25 Easy Free Crochet Cushion Patterns

15 Easy Free Crochet Cushion Patterns

Cushions have a unique charm that effortlessly elegant any area they adorn. Whether you place them on a sofa, a bed, or a bench in the garden, these accessories never fail to create a comfortable atmosphere. The art of crocheting a cushion goes beyond its surface aesthetics because it is about striking a balance between comfort, durability, and visual appeal. So, this collection of 20 popular crochet cushion patterns will provide you all.

crochet cushion patterns

Crochet Cushions

Every cushion has a story to tell, and when crocheted with love, it becomes an expression of the heart that stitches it. The journey of creating cushions is filled with the joy of exploring different materials, textures, and patterns to create a beautiful blend that reflects one’s taste. So, Learn how to crochet a cushion by exploring these Free Crochet Cushion Patterns with the visual guides and the instructions of able experts.

Are Crochet cushions Good For Beginners?

Yes! Beginners can crochet the crochet cushion patterns. We have come up with easy video tutorials and simple patterns to help create a crochet cushion while making them enjoyable for those just beginning their crochet journey. These tutorials are created with beginners in mind. They guide you through each stitch, ensuring no crucial detail is left unexplained. The patterns we’ve selected use basic stitches.

The Crochet Techniques To Master:

Mastering certain crochet techniques is a must to crochet unique cushion patterns. But Don’t worry! If you are not familiar with these because we have some video tutorials that will guide you a lot, and here we are a little defining them:

  • Chain Stitch: This is your starting point in crochet. It forms the foundation chains upon which your cushion pattern is created.
  • Single Stitch, Double, and Half Double Crochet are the basic principal stitches; Single makes the smooth and solid texture, while double makes the flexible and open.
  • Working in Rounds: Crocheting in a continuous circle or loop. This technique is important for making the covers for round cushions.
    Weaving in Ends: This involves neatly hiding the loose ends of yarn left after you finish a color or a piece of work. It will be introduced in this collection in a new way.
  • Creating a Granny Square: A fun, attractive piece of crochet work. They can be used as standalone coasters or joined together often in the 9 to make a square cushion.
  • Changing Colors: This technique lets you add a splash of colors while working.
  • Simple Needle Sewing: Basic sewing skills are needed to assemble your crochet pieces into the final product and join the individual pieces.
  • V-Stitch: This will be used here to make a zig-zag cushion pattern.
  • Lining: For Some Patterns, You will also need to line the interior of the cushion so that the stuffing may not get out.

The Supplies You Will Need:

Here are the supplies you will need to crochet cushions or covers, but before you get started, completely read the guidelines provided by the pattern:

  • Recommended Yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • The Stuffing – the cushy, soft filling inside your pillow cover. It gives your pillow its shape and provides support when you lean against or rest on it.
  • Yarn Needle- to join the individual pieces, such as the front and back panels.
  • Decorative Items like Buttons, Pom Poms, Tassels, etc.

Cute Crochet Flower Pillow Cushion

Unlike usual crochet flower pillows, this round flower cushion combines beauty with the simplicity of crocheting. It features a golden center, surrounded by delicate embroidered petals in a striking contrast of colors, resting on a soft, pale base. This guide ensures even beginners can crochet it thanks to the step-by-step instructions covering every stitch and process

Using medium-weight yarn, preferably Red Heart Super Saver for an optimal result, a 4 mm hook for tighter stitches, some scissors, a yarn needle, and hypoallergenic, washable fiber fill, you’ll bring this adorable creation to life. The tutorial emphasizes the use of a unique color-switching technique, adding a layer of elegance to the pillow. The creator encourages customization in yarn choices which could slightly alter the pillow’s size, allowing for a personal touch.

crochet granny square pillow cover

In this tutorial, crochet a charming Granny Square Crochet Pillow/Cushion Cover made using the Sunburst Granny Square pattern and classic Granny stitch. Ideal for beginners who have a basic understanding of crochet stitches, this easy and beginner-friendly project allows for customizable color schemes. In this way, you can match this pillow with your home decor as you prefer.

To create this cozy accessory, you’ll need DK weight yarn in your chosen colors, a 4.5 mm crochet hook, a yarn needle, and scissors. The design features a unique tie at the back for easy removal and versatility, fitting any square-shaped cushion. The tutor suggests starting with a detailed Sunburst granny square tutorial linked in the video if you’re an absolute beginner.

cute vintage pillow cover

In this crochet tutorial, Crystal will teach crocheting a stunning vintage pillow cover featuring the intricate Harlequin stitch, which gives the item a beautifully textured, square-patterned appearance, differentiating it from the more rounded Catherine Wheel stitch. Not for beginners, this project is for at an upper intermediate to advanced difficulty level. It is because of the extreme difficulty of crocheting this stitch.

You’ll need a 16×16 pillow insert (which can also be adjusted as needed), Red Heart Super Saver yarn, or any medium four-ply acrylic yarn in three colors, and a size J (6.5 mm) crochet hook. Crystal emphasizes the uniqueness of the pattern and encourages custom color selection to enhance the project’s beauty.

