Cutest Crochet Mini Strawberry Pattern Step By Step

Crochet Strawberry Pattern

Are you ready to make something really cute and fun? Let’s talk about making a tiny crochet strawberry that looks so adorable, that you’ll want to make a whole bunch! This little strawberry is made with red yarn, and it’s so soft and lovely to touch. Imagine it having little pink leaves that make it look extra special – wow, right? We’re going to show you a super easy pattern to follow, so you can add this cute strawberry to your crochet collection. It’s not only fun to make, but also, it gives your stuff a really charming touch. Follow along, and let’s make this pretty crochet mini strawberry together!

Crochet Mini Strawberry

Crochet Strawberry Pattern

You will need

  • – Cotton yarn 8/4-
  • – Crochet hook, 2.5mm –
  • – Fiberfill-
  • – Yarn needle
  • – Scissors


  • St(s)- stitch(es)
  • SC – single crochet
  • MR -magic ring
  • ch -chain
  • sist -slip stitch
  • hdc -half double crochet
  • Rnd(s)- rounds
  • repeat (…) the number of stitches in round
  • dec – decrease
  • inc -increase


  • Rnd 1: 6sc in MR (6)
  • Rnd 2: *1sc, inc* x3 (9)
  • Rnd 3: *2sc, inc* x3 (12)
  • Rnd 4: 1sc, inc, *3sc, inc* x2, 2sc (15)
  • Rnd 5: *4sc, inc* x3 (18)
  • Rnd 6: 18sc (18)
  • Rnd 7: *2sc, inc* x6 (24)
  • Rnd 8: 24sc (24)
  • Rnd 9: 1sc, inc, *3sc, inc* x5, 2sc (30)
  • Rnd 10-12: 30sc (30) (3 Rnds)
  • Rnd 13: *3sc, dec* x6 (24)
  • Rnd 14: 24sc (24)
  • Rnd 15: *2sc, dec* x6 (18)
  • Rnd 16: *1sc, dec* x6 (12)

Stuff the strawberry

  • Rnd 17: *dec* x6 (6)

Cut the yarn leaving a tail.

  • Use your yarn needle to weave the tail through the front loops of the 6 sts of Rnd 17.

Then pull the yarn gently to close the ring and weave in the tail.


  • The stem is made with a long tail foundation chain. Make a loop with a starting tail of approx. 15cm. Hold this tail with your thumb and the other thread with your index finger.
  • Yarn over with the tail around your thumb from front to back. You now have 2 loops on your hook.
  • Now yarn over from back to front with the other thread and complete the st by pulling this thread through the 2 loops on the hook.
  • Make 7 sts like this. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail for assembly and making of the dots.
  • If you would like the stem to be a loop, make 15sts and make sure to start off with a longer starting


Strawberry top

  • Rnd 1: 9sc in MR (9),

Do not close the ring completely. Make sure there is room for the stem.

  • Rnd 2: *1slst, ch5, turn, skip 1 st, 1slst, 1sc, 2hdc* x9, slst in next st

Cut the yarn leaving a long tail for assembly.

Weave the tail through to the backside of the strawberry top.


  • Sew the stem to the finishing circle of the strawberry and embroider the dots with the remaining yarn tail.
  • Then pull the strawberry top down over the stem and sew in place between Rnd 1 and Rnd 2.
  • Fasten 2-3 of the leaves, leaving the rest to curl up.

That’s it!

Your sweet strawberry is now completed.

Designer; Frauskau On Instagram

Where you can use this Strawberry?

Crocheted mini strawberries can be versatile and adorable additions to various items. Here are some ideas on where you can use them:

  1. Accessories: Attach them to hair clips, headbands, or brooch pins to create cute fashion accessories.
  2. Home Décor: Use them as fridge magnets, or string several together to make a fruity garland or a mobile for a child’s room.
  3. Keychains: Add a key ring and turn your mini strawberries into delightful keychains.
  4. Jewelry: They can be made into charms for bracelets or necklaces.
  5. Clothing Accents: Sew them onto sweaters, hats, or bags as decorative appliqués.
  6. Gift Embellishments: Use them to add a personal touch to wrapped presents or gift bags.
  7. Party Favors: They can be cute party favors for a garden party or a summer-themed event.
  8. Holiday Decorations: They can be part of a unique Christmas tree decoration or part of a springtime Easter basket.


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