15 Crochet Pencil Topper Patterns To Decorate Your Pencils

Crochet Pencil Topper Patterns 1

The crochet pencil topper might be tiny, but it carries a huge charm for those who love to write something special from the depth of their hearts. Having soft and cute buddies on your pencil is great, helping you feel more relaxed and happy when you write or even draw!

Whether inspired by an animal, a blooming flower, or even a tasty meal, these lovely crochet toppers are the perfect outfits for your pencils. So here we are with an amazing collection of free and easy crochet pencil topper patterns, all with video tutorials to inspire and guide you both!

Crochet Pencil Topper Patterns

Crochet Pencil Topper Patterns and Ideas

These crochet amigurumi pencil toppers are a lovely way to turn all the extra yarn into something cute. They are perfect when you don’t want to spend much time on big crochet patterns. You can choose something as simple as a sweet motif or a little more challenging, like a cute amigurumi pencil topper.

Like crochet finger puppets, they will look fabulous on any pencil or ballpoint pen, making your tool kit extra pretty! Our surrounding is full of objects ready to be a part of these yarn creations. Or, Instead, you may like to learn with our fun and easy crochet pencil topper tutorials. When Friendship Day comes around, the joy of giving a lovely diary and a beautifully topped pencil as a gift can beat everything!

SpiderMan Pen Cap

spiderman pencil topper

This crochet Spider-Man pencil topper is perfect for anyone who loves Marvel characters and wants a fun, creative accessory for their pencils. Ideal for beginners, this tutorial focuses on creating a chubby rendition of Spider-Man’s face, making it an easy and engaging project. While the webbing detail might seem tricky, the instructions are clear and simplified, ensuring everyone can achieve great results. Once you’ve mastered the basic face, you can have fun experimenting with different Spider-Man costumes, adding a unique twist to each piece.


Amigurumi Unicorn and Dragon Pencil Topper

Amigurumi Unicorn And Dragon Pencil Topper 

Unicorn and Dragon both are kids , most favorite mystical characters and this tutorial helps you recreate them as cute pencil toppers for your little ones.

You can choose your favorite one. This easy-to-follow tutorial captures the essence of these favorites in adorable topper form, offering the choice of crafting a majestic unicorn, complete with a colorful mane, or a fierce but friendly dragon face. Not only do these pencil toppers serve as charming accessories, but they can also serve as educational tools, helping kids explore and learn about the legendary characteristics of unicorns and dragons—perfect for sparking their imagination and enhancing their drawing skills.

 Doggy Pen Toppers Crochet Tutorial

doggy pencil topper

This crochet doggy pencil topper tutorial is a heartwarming option for any animal lover, especially those fond of puppies. It guides you through crocheting pencil toppers that catch the charm of two different puppy breeds, each adorned with an adorable bow tie and featuring distinctly long ears. These delightful creations make an excellent Friendship Day gift, symbolizing the loyal and loving nature of canine companions. Armed with just the basic crochet techniques and a bit of sizing adjustments to ensure a perfect fit on your pencil, you’ll find these doggy toppers both enjoyable to make and even more endearing to use or give away.


CUTE PENCIL bunny Topper

bunny pencil topper

The arrival of autumn ushers in crocheting sessions, and what better way to embrace the season than by creating a charming crochet bunny pencil topper? This delightful project is not only enjoyable to make but also an ideal gift for the children around you. Each topper boasts an adorable design, complete with a cute carrot applique, introducing an extra touch of whimsy. The comprehensive step-by-step tutorial ensures that even those new to crocheting can produce a beautiful end result with ease. Bunnies are universally loved, so gifting these handmade pencil toppers is sure to bring smiles and joy to everyone, making them cherished companions for writing and drawing during the autumn days and beyond.

Crochet Pencil Topper

Crochet Pencil Topper

The blooming flowers return with the spring, but our love for the blossoms demands this beauty more than a season. So crochet this pretty, fragrant tulip pencil topper flower pattern to shine up your simple pencils! People will attract like butterflies towards this and the tutorial is easy for beginners to follow. Naturally, tulips come with many color options, so remind a famous one and it will be of tulip shade surely. So, make one this for you and your friend too!