Crochet Pillow Cover For Beginners

In this video tutorial, learn how to crochet a cozy, cottage-inspired crochet pillow cover, perfect for beginners. This pillow cover is adorned with charming pom-poms at each corner, adding a fun and playful touch. The instructor uses bulky weight Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn, a 10.0 mm crochet hook, and a few other basic tools like scissors, a darning needle, and a regular needle with thread.

The cover easily fits a standard 20×20-inch pillow, which can be sourced from stores or handmade by crocheting two panels together. The process involves crocheting a simple textured panel, then sewing it onto the pillow cover, with the final step of attaching the handmade pom-poms. As a tip, the instructor suggests using stitch markers can greatly help in keeping track of rows, making the process smoother and ensuring a neat end product.


Cover Star 100% Cotton

cover star pillow

How about giving your simple pillow a brand-new royal look? Our Easy Crochet Cushion Cover Free Pattern tutorial is here to help you do just that. This will first guide you to create a beautiful floral design on the center of the pillow cover. Regular diamond stripes then surround the flower forming a series of stripes with a stripe with square holes and another with a sturdy finish. What’s more? The back of the cover has a unique design of four triangles tied together, forming a square. Each step in this tutorial is easy to follow. So, even if you’ve never done crochet, you’ll find this quite effortless.

Sundown Cushion

Sundown Cushion

Enhance your living space with this crochet cushion which has a beautiful design. The Sundown cushion is made of two squares joined by a whip stitch. The front square is designed with a herringbone stitch in the middle and a zig-zag pattern on each side, created with tapestry crochet. To complete the cushion’s charming aesthetic, large, eye-catching tassels adorn each corner, giving it that perfect finishing touch.


Donut Cushion

Donut Cushion

Donut Cushion is a charming cushion that enhances the most basic white bedsheets in a nursery or a child’s bedroom. It can be used as an accent on your couch or placed between simple pillows, giving an entirely new look to your living room. The hues are soft and delicate, while delicious sprinkles made of yarn further enhance its look, making it an even ideal gift for a sweet lover.


Windmill Cushion

Windmill Cushion

With its square design, this charming cushion pattern will be the perfect companion for relaxing evenings in the garden. The design is made diagonally, achieving an eye-catching rotating texture. The technique involves joining color blocks one after the other, looking like an infinite color windmill. Customize your cushion by using four different colors or two contrasting pairs. Moreover, The square is finished with three rows of double crochet in a contrasting color for the border.


Parti Pineapple Cushion

Parti Pineapple Cushion

Make this cushion a unique housewarming gift or porch decor to add a touch of hospitality to any space. The cushion uses self-striping yarn to evoke warm, tropical vibes that will surely make guests feel at home. This cushion features a Suzette Stitch pattern on its front and back panels, adding a delightful texture to the piece.  Individual leaves are attached to the pineapple’s top alongside the side piece, enhancing its charm. So, start making it today!


Diamond Stitch Cushion

Diamond Stitch Cushion

This Pillow Pattern creates a beautifully textured 18″x18″ cushion, perfect for adding a modern, cozy touch to your home. Made with the diamond stitch, it’s an intermediate-level pattern requiring basic crochet stitches knowledge and ‘front post treble crochet 2 together. Making each side separately and joining them with a single crochet, you’ll have a neat ridge, and there’s no sewing involved.


Crochet Cushion Cover For Beginners

Crochet Cushion Cover For Beginners

Our Crochet Cushion Cover tutorial offers an amazing solution to finish the endless search for a pillow color that satisfies everyone in your home. This custom pattern features a vibrant mix of red, yellow, orange, and pink colors, but you can choose those of love of each at home.

These colors comprise the four simple granny squares at the front of the pillow pattern. This tutorial will guide you about the granny square from scratch. Furthermore, the back panel comprises two rectangular grannies linked to the front. All you need to get started is a comfy bundle of soft wool. This crochet pattern will surely give your sofas a lovely upgrade.

Granny Square Crochet Cushion Pattern

Granny Square cushion cover

Brighten up your bedroom with a dash of colors. Our Granny Square Crochet Cushion Pattern may be just the thing you need. This guide takes your granny square skills to the next level. Unlike earlier lessons where you only used a single yarn color, this tutorial teaches you to create a granny square ending using multiple colors.

This results in a beautifully multi-colored border finish on your cushion cover and the grannies. In the center, you can add a charming sunflower applique for a touch of elegance and joy. This crochet pattern is a unique and exciting choice for those keen on learning how to change colors during crochet.

Stylish Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern

Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern

This teaching session will help you to make a wonderful pinkish pillow cover with a stylish zig-zag texture. But that’s not all. An additional zig-zag pattern on the top falls down the front, adding an exciting addition to the cover. The lovely yarn tassels attached at each corner make this pillow cover even more special. These tiny details add a fun twist to your decor! This pillow pattern is perfect for bringing a modern touch to your living room. Consider designing a matching sofa cover for an even more coordinated look!


