Colorful Cute Mini Crochet Rainbow Pattern

Crochet Rainbow Pattern

Imagine creating your very own mini crochet rainbow that looks absolutely adorable and has the cutest appearance, with soft, welcoming textures that make you want to hold it all day. It’s a wonderful new project to add to your crochet collection. The pattern we’re giving you is straightforward, making it a fun and easy project to work on. You’ll love how simple it is to bring this elegant mini crochet rainbow to life. With our guide, you’ll enjoy every step of making this charming and colorful little friend to adore your home and be a wow masterpiece.

Crochet Rainbow Pattern

Crochet Rainbow Pattern


  • Cotton yarn – size 8/4, in the following colors:
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink or red

Other Materials

  • Stitch markers
    Fiber fill
    Hook number 2.5


  • sc – single crochet in US (double crochet in UK))
  • inc – increase (2 single crochet in one stitch)
  • ch-chain
  • slst-slip stitch


Start with purple color yarn.

Leave long tail before you start the chain.

  • 1. ch24, connect to the 1st chain with a slst, making a circle. ch1, 24sc (24)
  • 2. ‘1sc, inc’ x 12 (36)

Change to blue color yarn.

  • 3. ‘2sc, inc’ x 12 (48)
  • 4. ‘3sc, inc’ x 12 (60)

Change to green color yarn.

  • 5. ‘4sc, inc’ x 12 (72)
  • 6. ’11sc, inc’ x 6 (78)

To Change to yellow color yarn.

  • 7. sc around (78)
  • 8. ’12sc, inc’ x 6 (84)

Change to orange color yarn.

  • 9. sc around (84)
  • 10. ’13sc, inc’ x 6 (90)

Change to pink/ red color yarn.

  • 11. sc around (90)
  • 12. ’14sc, inc’ x 6 (96)
  • 13. ch1, sc both sides together.

Fill the rainbow from the circle left on the purple side.

Sew the purple sides together using the tail left in the beggining, weave in the ends.

Designer; Twingurumi On Instagram

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