How to Single Crochet Cluster Stitch For Beginners

Cluster single crochet tutorial (fetaute image)

Cluster stitches are very popular among crocheters, and the one that uses single crochet, I think, is the nicest one. So, in this tutorial, learn how to single crochet cluster stitch – an appealing stitch perfect for beginners. I have provided most of the details about this technique with pictorial and written instructions. So, go through this step-by-step guide until you have learned everything.

single crochet cluster stitch tutorial

What is a Single Crochet Cluster Stitch?

A single crochet cluster stitch is a beautifully textured crochet stitch that is formed using the single crochet decreases (working incomplete single in several stitches) without reducing the stitches in a row. Hence, the shape of the fabric remains straight. Since it is a little thicker, it is perfect for dishcloths, scarves, blankets, etc.


Some patterns may write it as “sc cl” while others may write as “cluster sc”.

Stitch Multiple:

Each single crochet cluster stitch will be worked in two stitches as usual. So, you will need a multiple of two foundation chains.

Row Multiple:

The first unique row and the rest of the pattern are a one-row repeat.

Guide for Main Stitch

Single crochet decrease or single crochet two together

This technique is a core stitch for cluster sc. Here is how to crochet sc2tog:

  • Insert the crochet hook into the first stitch.
  • Yarn over and pull up a loop.
  • Instead of completing the single crochet stitch. Insert the hook into the second stitch.
  • Yarn over and Pull up a loop.
  • Yarn over again and pull through all three loops on your hook.

Learn more about sc2tog with my tutorial. 

Other stitches used

Cluster Single crochet Step-by-step instructions

While there are many types of cluster single crochet, in this section, you will learn the most famous type called 2 single crochet cluster:

Pictorial Guide

If you feel more comfortable with the pictorial instructions, check out the guide below:

Abbreviations Used:

  • Ch – Chain Stitch
  • sc  – single crochet
  • ins – Insert
  • st – stitch
  • ch-sp: chain-space
  • Yo – yarn over
  • rep – repeat

easy single crochet cluster (step-by-step pictures and instructions)

single crochet cluster (step-by-step pictures and instructions)
Single crochet cluster (step-by-step pictures and instructions) | Step-by-Step Images are From Through The Loop Yarn Craft

Written Instructions

  • Foundation row: Chain in a multiple of two.
  • Row 1 – Without Clusters: Insert the crochet into the 2nd chain from the hook and single crochet.
  • * Chain 1. Skip one stitch and single crochet in the next chain.
  • Rep * across the row. Chain 1 and turn the work.
  • Row 2 – Cluster stitch: Single crochet in the very first stitch. In the first chain 1 space, single crochet two together. Chain 1.
  • Rep single crochet two together in each stitch across. Turn. Chain 1.
  • Row 3: Repeat row 2 until you get the desired height.

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