Free Crochet Bucket and Spade Pattern For Sandy Plays In Summer

Crochet Bucket & Spade Pattern

Crocheted buckets  and spades are hundreds of times better than plastic ones. You can also customize them in several ways suiting the taste of your little one. Bring them to the shore and allow them to play with sand. In this post, we are sharing a basic pattern for crocheting a simple and small crochet bucket and spade that is completely playable due to its durability and sturdiness. The pattern is free and explained row-by-row.

So, if you have a shore lover in your life, don’t miss this interesting idea which will certainly bring smiles.

Crochet Bucket & Spade Pattern

Creating crochet buckets and spade sets can be a delightful and playful project, perfect for spicing up summer toys or decorative pieces for those who love the beach and sand play. Unlike traditional plastic toys, crocheted beach items bring a unique, soft, and eco-friendly touch to playtime. These items can also serve as charming décor for beach-themed rooms or parties.

Tools and materials

Crochet provided alot of room for using a specific type for each supply. However, it will be best to go with the following crochet tools and materials as used by the designer of this pattern:

  • Any Cotton yarn – size 8/4, in the Dark orange and Yellow. Cotton yarn is absorbent, durable, and washable.
  • Scissors
  • Hook number 2.5
  • Sewing needle

Abbreviations and Technique Explanations

Let’s delve deeper into crochet terms, abbreviations, and their implications in crocheting this bucket and spade:

  • Magic Ring (MR): A foundational technique used to start crocheting in the round, allowing for a tightly closed center. Ideal for amigurumi, hats, and other projects with a circular base.
  • Single Crochet (SC) – US Terminology (Double Crochet in the UK): A basic crochet stitch foundational to many patterns. In the UK, this is known as a Double Crochet. The stitch is simple, versatile, and creates a relatively tight fabric, perfect for both decorative and practical items.
  • Increase (INC): Involves creating two single crochet stitches in one stitch from the previous row or round. This technique is used to shape the crochet piece, allowing it to expand and create curves or angles.
  • Chain (CH): The most basic crochet stitch and is often used to begin crochet patterns or add space within patterns. Chains can be used to create the foundation row or add height when transitioning to new rows or rounds.
  • Slip Stitch (SLST): A Slip Stitch (SLST) is a minimal stitch used to join stitches together without adding height. This stitch can be used to close rounds, create simple textures, or join separate pieces together seamlessly.
  • Front Loops Only (FLO): Crocheting into the Front Loops Only (FLO) refers to inserting the hook into the loop that’s closer to you. This technique creates a ribbed texture on the fabric, adds elasticity, and can be used to shape or design the visual appeal of the project.
  • Back Loops Only (BLO): Conversely, crocheting into the Back Loops Only (BLO) involves inserting the hook into the loop farthest from you. BLO also creates a ribbed texture but gives it a different visual effect and feel, often used in clothing for stretch and design patterns.


Use dark orange color yarn. End every row with ‘slst, ch1’.
1. 6sc in mr (6)
2. inc x 6 (12)
3. ‘3sc, inc’ x 3 (15)
4. BLO! sc around (15)
5. sc around (15)
6. ‘4sc, inc’ x 3 (18)
7. sc around (18)
8. ‘5sc, inc’ x 3 (21)
9. sc around (21)
10. FLO! sc around (21)
11. sc around (21)
Fasten off, weave in the ends.


Use yellow color yarn or color of choise.
1. ch15, leaving long tail before and after the chains.
Fasten off. Sew the handle on the bucket on R10.
Make sure the handle is centered on both sides.


Use dark orange color yarn.
1. 6sc in mr (6)
2. ‘1sc, inc’ x 3 (9)
3. ‘2sc, inc’ x 3 (12)
4. – 6. sc around (12)
7. skip 4, 2sc, skip 4, 2sc (4)
8. – 10. sc around (4)
11. Ch8, slst
Fasten off, weave in the ends. Using dark orange string,
sew the two small holes left in the spade on R7.


Crochet Bucket & Spade Pattern

Designer; Twingurumi On Instagram

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