How to Crochet Flat Fish (Free Pattern)

crochet flat fish

Crochet a cute flat fish, a simple but delightful project perfect for adding cuteness to any space. It is designed for easy assembly; crochet two flat panels and sew them together, adding personality with detailed embroidered eyes for safety and character. It is finished with very beautiful fin details. The project is suitable for beginners, allowing crocheters to practice basic stitches and assembly techniques. In this post, we shall provide you with the free crochet fish pattern that is completely free.

This cute fish is ideal for decorating nurseries, as a soft plush toy, or as a unique gift. We hope you will love crocheting them.

how to crochet flat fish

Design and pattern by @amigurumibyniti


While following through this crochet flat fish pattern, you are going to tackle the following abbreviations. Before going ahead, make sure to read the meaning list for each of these abbreviations:

Material Suggestions

The designer of this crochet fish pattern recommended the following crochet supplies. We also suggest you to go with them as they will help you ending up with the same cute crochet flat fish:

  • Acrylic yarn (light blue & mauve) but you can use your choice of yarn
  • Hook size: 1.75 mm
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Fiberfill
  • Black and white thread for eye embroidery

Crochet Flat Fish Pattern

This crochet fish pattern offers a delightful project for both novice and experienced crocheters alike providing a chance for showing creativity. It is a very simple, flat design that only needs to be worked in a flat with some increases and decreases and some sewing. Let’s get this pattern started!

Make 2 panels

  • crochet flat panels and tailStart with light blue
  • 1-) ch3, tch
  • 2-) incx2 (4)
  • 3-) inc,25c,inc (6),tch-1
  • 4-) 65c,tch-1
  • 5-) inc, usc, inc (8) tch-1
  • 6-) 85c, tch-1
  • 7-) inc,65c,inc (10) tch-1
  • 😎 105c, tch-1
  • 9-) inc,&sc,inc (12) tch-1
  • 10-) 125c, tch-1
  • 11-) inc, 105c,inc (14) tch-1
  • 12-16) 14Sc, tch-1(5 rows)
  • 17-) dec, 105c,dec (12) tch-1
  • 18-) 125c, tch-1
  • 19-) dec, 8Sc,dec (10), tch-1
  • 20-) 105c, tch-1
  • 21-) dec,65c,dec (8), tch-1
  • 22-) 85c, tch-1
  • 23-) dec, 4sc, dec (6) tch-1
  • 24-25) 65c

Cut the yarn.

Make and panel the same as the first one from rows 1-25 don’t cut the yarn

Place both panels together and crochet sc all around. only increases mouth area as you can see in the picture

Before closing the ends we need to stuff lightly close the end with ssc through both sides.


  • 1-) ch1, inc,45c,inc (8) tch-1
  • 2-) inc,65c,inc (10) tch-1
  • 3-) inc,85c,inc (12) tch-1
  • 4-) inc, 105c,inc (14) tch-1
  • 5-) inc,125c,inc (16) tch-1
  • 6-) inc,145c,inc (18) tch-1
  • 7-) inc,165c,inc (20) tch-1
  • 😎 20Sc
  • 9-) ch3, into the next repeat 18 times

crochet other details and add

Fins X2

  • Start with mauve colour
  • 1-) ch 3 start from the and chain
  • 2-) incx2 (4) tch-1
  • 3-) inc,25c,inc (6) tch-1
  • 4-) 6Sc, tch-1
  • 5-) inc,45c,inc (8) tch-1
  • 6-) 85c, tch-1
  • 7-) inc,6sc,inc (10) tch-1
  • 😎 105c, tch-1
  • 9-) inc,85c,inc (12) tch-1
  • 10-) 125c
  • f.o cut the long yarn tail for sewing sew the fins on the sides on row 12-14
  • (Sew or glue sequence on the tail)

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