Easy Romantic Bow Pattern Free

Easy Romantic Bow

Bows have a special way of adding charm and elegance to everything they touch. A well-made bow, like the one from the Easy Romantic Bow Pattern, can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether it’s perched atop a neatly wrapped gift, adorning a cozy headband, or giving life to a plain-looking bag, these lovely bows bring a whimsical touch to everyday items. This particular crochet pattern ensures that each bow is made with care, resulting in a plush and polished accessory that’s sure to catch the eye. Its beautiful design not only enhances the look of any accessory or garment but also injects a dose of romance and sophistication, making it a perfectly versatile addition to any creative project.

Easy Romantic Bow

Free Crochet Easy Romantic Bow Pattern

Making Your Easy Romantic Bow

Crochet Romantic Bow: The Pattern

Level: Easy +

Materials Needed:

  • 1 skein of Drops Muskat in shade 02 Light Blue
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • A pair of scissors
  • A tapestry needle


  • 4” (10 cm) = 16 stitches
  • 4” (10 cm) = 11 rows

Finished Size:

  • 4.5” (11 cm) x 6.5” (16.5 cm)


  • Ch: chain
  • St: stitch
  • Sl st: slip stitch
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • HDC: Half Double Crochet (UK Half Treble Crochet)
  • EOR: End of round

Step by step pattern

  1. Starting the Project:
    • Begin by making a slip knot.
    • Ch 50, slip stitching to the 1st ch to create a circle. Make sure the chain is not twisted when making the slip stitch.
  2. Row 1:
    • Ch 2 (this counts as your first HDC here and throughout the pattern), HDC into next chain until the end of the chain. Sl st to the 1st st to close off the round.
  3. Row 2:
    • Ch 2 (counts as HDC), HDC into next st until you reach the end of the round (EOR). Sl st to the 1st st to close off the round.
  4. Rows 3-10:
    • Repeat Row 2.
  5. Row 11:
    • Ch 1 (this counts as your first SC), SC into the next st until EOR; sl st to the first ch 1 to close off the round.
  6. Row 12:
    • Ch 3, skip 1 st, SC into the next st until EOR.
    • Fasten off.
  7. Creating Symmetry:
    • Turn the project around to work on the other side of it; attach yarn to any stitch, and repeat rows 11 and 12 on this side.
  8. Create the Center Part of the Bow (Creating Shape):
    • Place your project on a flat surface, with the back part facing you. Ensure the seam of the project is centered.
    • Take your yarn and attach it around the center of the project (refer to a photograph for guidance).
    • To finish off this part, tie your yarn at the back of the bow. Fasten off and tidy up all loose ends.

And there you have it! You should now have a beautifully crocheted romantic bow. Don’t forget to adjust the number of rows if you wish to alter the size of the bow. Experimenting with different yarn colors can also give your bows a unique look. Enjoy your crafting!


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