17 Crochet Dinosaur Patterns For Playing, Cozy & Practical Items!

Crochet Dinosaur Patterns 1

Ready to take a fun trip back in time? With our unique Dinosaur Crochet Patterns, you can bring the mighty dinosaurs to life in your home! Imagine how exciting it would be to create a T-Rex, a cute little Brachiosaurus, or even a baby Triceratops out of your favorite yarn. Whether you’re a big dinosaur fan or love crafty projects, these amazing patterns are for everyone.

Crochet Dinosaur Patterns That are Free and easy

Crochet Dinosaur Patterns

Plus, they make the perfect handmade gift for any occasion. So, let’s get your crochet hooks and balls of yarn as we venture into this exciting journey back in the Jurassic era. Let’s transform simple loops and knots into ferocious, cute dinosaurs that kids and adults will adore.

Types Of Crochet Dinosaurs

Below, you’ll meet the crochet T-Rex, the king of dinosaurs, fierce yet cuddly. Next, the long-necked Brachiosaurus is tall and friendly, great as a toy or decoration. And don’t miss the Triceratops, with its unique horns, made charming by colorful yarns. Each crochet dinosaur has its own special features, making them fun and educational to create.

Supplies for Crochet Amigurumi Dinosaurs

These patterns include the supplies you need to collect to complete the amigurumi dinosaur pattern.

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Safety eyes
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
  • Toy stuffing/polyfill

What is the best yarn for amigurumi?

Crochet amigurumi are typically made with yarns made from fibers including cotton, acrylic, and blends thereof. You can also use wool or other animal fibers like alpaca or cashmere, but they may not be as durable as cotton yarn. Below are some of the most appropriate yarn types.

  • DK Weight
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Bernat Handicraft Yarn
  • Red Super Saver Yarn

Important Crochet Techniques to Know For Making Amigurumi

Here are some of the most popular techniques you’ll notice throughout the patterns below:

  • Magic circle
  • Crocheting in the round
  • Single crochet
  • Weaving in ends
  • Crochet increase and decrease
  • Changing colors in crochet
  • Basic seaming and assembly

Crochet Dinosaur Patterns

Dinosaur Baby Rattle

Dinosaur Baby Rattle

This colorful dinosaur can be a great new toy for children; the bright colors and soft cuddly will definitely attract your baby’s attention. Made with DK yarn and a 2.75mm crochet hook, this easy crocheted toy perfect for little hands or as a gift! They’ll love making their dinosaur friends, and they’ll especially love holding their toys!


Spikey Dinosaur

Spikey Dinosaur

It’s the perfect size for cuddling or playing with! The large, soft dinosaur great for your baby, doll play, and hanging out. This amigurumi dinosaur has large spikes, curvy arms and legs, a wide mouth, and small eyes. This soft, spikey dinosaur made with a magic ring, chain, single crochet, double crochet, and half double crochet stitches.


Candy Corn Dinosaurs

Candy Corn Dinosaurs

Make your child’s Halloween more fun with easy-to-make Candy Corn Dinosaurs. You will love the way these cute dinosaurs bring a touch of whimsy to any room, whether it’s your child’s bedroom or coffee table. It is an advanced beginner-level crochet pattern that is cute and easy to make. This pattern includes instructions for 3 different dinosaur patterns.


Dan The Dinosaur

Dan The Dinosaur

The bright colors and unique design will bring a smile to your face and make everything you do more enjoyable. This adorable Dan dinosaur great for the nursery! This super soft and cuddly amigurumi made with worsted-weight yarn and works in back loops only. The body and head are worked in one piece; then, it’s stuffed and sewed shut before the arms and legs are sewn on. The finished toy stands approximately 10.5” tall.


Cornzilla Candy Corn Dino

Cornzilla Candy Corn Dino

It has features a chain, single crochet, and slip stitches! This cute little Dino will be a fun and functional addition to any project. Chubby, soft, and huggable, Cornzilla Candy Corn Dino perfect stuffed animal for your child to cuddle with this Fall. This plushie can be made in two sizes: small and large. This crochet Dinosaur is a hilarious way to have fun on Halloween for kids and adults of all ages.


