Easy Crochet Sweetheart Bobble Bag Pattern Step By Step

Crochet Sweetheart Bobble Bag

The Crochet Sweetheart Bobble Bag exudes a delightful charm, marrying functionality with a whimsical design that’s impossible not to adore. Its bobble stitch pattern adds a playful texture, making it a standout accessory that is sure to draw compliments. The choice of colors offers a personalized touch, enabling crocheters to create something unique. Whether for special occasions or everyday use, this bag showcases the creator’s skill and flair for combining practicality with crocheted beauty. It’s a testament to crochet’s joy and creativity, transforming simple yarn into a cherished masterpiece.

Crochet Sweetheart Bobble Bag Pattern

Sweetheart Bobble Bag

Materials Needed:

  • Approximately 77-78 yards of worsted-weight acrylic yarn. Use color A for the main part and color B for the edging if desired.
  • Crochet hooks: 4mm (for the handle) and 5mm (for the bag itself).
  • Yarn needles, scissors, and measuring tape.
  • Ribbon or other materials if you opt for a non-crocheted handle.

Stitches Used:

  • CH: Chain
  • SS: Slip Stitch
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet
  • BO: Bobble Stitch

Special Stitch Tutorial:

Bobble Stitch (BO): [Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through first 2 loops] Repeat 4 times in the same stitch (5 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 5 loops on hook; do not chain to close. Place 1 SC into the next stitch.


Bag Base and Body:

  1. Starting with Color A, CH 18.
  2. Rows 1-3: SC in the second CH from the hook and in each stitch across, CH 1 and turn. (17 SC)
  3. Row 4: 1 SC in the first stitch, 1 bobble in the next, repeat “1 bobble, 1 single crochet” across, ending with an SC. CH 1 and turn. (8 BO, 9 SC = 17 stitches)
  4. Repeat Rows 1-4 seven more times, stopping at row 32. (You’ll have 8 bobble rows and 24 SC rows)
  5. Rows 33-34: SC in each stitch across, CH 1, and turn. (17 SC)
  6. Row 35: SC in each stitch across. Do not chain 1 or turn. Your rectangle should measure approximately 9½ inches by 5½ inches. If using two colors, fasten off Color A here.

Edging (if switching to Color B):

  1. Fold your piece in half with bobbles facing outwards. With Color B, start from the top left corner and SC evenly around the bag, making sure to catch both front and back panels, leaving the top open. Make 2 SC in each of the bottom corners. Fasten off after reaching the top right side of the bag.

Creating The Handle:

  • Option for a crocheted handle: With Color A and a 4mm hook, CH 4.
    • Row 1: HDC in the 2nd CH from hook and the next 2 stitches, CH 1, and turn. (3 HDC)
    • Rows 2-34: Repeat Row 1. After completing Row 34, the handle should measure about 12½ inches by 1 inch. Fasten off.
    • Sew the handles to the inside top seams of the bag.
  • Alternate handle option: Use ribbon or another material, cut it to the desired length, and sew it on as the bag’s handle.


Weave in all ends securely. Your Sweetheart Bobble Bag is now ready to enhance your Valentine’s Day gifts or as a treat to yourself. Remember to share your creation with Sweet Bee Crochet on Instagram (@sweet_bee_crochet)! Enjoy your crafting.


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