Crochet Mushroom Pencil Topper

Crochet Mushroom Pencil Topper

Who says mushrooms can only pop up from the ground? Nope, they’re here to a new home on top of your pencils! These crochet mushroom pencil toppers are tiny, simple, sweet, and easy to make. Crochet a rounded stuffed cone adorned with thread spots, plus a tube fitting your pencil, and it is ready. So, you will enjoy the writing and drawing time more!



Crochet Carnation Flower Pencil Topper

Crochet Carnation Flower Pencil Topper

If your simple pencil is not making you fall in love, it just needs the Carnation Flower Pencil Topper companion. Whether in pink or red, it always spreads a lovely fragrance that every eye can smell. Follow the tutorial to make the same soft, rough petals and a stem tube to sit on top of the pencil. This embellishment will obviously increase the smiles day by day. Just trust this crochet pattern!

Crochet Pencil Toppers – Bow Topper Tutorial

Crochet Pencil Toppers

Nobody tells you to keep your stash locked away all year. You can use this instead to create super cute ‘Pencil Bow Toppers’ following the below tutorial for all the little students around you. You will learn to crochet a bow applique attached to a tiny chain which, in return, sewed to the tube. Does it not feels like a gentlemanly addition to the pencil!

Crochet Marigold Flower In A Pot Ballpen Topper

Crochet Marigold Flower In A Pot Ballpen Toppe

Every writing desk must look appealing. With real plants? No, they cannot remain alive here. Instead, crochet these marigold flower toppers in a cute pot following this easy tutorial. So, nobody can recognize there are ball pens and thinks it is a sight. You will learn the bobble stitch to get the marigold flower texture that spreads like the cap on your pencils. How cute is all this?

Crochet Pencil Toppers

Have you ever seen two hearts become one? Always in the heart symbol, right? With this crochet heart pencil topper, you can make a sweet, hearty bond with your pencil, and this magic will happen. Every time you use your pencil, it will be like writing something directly from your heart. Even though it looks super cute, it’s very simple to make. You only need a few spare minutes, not years, to complete it following the tutorial!

Crochet Flower Pencil Topper

Crochet Flower Pencil Topper

Have you ever thought your pencil looks just like the stem of a tiny plant? So invite some crochet flower toppers to bloom on the pencils instead of lively stems. It’s inventive and funny! The guide we have for you shows how to make these flowers in lots of different colors. It’s super easy to follow and helps you every step of the way. You can even use a green pencil to make it look like a real flower stem.

Crochet Rose Pencil Toppers


Everybody in the world truly adores roses. But what if we could make a beautiful rose always available in the writing kit? You can follow the rose pencil topper tutorial that helps to create that beauty as a little yarn creation. You’ll crochet the upper part of the rose to the front to face you while you write or draw. All time a TV of natural beauty is on!

Crochet Pencil Topper Bunny

Crochet Pencil Topper Bunny

It’s time to invite a special guest to join our pencil toppers collection. As you see, It’s a cuddly ‘Rabbit Pencil Topper’! Not many animals are as cute and loved as rabbits. You can dress the pencil in soft, crochet fur with the loveliest face, long ears, shiny eyes, and fluttery eyelashes… Just like a cute crochet puppet! You will need the basic amigurumi techniques and cotton yarn too. Especially for our little friends, it’s more lovely than you think!


Amigurumi Cupcake For Pencil Topper

Amigurumi Cupcake For Pencil Topper

There’s something really special that cupcakes and yarn have in common? They both feel soft! So, why not combine the two and crochet a Cupcake Pencil Topper that looks more delicious with a big cherry on top? Don’t worry if you’re starting to learn crochet. This super helpful tutorial will gently guide you!

Crochet Pencil Topper Snoopy

Crochet Pencil Topper Snoopy

Here’s another super cute animal friend who can stand with the rabbit. Meet the ‘Happy Puppy Crochet Pencil Topper’! With his smiling face and floppy ears, he will bring plenty of smiles during your writing, reducing stress. Don’t worry, making this new friend is simple. You just need to crochet a cute face and then embroider his expressions. A tiny but lovely friendship day gift!

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Wow, you’ve reached the end, and it’s time to finalize the crochet pattern you will try! But hey, if you’re unsure or confused, that’s okay! Feel free to ask a friend or little one for a friendly suggestion. And We’re also always excited to give a helping hand if you ask.

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