.

This project is suitable for intermediate crocheters. Ashley highlights the blanket’s adaptability; it can be customized in size and color, making it perfect for baby blankets or cozy home decor. One distinctive feature is the join-as-you-go method, simplifying the process of connecting the squares. Ashley’s tip for achieving a flat, professional finish is blocking the squares before final assembly, ensuring the blanket lays smooth and even.

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