Crochet Your Own Adorable Mini Dinosaur

Crochet Your Own Adorable Mini Dinosaur

Crocheting your adorable mini dinosaur is the perfect project for beginners. It’s easy and fast to make; you’ll use all your leftover yarn. This adorable little dino is adorable, super soft, and squishy. The greenhorn, cute tail, and rounded snout will surely make you want to crochet many of these guys!

Little Dino Crochet Pattern

Little Dino Crochet Pattern

This easy pattern adds cuteness and playful dino flair to your home decor. The pattern is easy to follow, with detailed instructions, helpful pictures, and charts for beginners or complete beginners looking for an awesome introduction to crochet. Once you get the hang of it, you can let your imagination take over and decide what else you want this cute creation to look like, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be an instant conversation starter and make anyone who gets a chance to see it happy!

Donnie The Dino

Donnie The Dino

Donnie the Dino features a stunning Crochet design that is perfect for adding a touch of style and uniqueness to your home decor. This pattern suits beginners and advanced crocheters so that anyone can make it! It’s also an excellent starting point to learn more about working in the round. You can work with the same color for the feet and horns of this dinosaur; it will add a touch of stylization to your amigurumi and show off your mastery skills.


Crochet Dinosaur Pattern

Crochet Dinosaur Pattern

The crocheted and stuffed dinos are so much fun! These little dinosaurs are so cute and loveable that you’ll have trouble deciding which one to give as a gift. This Dinosaur Pattern is an amigurumi pattern suitable for beginner hobbyists and anyone. This pattern includes instructions on how to make the dinosaur, plus it also includes assembly instructions on how each miniature creature is made.


Crochet Dinosaur Pattern Free

Crochet Dinosaur Pattern Free

This crocodile t- rex will appeal to children of all ages, whether they like dinosaurs or not! It is an easier guide that gives you a variety of crochet stitches to help you make this little guy look like an actual dinosaur. It is perfect for any room in your house and makes an excellent gift for beginners and experts alike.

No Sew Crochet Dino

No Sew amigurumi

This no-sew crochet dino pattern is the perfect project for your next craft night with friends. Made from simple yarn and a hook you can make many dinos in just a few hours. It will be a super easy amigurumi pattern for beginners that can be finished in the afternoon.

Amigurumi Dinosaur Crochet

Amigurumi pattern for kids

These adorable Amigurumi Dinosaur Crochet Patterns are a great way to learn how to crochet. With black beads for their eyes, these little dinos will make a wonderful addition to any home or office decor. The Amigurumi can be used to find all those little treasures you have been hunting for! The colors are very soft and pastel making it perfect for children or young adults.

Crochet A Dinosaur Without Sewing

amigurumi Without Sewing

Crochet A Dinosaur Without Sewing is a fun and easy way to make unique dinos with minimal effort. This tutorial will show you how to make one of three different kinds of dinosaurs: the feathered pterosaur, the long-necked sauropod, or the short-legged compsognathid. It will surely be the easiest and fastest way to add a fun item to your amigurumi set, and I hope you’ll love it.

Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi Crochet

Tiny Amigurumi pattern

This Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi Crochet tutorial is a simple, quick crochet pattern you can make in just a few hours. You must know how to do basic stitches like single and half-double crochet and be comfortable with yarn-dying techniques. It’s a surefire way to impress friends, family, and visitors alike, plus I hope you’ll love it too.

How To Crochet Baby Dinosaur

How To Baby Dinosaur

This Tiny Dinosaur Amigurumi Crochet tutorial is a simple, quick crochet pattern you can make in just a few hours. You must know how to do basic stitches like single and half double crochet and be comfortable with yarn-dying techniques. It’s a surefire way to impress friends, family, and visitors alike, plus I hope you’ll love it too.

Crochet A Cute Dinosaur

Add a bit of individuality to your home decor with this adorable crochet pattern of a cute dinosaur. The instructions will get you started and free you to add your special touch. It’s a quick project that is great for kids and beginners alike! The finished piece will delight the eyes, especially if you plan on using it as a centerpiece at your next party!

How To Crochet Mini Dino

This crochet dino is an amazing and unique project full of fun and pleasure that you will love making. Follow this step-by-step tutorial designed by experts and professionals to learn how to crochet mini dinos that will impress everyone around you! You can create it in a few hours with just one ball of yarn.

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