Free Crochet Baby Yoda With Heart Pattern (Perfect for Gifting)

crochet baby yoda

Crochet an adorable Heart Baby Yoda, perfect for fans of this beloved Star Wars character and a great gifting option. This cutie is made with chunky yarn, enhancing its cuddly qualities and making it quick to work up. A simple form was in the mind of the designer to shape crochet Baby Yoda, making it a beginner-friendly project. An optional amigurumi heart gives it a special touch, ideal for expressing love or affection. In this post, we shall provide a baby yoda crochet pattern that’s free and complete.

Whether used as a toy, decorative piece, or a heartfelt gift, this crochet creation is sure to warm hearts. For a smoother project experience, use a larger hook to handle the chunky yarn comfortably and ensure the stitches are tight enough to keep the filling secure.

how to crochet heart baby yoda amigurumi

Materials Suggestions

All the following supplies have been mentioned upon the recommendations of the designer of this crochet baby yoda amigurumi. Use them to get the same results:

  • Vineyard Green yarn from Loops & Threads (size 100m)
  • White yarn from Loops & Threads (size 100m)
  • Beige plush yarn
  • 10-millimeter crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch Marker
  • Polyfill/Fiberfill


To make the pattern short and readable, the designer of pattern used the following abbreviations the meaning of each have been described below:

Crochet Baby Yoda With Heart Pattern

Crochet Baby Yoda taking inspiration from the series “The Mandalorian,” has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Utilizing soft, green yarn for the body and large, expressive safety eyes, we can manage to bring out the essence of Baby Yoda’s charm. This free crochet pattern involves a combination of crochet techniques to accurately recreate the iconic ears, robe, face, and the creative addition, heart. Suitable for fans of all ages, a crochet Baby Yoda serves as a perfect gift, collector’s item, or comforting companion. Let’s get started!

Grogu’s Head 

baby yoda face

  • Start with Green yarn
  • Round 1-SC 8 in MR (8)
  • Round 2- Inc x 8 (16)
  • Round 3- SC 2, Inc (24)
  • Round 4-7 (round) (24)
  • Round 8- Dec x 10 (10)
  • Insert eyes between rows 5 & 6


  • Round 9- Dec x 5 (5)
  • Sew hole closed.
  • Fasten off

Ears (make 2)

  • earsRound 1- SC 4 in MR (4)
  • Round 2-3 (round) (4)
  • Round 4-SC, Inc (6)
  • Round 5- (round) (6)
  • Fasten off

Sew the ears to the side of the head


  • arms and bodyStart with Brown yarn
  • Round 1-SC 6 in MR (6)
  • Round 2- Inc x 6 (12)
  • Round 3 Inc, 1 (18)
  • Round 4-7 (round) (18)
  • Switch to Tan yarn
  • Round 8-10 (round) (18)
  • -Fasten off
  • -Fold tan boarder in half-
  • (this will create a more textured collar)
  • Secure the collar by sewing it together.
  • Stuff-

Arms (make 2)

  • Brown yarn
  • Round 1- SC 5 in MR (5)
  • Round 2-4 (round) (5)
  • Switch to green yarn
  • Round 5-round (5)
  • Stuff arm with
  • Round 6-Dec 1, (4)
  • then sew hole shut
  • Sew the head to the body

Optional Heart

  • Heart Bump (make 2)
  • Round 1) SC 5 in MR (5)
  • Round 2) Inc x 5 (10)
  • Round 3-4) SC 10 (2 rounds)
  • -Fasten off 1 of the bumps.
  • -Do not fasten off 2nd bump. we will continue with the body
  • Heart Body Join both parts of the heart with a slip stitch. Round 5) SC around as one piece (20)
  • Round 6) SC 20 (round)
  • Round 7) SC 2, Dec (15)
  • –Stuff–
  • Round 8) SC, Dec (10)
  • Round 9) Dec x 5 (5)
  • Fasten off Sew hole closed.

sew heart and face

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