Zig Zag Crochet Cushion Pattern

Zig Zag Crochet Cushion Pattern

This crochet tutorial will take you through mastering the V-stitch in a fun and practical project. Ideal for round cushions, this pattern will have you create a long rectangular crochet piece with zig-zag patterns along both opposite edges. Just measure your cushion before you begin for a perfect fit. After completing the crochet, wrap the piece around your cushion, carefully attaching the zig-zag edges of the top and down with a needle and thread. Finally, sew two buttons on both the center of the pattern, highlighting the beautiful center detail. The result will be a colorful and eye-catching cushion cover that breathes new life into your living space.

Easy Mandala Crochet Cushion

Mandala Crochet Cushion

The beautiful mandala design is a popular choice for home accessories, and now you can create one for your very own soft pillow. This guide will not only teach you to make a pretty mandala pattern but also provides helpful tips on the lining process. This ensures that your wool stays neatly remained in as you work on your cushion cover. Remember to use a larger hook size and think of yarn for this project to achieve the desired effect.

Crochet Floor Cushion

Crochet Floor Cushion

Whether sitting on the floor reading a fascinating book or flipping through a fashion comic, this cushion will provide the soft support you need. Its design has a lively mix of red, black, and blue hues, giving your space a fun and shiny appeal.
Plus, the addition of buttons on the top not only adds a stylish touch but also provides practical use. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your favorite book or comic while sipping a cup of tea, sitting comfortably on your crochet floor cushion.


Crochet Corkscrew Cushion Pattern

Crochet Corkscrew Cushion Pattern

With its unique spiral design, this charming cushion pattern will be the perfect companion for relaxing evenings in the garden. This special pattern will guide you through creating a 3D stitch like a mountain range, worked in a spiral despite making the round panels, resulting in a cushion cover pleasing to both the eye and touch. It feels soft and velvety, just like a real cork, giving you a cozy cushion to bend on.


Basket Weave Crochet Cushion Pattern

Crochet Cushion Pattern Uk

This impressive design transforms your plain cushions into decorative art pieces, featuring a woven basket-like texture resembling handcrafted wickerwork’s beauty. The cushion pattern also includes a lovely chain border in a contrasting color, allowing you to learn the chain stitch. Though designed primarily for chairs, this versatile pattern is adaptable to all living spaces, providing a warm and cozy atmosphere.


Caterpillar easy Cushion Crochet Pattern

Caterpillar Cushion Crochet Pattern

This exciting crochet pillow pattern holds the classic granny square design, using nine squares in front, each decorated with beautiful round patterns. The charm of this cushion lies in its playful mixing of colors. Be creative and make each square using six different colors of yarn, applied in various combinations to create a uniquely vibrant granny square. Moreover, the rough edging combines all the granny squares into one unified pillow square.


Alpine Crochet Cushion Cover

Alpine Crochet Cushion Cover

Looking for a simple yet rewarding crochet pattern? Try the Alpine Crochet Cushion Cover pattern. Even if you know just the basics like double crochet and the Alpine stitch, you’ll find this design a breeze to create. The simple pattern demands double crochet with a single yarn color, some star buttons in the front, and an alpine stitch with many colors in the back, providing different textures that add depth to the final product. Plus, compared to other patterns, this one’s a quick job.


Interlocking Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern Free

Interlocking Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern Free

This beautiful cushion cover pattern expresses the magic of the interlocking crochet technique. It features rows of vertical stripes with changing colors from blue to white and from white to blue and coming after each other one by one to create a unique and appealing design. According to the creator, this pattern is surprisingly easy to achieve, even for those new to crochet. No need to worry about making countless rows one by one with numerous loose ends. Just follow the guidelines, and you’ll be able to master that beautiful transition effect with just four rows!


Floral Granny Square Crochet Cushion

Floral Granny Square Crochet Cushion

The design of this crochet pillow cover beautifully marries the complexity of the granny square with the simplicity of a textured region. One-half of this cushion cover features nine granny squares, each adorned with an adorable flower design. Combined, they form an attractive square region that breathes life into any space. The other half is a pure textured region, adding a touch of simplicity to balance the vibrant floral designs. The back of the cushion cover continues with a fair design, making it a perfect complement to simple white bedsheets. This cushion cover is a precious gift for your bed. Ended off with a border that enhances its beauty.


Crochet Heart Cushion With Pompoms

Crochet Heart Cushion With Pompoms

This soft pillow, designed in the shape of a heart, will surely win your heart with its plush comfort and delightful design. Bright pom poms, all done in vibrant red, line the border of this cushion, giving it a lively touch. This heart-shaped pattern, symbolizing much more than just a simple cushion, will bring warmth and cheer into your living space. It will brighten each day with the soft, comforting reminder of your love for crochet.


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We hope that the guiding tutorials we provided in this collection were helpful for you and you have selected one of the patterns and started all mental preparations. If you like our collection, you can tell us in the comments, and if you have a question, you can ask freely because they will improve our content.

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