14 Crochet Fox Patterns

Crochet Fox Patterns 1

Check out this list of crochet fox patterns to theme your little ones’ toys, cozy wearables, and practical items with the cutest woodland friend. They all combine the same orange, black, and white shades in handmade yarn creations for all the fox lovers awaiting upcoming gifts. Choose one from these crochet fox patterns that fit your needs, from the crochet fox amigurumi, keychains, headbands, warm hats, ear muffs, blankets, and more.

Crochet Fox Patterns Free For Beginners

14 Crochet Fox Patterns

Foxes are our favorite animals, and only crocheting will allow you to recapture their charm as soft, huggable, and extra cute items. Many of them are functional, too, and need less care. These crochet fox patterns are super easy, fun, and quick for all skill levels because the expert tutorials are here to guide you. Most of them only use the crochet fox ears to define the whole item.

However, this collection of fox crochet patterns has a mix of beginner to advanced crochet foxes. Whether it be a birthday, baby shower, or festival, they are the best gifts and decorations. Some are stash busters, while some may also take a few weeks. So, crochet a fox-inspired item for yourself, a kid, or a friend as the next crochet project!

Materials You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Stitch Markers
  • Safety Eyes and Nose
  • Quality Stuffing
  • Other Options like horseshoe bands and keyrings.

Tips Highlights

Here are the tips and tricks that may be helpful for you:

Hook Size: Choose the recommended yarn by the tutor for these crochet fox patterns. However, a smaller hook size is important for amigurumi foxes. A smaller hook will result in a better fox shape with no holes.

Stuffing: Be sensitive to the amount of stuffing you use. Overstuffing will distort the shape, whereas under-stuffing will leave your fox floppy. Aim for a firm, but not too tight, stuffing.

Follow the Tutorials: Fox amigurumi tutorials contain detailed instructions to guide you. The tutor will recommend the tools, work on stitch techniques, and assembly process.

Measurement and Gauge Swatch: Always check measurements from the video description and work a gauge swatch before starting your item. A gauge swatch helps ensure your final one is the correct size.

Crochet Fox Tutorials:

Here are the detailed tutorials with easy visual steps:

Easy Crochet FoxEasy Crochet Fox

In this tutorial by Robin, you’ll learn to crochet an adorable, cozy fox amigurumi ideal for beginners. Crocheted with chunky or super chunky plush yarn in vibrant orange and contrasting white for the paws, tail, and snout, this project will become your love. Key crochet skills needed include the same magic ring, single crochet, and both increase and decrease stitches.

The tutorial covers everything from starting at the fox’s legs to completing its fluffy body and head, making it a comprehensive guide for those eager to tackle their first amigurumi project. This cute fox serves as a perfect gift or decorative piece.

Crochet Fox squish

This chubby fox squishy will be perfect using soft Bernat blanket yarn in three colors—mainly orange, with white for the snout and black for the feet details. The pattern includes distinct parts like the snout, tail, and ears, which are stitched on separately. The project requires an 8 mm crochet hook, safety eyes and nose, stitch markers, and fiber fill or a microbead pillow ball for stuffing.

A distinctive feature of this Fox Squish is its large, squishable body that includes a color change from orange to white, adding charm and character to the finished piece. The creator, suggests ensuring all pieces are securely attached, especially if the toy is intended for children. This plush toy can serve as a cozy children’s toy or a decorative item. A handy tip when working with Bernat blanket yarn: pull gently when tightening loops to avoid breaking the yarn.

How To Crochet Little Fox - Keychain

In this tutorial shared by Fancy Lama, crochet a charming little fox keychain. The tutor recommendations include Alize Cotton Gold yarn with a petite 2.00 mm hook, and it comes to life with 6 mm safety eyes and a small stitched nose made with black yarn. You will also need a decorative stitch like a popcorn stitch for textured details. While constructing this keychain, alternating yarn colors add character to its appearance. The tutor, Fancy Lama, recommends using tweezers to help with stuffing the poly-fiber. This little fox can be a cute accessory to your keys or a lovely ornament.

Crochet Fox Applique

This little crochet fox applique or motif will be a little project but can serve a lot of different purposes. For example, it can become a hair clip, Scot boy uniform charm, or a decorative addition to any craft. The tutorial will guide you through crocheting it very quickly and you will just love the final results. Overall, this tiny accessory is easy whether you are a beginner or expert.

Crochet Haze The Fox

Crochet Haze The Fox

Make this charming standing crochet fox doll for your little queen, dressed in an adorable frock outfit in her favorite color and the same fox shades. You can embroider any eye expression instead of the sleeping eyes in addition. With a stylish sewn outfit added, this delightful fox doll will make a beautiful addition to her collection and a perfect gift for no reason!


Amigurumi Chubbiest Fox

Crochet amigurumi fox chubbyFor those finding regular fox shapes difficult to crochet, this cutest, soft, chubby baby fox with a basic round shape would be a good starting point. It looks incredible and would be a great keepsake even so quick and easy. Follow the guide to crochet the rounded stuffed body, then attach the tiny limbs, ears, safety eyes, and mouth separately. Don’t forget the tail, that is the most appealing part! It would emerge as a loveliest gift for a dear one.

Crochet Fox Pattern

Crochet Fox Pattern

Crochet this cute fox amigurumi, with extra cute details like a baby fox, for your little one using super bulky plush yarn. This yarn will make your amigurumi bigger, softer, and quicker to complete. You will focus more on the facial features and shape to make that part more realistic, like glittery safety eyes, nose, muzzle, and ears. A true fox lover would love to receive it as a birthday present!

Crochet Fox Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Amigurumi fox Pattern

How lovely would this tiny, realistic Arctic (white) fox look when sitting on a child’s palm in this relaxing pose? The most attractive features are tapestried eyelashes on its face and the same curled-up tail. You’ll need to crochet all individual parts and sew them together to make this charming scene. Everyone will love this lovely yarn creation for a child or an adult.

Crochet Fox Keychain

crochet fox keychain

This special fox crochet keychain will have a smart design, allowing it to work as a key pocket. You’ll need to crochet a basic U-shaped pocket with fox face details and a hole at the bottom. Then, crochet a fox tail with a string, which you add inside the pocket. When you pull the tail, the keys hide inside, and vice versa. So, you can display it to everybody! It’s a super cute pocket buddy and can be a charming bag accessory.


Crochet Fox Hat

Crochet Fox Hat

crochet fox hat

Stay warm for the upcoming winter with this fun fox crochet hat for the whole family members. You will start with a simple hat in white and orange fox colors, then attach ears on the top corners along with a symbolic fox nose and whiskers in the center of the front. How quick and simple to crochet that themed cozy hat in your customized size for all ages!

Crochet Fox Headband

Crochet Fox Headband

Pair this adorable fox ears headband with a fox outfit or with any other wear that will double as managing your hair. You’ll need to crochet a tube for the band, then crochet the ears with a color-changing slip stitch and single crochet. Once done, sew these onto the top of the band. This functional accessory, in classic white, orange, and black, catches your favorite animal theme beautifully and will make a perfect friendship gift.


Fox Hooded Blanket

Fox Hooded Blanket

This cozy, fun, and comfortable blanket featuring a fox hood will be the cutest sleeping accessory for your baby’s bedroom. The adorable round fox hands on each corner and the plush texture of post-stitch make it even more special. For crocheting for all kids, make sure to take the right measurements!

Change your plain ear muffs for winter picnics with these crochet fox ear muffs, which perfectly fit a wild theme. Begin by making a headgear with hanging ties in fox colors and finish by attaching the ears. Not only are these perfect for you, but they can also make an excellent season-changing gift!

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