Free Crochet Mosaic Bucket Bag Pattern

Crochet Mosaic Bucket Bag

This mosaic bucket bag pattern truly stands out as an example of the innovative possibilities of crochet. The interplay of colors and the intricacy of the mosaic design combine to create an accessory that’s not just beautiful but also uniquely stylish. The dedication to detail in the pattern instructions promises a crocheting experience that’s both rewarding and enjoyable, culminating in a piece that is as functional as it is artistic. Whether for oneself or as a thoughtful gift, this pattern embodies the joy of creating something special and personal.

Crochet Mosaic Bucket Bag

Mosaic Bucket Bag



Finished Sizes:

(Note: Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the thickness of yarn used for COLOR C.)

  • Classic size (Laid flat): 12.5” width x 13” height
  • Classic size (Standing up with flat base, uncinched): 10” width x 5” depth x 10” height
  • Mini size (Laid flat): 9.5” width x 8.5” height
  • Mini size (Standing up with flat base, uncinched): 7.5” width x 4” depth x 7” height


  • F/G (4.0 mm) or whichever hook is needed to obtain the correct gauge


The bag is comprised of three different yarns:

  • COLOR A: #4 worsted weight (preferably cotton) in any color. Classic size: 150 yds / Mini size: 100 yds
  • COLOR B: #4 worsted weight (same type as COLOR A) in a light color. Classic size: 140 yds / Mini size: 70 yds
  • COLOR C: It can be any weight or fiber, as long as it is thinner than COLOR B. Use darker colors for more contrast. Classic size: 150 yds / Mini size: 80 yds


With COLOR A, 16 single crochet (SC) x 20 rows = 4” square

Additional Supplies:

  • (8) 6mm or 8mm Eyelets
  • Eyelet Setting Tool (plus a hammer)
  • (2) 1” D-Rings
  • (2) Swivel Lobster Clasps
  • Craft Cord, 2mm or 4mm for the drawstring. Classic size: two lengths of 34” / Mini size: two lengths of 30”
  • Shoulder Strap, about 42” for adults, about 30” for kids

Terms and Abbreviations:

  • ST/STS (stitch/stitches)
  • SL ST (slip stitch)
  • SK (skip)
  • CH (chain)
  • SC (single crochet)
  • Spike Stitch

Special Stitches:

  • SC Spike Stitch
  • SL ST Spike Stitch


  1. The pattern is written in American Standard Terms.
  2. CH1 at the beginning of rounds does not count as a stitch.
  3. Join with a slip stitch where instructed.
  4. Rounds with SC Spike Stitch are referenced as extensions of the SC rounds they are worked into (e.g., Round 32B is an extension of Round 32 with SC).


Classic Size

Part 1: Bottom
  1. Round 1: CH15, 3SC in 2nd CH from hook, SC in next 12 CH, 3SC in final CH, working around other side SC in next 12 CH, join. (30 STS)

    Continue through Rounds 2 to 12, increasing the number of stitches as specified in your provided pattern information for each round and turning the work with each new round. Round 12 finishes with a shift to a seamless spiral, meaning you no longer join, turn, or chain until told to do so.

  2. Rounds 14-22: SC in each ST around without joining (96 STS).

Mosaic Bucket Bag Construction Guide

PART 2: MOSAIC Section

Transition to COLOR B:

    • When changing to COLOR B, utilize the jogless method for a smoother color transition, as demonstrated in the accompanying tutorial video.

Round 23:

    • Start with a slip stitch (SL ST) in the round’s first stitch (ST). You’ll have completed this step if you’ve used a jogless color change.
    • Single crochet (SC) in the remaining stitches around the round. Leave a long loop when you finish to prevent unraveling, then remove your hook. (Total stitches: 96)

For Round 23B:

    • With COLOR C, start by attaching yarn in the top loops of the next stitch, chain 1 (CH1), and perform SC in the same stitch.
    • Continue with an SC spike stitch in the next stitch and each stitch around. Leave a long loop and remove the hook. (Total stitches: 96)

Round 24:

    • Reinsert your hook into the COLOR B loop and SC in each stitch around, working into the top loops of the SC Spike Stitches from the previous round. Remove the hook upon completion. (Total stitches: 96)

Rounds 24B – 47B:

    • Alternate between COLOR B and COLOR C as established in Rounds 24 and 24B, repeating these steps. (Total stitches per round: 96)

Round 48:

Reinsert your hook and SC in the first 95 stitches with COLOR B. Perform an SL ST in the final stitch, then remove your hook. (Total stitches: 96)

Round 48B:

    • With COLOR C, reinsert your hook and execute an SC Spike Stitch in the first 95 stitches, followed by an SL ST in the remaining stitch. Remove the hook. (Total stitches: 96)
    • Fasten off both COLOR B and COLOR C, but do not weave in the ends yet.

PART 3: TOP Section


    • If it isn’t already, turn the bag right side out. Fold it along the bottom seam and lay it flat, ensuring the side with joins and color changes are visible.
    • Find the stitch atop the right-hand crease, count it as the first, and count to the 8th stitch. Attach COLOR A to this 8th stitch and chain 1 (CH1).

Round 49:

    • SC in the same stitch as CH1 and each stitch around. Join the round. (Total stitches: 96)

Rounds 50-52:

    • CH1, turn, and SC in each stitch around. Join each round. (Total stitches per round: 96)

Round 53:

    • CH1, turn. SC in the first 11 stitches, CH1, skip (SK) the next stitch. Repeat the sequence (11 SC, CH1, SK next stitch) for the round. Join. (Total stitches: 96, including CH1 spaces)

For Round 54:

    • CH1, turn. SC in the first CH1 space and continue with 1 SC in each stitch around, including 1 SC in each CH1 space from the previous round. Join. (Total stitches: 96)

Round 55:

    • CH1, turn. SC in the first 39 stitches, secure 6 SC over a D-Ring, SC in the next 42 stitches, again secure 6 SC over a second D-Ring, and SC in the remaining 3 stitches. Join. (Total stitches: 96)

Round 56:

    • CH1, turn. SC in the first 3 stitches, perform an SC spike stitch in each of the 6 stitches enclosing a D-Ring, SC in the next 42 stitches, repeat the SC spike stitch in each of the 6 stitches around the second D-Ring, and SC in the last 39 stitches. Join. (Total stitches: 96)
  • Finish by fastening off and weaving in all ends. Then, follow the instructions for adding eyelets, as outlined after the Mini-Size bag directions.


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