19 Free Crochet Christmas Patterns (Decor, Amigurumi and More)

crochet snowman pillow

For those looking to prepare for Christmas with some beautiful and soft handmade items, here is a list of free crochet Christmas patterns.

There is so much to make the best of which has been compiled in this collection. From cozy Santa hats to Snowman pillows, cute Christmas ornaments and Stockings, and much more, you will just love everything.

Each pattern will bring joy and warmth to your holiday season, transforming yarn into cherished holiday memories. Just scroll down and enjoy them.

Crochet Christmas Patterns

What you can crochet for Christmas?

Following are some most favored types of Christmas patterns you can try:

19 Christmas Patterns for gift-giving

Our posts aim to inspire the best of Christmas-themed projects and guide you through each step providing the tutorials in video format. Whether you’re looking to decorate, gift, or simply indulge in the joy of crafting, our collection of Christmas crochet patterns is a gateway to creating holiday cheer that lasts a lifetime.

How To Crochet Santa’s Hat In 2 Hours

How To Crochet Santa's Hat In 2 Hours

As Christmas comes in winter we have love for Santa, here is Santa’s Hat tutorial. You can crochet it in just under two hours, a project that’s beautifully simple and perfect for those looking to add a handmade touch to their Christmas outfits.

You will use the same classic red and white colors, enhanced with a fluffy texture for an authentic winter feel. Thanks to the use of Bravissimo yarn and a special fluffy yarn for added coziness. Bruno emphasizes the hat is for last-minute holiday gifts or personal festive wear.


Learn how to crochet a large and detailed elf hat for kids with the Crochet Guru! This hat has the same green, red, and white colors color scheme, and a fluffy pom-pom on top. It’s a project of moderate difficulty.

You will need Cherry Red, Paddy Green, and Soft White yarn from Red Heart, an I9 or 5.5 mm crochet hook, yarn-cutting scissors, a threaded needle, and a pom-pom maker. The Crochet Guru suggests having the pattern handy for ease and to ensure accuracy. You can also customize it for babies to adults.

This Crochet Reindeer Pattern Pillow is perfect for adding a touch of Christmas spirit to any room great. It features a striking reindeer printout using tapestry in classic holiday red against a crisp white background.

The tutorial guides you through the process using 100% acrylic yarn, and a 3mm hook. You will use a unique technique of working in the back loops for the reindeer design. The creator advises using two strands of white yarn simultaneously for added thickness. She also suggests being in control of yarn tension to prevent color bleeding.

Antique Christmas Afghan

The Antique Christmas Afghan is a beautifully designed blanket featuring classical motifs that add a touch of vintage charm to your holiday decor. Crocheted with detailed squares, this afghan creates a cozy and festive feel. Its dimensions are made adjustable, with instructions for both 4×5 and 4×6 sizes. The tutorial offers alternative yarns, ensuring you can still achieve a gorgeous outcome.

This project is suitable for intermediate crocheters. Glenda suggests that the extra squares can be transformed into matching pillows. She reassures that with patience and 490 yards of each color, this project can become a treasured part of your Christmas decoration.

Crochet Snowman Pillow Video Tutorial

Crochet Snowman Pillow Video Tutorial

This Snoman Pillow will be a whimsical and fun addition to any winter decor, especially at Christmas. You will learn how to crochet this using worsted-weight acrylic yarn and a 6.0 mm crochet hook. In this way, this project is easy to work even for beginners.

To make, you will work in alternate double and single crochet stitches for the body and half-double crochets for the scarf. You will also need a tapestry needle, scissors, and a 14-inch pillow form. A distinct aspect of this pattern is the ability to add a personal touch by choosing different scarf colors. The tutor recommends crocheting over the ends as you work, to minimize finishing tasks.

How To Crochet A Snowflake

How To Crochet A Snowflake

Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial on creating a lacy, crocheted snowflake of only three rounds. After finishing this decoration, you’ll also need pins and glue to stiffen the snowflakes.

The process begins with a quick loop technique and proceeds to simple crochet stitches. Chandi mentions this skill level as pretty quick, ideal for beginners. You can crochet multiple snowflakes for tree ornaments, garlands, or even earrings. She advises using natural fibers like cotton, wool, or silk for better blocking. If preferred, she suggests stiffening the snowflake by using a mixture of half Elmer’s glue and half water before blocking it.


Crochet Tree Wall Hanging Tutorial

With this tutorial, you’ll how to crochet a precious tree wall hanging, for a standout decoration for any room. This project is part of a crochet Advent calendar series. So, it is a versatile piece where you can hang Christmas and winter-themed appliqués.

You’ll need a 24-inch wooden dowel in addition to regular supplies. Ally suggests this wall hanging looks especially appealing in a wilderness-themed nursery or cabin. For a personalized touch, consider adding fringe to the bottom.

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