22 Free Crochet Ghost Patterns For Halloween

Crochet Halloween Ghost Patterns

Ghosts are no scary anymore because this list of crochet ghost patterns is here to inspire loads of your next handmade yarn items with an extra cute, un-horrible, still little spooky theme as perfect gifts for you or family members or friends. From ornaments to appliques, amigurumi to tapestry decorations, pillows to bags, and more choose one of the ghost crochet patterns that pleases your mind and fulfills your needs!

20 Fun Crochet Ghost Patterns For Halloween

Crochet ghosts are fun, easy, and quick to make, as many have the same basic shape, black-white color scheme, and little facial details. So beginners can learn to crochet a ghost, and experts will practice one more playing, cozy, or practical item with little complex designs, too! Whether decorating for a spooky school event or wanting a unique gift for the next birthday of a little one, amigurumi ghost crochet patterns and garlands are perfect in so many customized ways.

Especially when you add personalized little accessories like a witch of magician hat, devil teeth, or even change the traditional color. Even classic grannies will be available in this list of crochet ghost patterns. Most ghost imaginations are either the soul or a white screen, so little ones will not fear anymore and even sleep with crochet ghosts, so crochet is one of the patterns today, whether mini ghost or large.

Materials You Will Need

Here are the materials That You Will Need:

  • Yarn: Acrylic is suitable for all types of ghost patterns (from amigurumi, pillows, bags, and others) in this list. This yarn is durable, washable, affordable, and maintains its quality over time, and the worsted one is so easy to work. Cotton yarn is also a great option. Most crochet ghosts need the white yarn; ensure you have enough!
  • Crochet Hook: The size may be different depending on the chosen pattern. Tapestries, amigurumi, and bags in this list generally require a smaller hook size than usual to achieve a tight stitch.
  • Safety Eyes: Frequently used for adding eyes but can pose a hazard for children under 3. A safer alternative is to embroider the eyes using black thread or any other color.
  • Other Supplies: Additional supplies may be required depending on the specific one. Always check the tutorial for the exact materials needed.

Crochet Techniques To Know For The Ghost Patterns

  • Understanding Crochet Vocabulary: Know the crochet terms, abbreviations and pattern instructions. This will help you understand and follow the patterns and video tutorials easily.
  • Creating a Gauge Swatch: Make a gauge swatch to ensure your product will have the correct size. This is an important step in achieving the expected result.
  • Basic Crochet Stitches: Learn about the basic stitches like the single, double, half double. These stitches form the foundation of most patterns range from more dense to less.
  • Slip Stitch: The slip stitch is a basic also crochet to join crochet fabrics when working in the round or to fasten off at the end making an almost invisible and flat seam.
  • Color Change & Advanced Techniques: Learn how to switch yarn colors smoothly. Techniques like tapestry crocheting can be helpful for creating intricate and colorful designs like colowork squares.
  • Increasing & Decreasing: These techniques help shape your the ghost. Increasing makes expand, while decreasing makes it narrower.
  • Working in the Round: This is a core technique for making anything circular in crochet, which is common in amigurumi and certain patterns like oranaments, etc.
  • Blocking: This finishing technique helps your completed crochet items achieve their best shape.

Watch The Tutorials Deeply (Tip)

If you’re a beginner, crocheting the irregular shape of a ghost will be challenging. So, we’ve included some helpful video tutorials that will teach every single step. These tutorials will also suggest specific materials and discuss their benefits. So, make sure to pay close attention to them.

Then you can also move towards complex designs and also customize them according to your taste.

Crochet Ghost Video Tutorials And Patterns:

Here are the detailed tutorials with easy visual steps:

Quick and Easy No-Sew Crochet Ghost 

Crochet your own Quick and Easy No-Sew Crochet Ghost, for adding a touch of spooky charm to your home. With simple supplies like worsted weight yarn in white, orange, and black, along with a 3.5 mm crochet hook, you can bring these adorable ghosts to life. Ashley will guide you through each step with clear, step-by-step instructions, ensuring your success. Perfect for decorations or playful toys, these crochet ghosts can also be upscaled into a jumbo version with an 8 mm hook and bulky yarn for an even bigger.

Ghost Face Bag

Ghost Face Bag

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to crochet a unique Ghost Face Bag characterized by its novel two-faced design, blending dark green and black colors for a striking appearance. The project requires six strands of thin yarn and a 4mm hook. The featured pattern incorporates a distinctive ghost face tapestried against a contrasting background, achieved by alternating the two colors meticulously. The creator suggests that you can customize the bag in your preferred colors and encourages sharing your creations on social media.

How To Crochet Ghost Pouch

How To Crochet Ghost Pouch

Crochet this small crochet pouch in a ghost with a hat shape for all family members to save anything in a spooky storage option. You can personalize one with different expressions, from sleeping to smiling with blushy cheeks or creepy. You will crochet two dense panels with ghost details in front, sew them together, and attach a yarn strap. It will also make a lovely friendship gift, too! Even as a bag charm or even turned into an amigurumi by adding stuffing.



Crochet Baby Ghost

This crochet baby ghost toy will be a small but cutest gift to bring smiles to toddlers’ faces. It will feature a fun, stuffed witch hat sewed onto its head, a smiling embroiderer expression, blushing cheeks, and the same wavy bottom.  Make sure you retain the color scheme of black and white for the same imaginative appearance!

