How to Half Double Slip Stitch (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Half Double Slip Stitch (Feature Image)

Are you looking for a warm and flaxible stitch for crochet blankets, scarves and dishcloths? Learn how to crochet this half-double slip stitch for beginners in this tutorial. This cool modification of slip stitch leaves no gaps and looks extremely pretty. So, go through this guide till the end and learn from the written and pictorial instructions!

Half Double Slip Stitch (Step-by-Step Tutorial)
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What is a half-double crochet slip stitch?

A Half Double Slip Stitch is a variation in the traditional (single crochet) slip stitch. Since it uses the half-double crochet procedure rather than single crochet, it gathers more loops and thus results in tighter and textured fabric.

When used in rows, it is a little flexible, too. There is also no turning chain, so it is smaller than the half-double crochet. No, turning chains is also reason why it is tight enough.

Abbreviation: Hd sl st

Difference: We shall gather three loops and pull through two only. While in the regular slip stitch, we shall gather two loops and pull through one.

Technique Need:

  • Chain stitch
  • Yarn over
  • Pulling through the stitch

Half Double Slip Stitch Instructions

Below, first, you will find pictures with short instructions and then detailed written if you feel more comfortable with them:

Pattern type: One-row Repeat

Abbreviations in Pictures: 

  • Ch: Chain Stitch
  • Ins: Insert

Half Double Slip Stitch (Step-by-Step Pictures)

Written Instructions 

  • Foundation Row: Chain any number of stitches (maybe what the pattern calls or your intended width).
  • Row 1 – First half-double slip stitch: Yarn over.
  • Insert the crochet hook into the first chain.
  • Yarn over and pull up a loop. You will have 3 loops on the hook.
  • Pull through two loops on a crochet hook without yarning over. This half-double crochet falls in the slip stitch in this way.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 in every chain across the row until you reach the end of the row.
  • Row 2: Once you reach the end of the row, turn in your work. Then, repeat crocheting the hdc sl st into each stitch across the row.
  • Row 3: Continue repeating the row 2 until you get the desired height.

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