Crochet Rainbow Keychain Pattern Free

Rainbow Keychain

Rainbows are like a splash of happiness across the sky, and now you can carry that joy with you every day with the Crochet Rainbow Keychain Pattern. This free and simple crochet pattern lets you create your very own rainbow to use as a keychain, give as a thoughtful gift, use for decoration, or even sell. The design is filled with layers of bright colors purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and cherry that can bring good luck and a smile whenever you look at it. Best of all, you can get creative with it! Customize your rainbow with different colors or add special touches to make it uniquely yours. This crochet ornament pattern is all about crafting a little piece of treasure that you can hold in your hands.

Crochet Rainbow Keychain Pattern

Crochet Rainbow Keychain Pattern

Making Your Rainbow Keychain


  • Wire colors: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Cherry
  • Tapestry needle
  • Two white strands for fringes

Step by step Pattern

Creating the Central Part of Your Rainbow

  1. [With Purple Wire] Do 18 chains. Close a circle by making 1 pbx on the first chain (which is the last one counting from the hook).
  2. Proceed with: (2 pb, 1 aum) x6 [24]
  3. [Switch to Blue Wire]
  • (3 pb, 1 aum) x6 [30]
  1. [Switch to Green Wire]
  • (4 bp, 1 aum) x6 [36]
  1. [Switch to Yellow Wire]
  • (5 pb, 1 aum) x6 [42]
  1. [Switch to Orange Wire]
  • (6 pb, 1 aum) x6 [48]
  1. [Switch to Cherry Wire]
  • (7 pb, 1 aum) x6 [54]

Assembly and Final Touches

  1. Finish and leave a long thread to sew. Fold the piece in half and, with the tapestry needle, sew the entire top part by the handles from the inside, joining the two parts. With the Purple thread, sew the inside/low part.
  2. Still using the tapestry needle, we will make the fringe. In each color change, at the base of the rainbow, pass two White strands of approximately 15 cm. Attach the 4 pieces that were hung with a knot
  3. Trim the fringes so that they all have the same size. If you want, you can “separate” the wires that form each line, giving a shredded appearance.
  4. Finally, if you are going to use your Rainbow as a keychain, sew the chains on top using the tapestry needle and red thread.


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