How to Back Loop Double Crochet (BLO dc) For Beginners

Double Crochet Back Loop

Learn how to back loop double crochet with today’s step-by-step tutorial for beginners. You will also find the important details about this stitch like abbreviation, symbol, uses, where back loops exist and much more. So, let’s get started!

 Back Loop Double Crochet
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Details about Back Loop Double Crochet

What is a back loop of DC? The back loop is one of the loops of the top part of a double crochet stitch that is far from you.

Abbreviation: BLDC or BLO dc.

Symbol: The back loop-only symbol can be written at the base of the double crochet symbol to represent the BLO double crochet.

Back Loop Only Double Crochet

Uses: Ribbings on hats and scarves, basketweave stitch, making cuffs, and bringing out a particular type of pattern on fabric.

Back Loop Only Double Crochet | Step-by-Step Instructions

Now you will learn the back loop double crochet with the step-by-step written instructions and pictures:

Technique to Know: Regular Double crochet (dc)

Double Crochet Back Loop Pictures

  • Yarn over your hook.
  • Normally, to make a routine double crochet stitch, you would insert your hook under both top loops of the stitch in the previous row. However, to make a BLDC, insert your hook only under the back loop, which is furthest from you.
  • Yarn over and pull through the stitch, creating three loops on your hook.
  • Yarn over and pull through the first two loops, resulting in two loops on your hook.
  • Yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops, completing the BLDC stitch.

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