Crochet Ghost Amigurumi With A Bow

Amigurumi ghost

Here is another peek-a-boo ghost amigurumi, but this time accessorize with a cute big bow tie and even simpler and quicker to make, even for beginners due to the basic shape. It will be incredibly cute and not scary, so crochet many for all the kids in your family as you prepare for a party, or simply put them to work as decor!


Crochet Ghost Toys For Fun

Crochet Ghost Toys For Fun

These excited, hugging white crochet ghosts will accompany your fun party decor. They will look so cute with colorful and detailed crochet witch hats, white spotted fabric bows, and rosy cheek stickers, all in matching colors. Whether a tapestry band on the hat or a spider or stripes will improve your crocheting skills, especially in making small, removable clothes for amigurumi. Try embroidering closed eyes, an open mouth, and outstretched arms to show them in this funny pose.


Glenda Ghost Bag

Glenda Ghost Bag

Crochet this ghost tote bag to carry all your outing necessities on any occasion, sewing together thirteen tapestry squares, each showing a cute ghost print. The lining among the tilted squares in different colors will be a great detail. Lastly, attach a strap to carry your bag during the festive period comfortably. Make sure you understand the right sequence of seaming the squares.


Ghost Dishcloth

Ghost Dishcloth

With this sweet crochet ghost-shaped dishcloth showing its innocent facial features, you can keep the spooky theme alive the entire year at mealtimes. This will be helpful, especially to keep the little ones engaged and prevent mess. A thick and dense stitch will make it practical and durable!


Ghost Worry Worm

Ghost Worry Worm

With its many curls, this crochet worm ghost is a great solution for a quick and unique decoration, especially when you’re busy with other preparations. You will achieve these curls by adding the additional stitches to the round rows on a circular tube and then adding a few beads on the flat stitch. Especially kids will love this stash busting item!


Spooky Boo Ghost Garland

Spooky Boo Ghost Garland

Begin working on many of these easy and quick crochet ghost appliques as well as possible. This way, you’ll finally have a bundle to arrange them into a haunted garland collection that you can use to adorn the tops of your home’s walls. You can use anything from buttons to flat safety eyes or tapestry techniques for spooky facial features. Even if you don’t make many, you can use a single one as a brooch for a spooky outfit.


Boo Boo The Baby Ghost Pillow

Boo Boo The Baby Ghost Pillow

Thanks to extra soft, chunky, and rough textured yarn, this crochet ghost pillow will feel gentle to everyone, from adults to babies, for a cozy sleep. You’ll begin with a basic pillow panel, add oval slip-stitch black eyes, and slide in a pillow insert. It will be a brilliant gift for someone you care about. However, working with the textured yarn will be difficult because you don’t see the stitches well, so you can use the plain one.


Creepy Cute Ghosts

Creepy Cute Ghosts

Crochet and gift these spooky crochet soul ghosts in three different but appealing themes as separate presents or a complete set for children on any occasion you think is right. The set will include a witch ghost, a devil ghost with a bandana and pom pom, and a good magician ghost with a stitched face. No matter their choice, these amigurumi are all easy to crochet, starting with the same basic shape!


Ghostly Mushroom Wall Hanging

CROCHET ghostly wall hanging

With this tapestry crochet wall hanging, give your plain wall a wild, spooky makeover. You will follow the color chart to crochet a colorful scene displaying a few ghosts in a mushroom tree on green land under the moon and a background full of dots. Make sure you use a dense stitch to catch every pixel, and don’t forget to add the softness of fringes at the bottom to achieve impressive final results hanging anywhere.


Granny Ghost

Granny Ghost

This crochet granny ghost ornament is easy to make but retains the same classic ghostly charm once hung up. You must use the double crochet technique to create this airy texture. Add little black dots for the face and hang it wherever you like, whether it’s a stair railing, wall roof anything else. By dedicating a few hours, you can easily create many such adorable ghosts for you and also send the remaining to friends.


Classic Ghost Buddy

Classic Crochet Ghost Buddy Pattern

A whole day and night companion may be possible with this crochet ghost buddy for your young one. You will improve your amigurumi skills greatly when you crochet that irregular shape without sewing. Make small shapes for the eyes and nose, then stitch them onto the ghost buddy. It can also be a birthday present!


Bag With A Ghost

Bag With A Ghost

This crochet drawstring bag will be a highly practical item for Halloween, especially needed to store the sweet treat within. It will show a simple ghost in the center and pixelated waves at the top and bottom of the bag. The drawstrings make it easy to open and close, adding more convenience. You can make this bag as spacious as possible, perfectly to your needs.


Ghost Pillow Crochet Pattern


Embellish your sofa or bed with some unique with this crochet ghost pillow. It will be in a single color with the same ghost mouth. Once these pillows are crocheted, they can be reused for upcoming Halloweens, offering a soft and cozy feel to your festive decor.


Ghost Squish

Ghost Squish

‘This Squish’ will be perfect for both kids and adults like. It’s cuddly, slightly spooky, and very squishy. With super bulky yarn, it’s plush and soft and fast to complete.


Ghosty Tunisian Ghost

Ghosty Tunisian Ghost

These small crochet ghosts that use minimal yarn using a Tunisian stitch have a lovely texture and cute colorful eyes. They’re perfect for decor charms on your bag or hanging as an ornament for that extra touch of fun.


Cute Ghost Applique

Cute Crochet Ghost Applique Pattern

If you’re looking to add a spooky touch to anything, these crochet appliques with little details will be a perfect choice. You can crochet one within a few minutes using basic crochet techniques.


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