15 Crochet Pumpkin Patterns For Halloween Decorations

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Our amazing crochet pumpkin patterns are a great way to add fall decor to your home. In this roundup you will find plenty of charming little pumpkins; these cute little crochet pumpkins can be used as decorations or toys for small children.

Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

I have collected a collection of free pumpkin crochet patterns for you. You can make these adorable little pumpkins perfect for any fall decor or to enjoy at home as they slowly fade in the many hours of autumn sunshine and seasonal rain.

You will love them because they are all unique and special, most are easy, but some require more skill. I have included traditional pumpkins and fun little ones like ghosts and bats. This list makes it easy to find your perfect design for Fall decorating!

Supplies You Need For Crocheting Pumpkin Patterns:

Gather the given supplies before started making these crochet pumpkins by yourself.

  • Yarn
  • Scissor
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Hooks

How To Crochet A Pumpkin?

Crocheting a pumpkin is a fantastic project, especially if you want to add a handmade touch to your fall decor.

  • Select a soft yet sturdy yarn in your preferred pumpkin color and your favorite crochet hook.
  • Begin with the pumpkin’s body by making a slipknot and working in rounds to create a crochet circle, increasing the stitches with each round to give it that hearty pumpkin shape.
  • As your pumpkin takes shape, fill it with stuffing to give it plumpness.
  • Don’t forget to leave a long tail to help shape the pumpkin into its recognizable segments.
  • Close it by decreasing your stitches in the final rounds. Now, let’s move to the cute stem; choose a contrasting color
  • . Crochet a small tube and attach it to the top. For a more realistic touch, add a crochet leaf, and voila!

Quick And Easy Crochet Pumpkin

Quick And Easy Crochet Pumpkin

This is a fairly easy, beginner-level pattern for crocheted pumpkins. Make these adorable pumpkins to decorate your home, and use left-over yarn sitting in your stash. Two sizes are included so you can choose which suits your needs best. These super simple pumpkins will look great on your mantle, table, or shelf during the fall whenever you want to put together a pumpkin display.

How To Crochet A Pumpkin

How To Crochet A Pumpkin

Here i will show you how to crochet a pumpkin in this amazing video tutorial. It is very easy, and it is great for any skill level. It takes a beginner about 10 minutes to make their first pumpkin, but the more experienced crocheter can easily make these in less time!

Crochet Easy Pumpkin Coaster

Crochet Easy Pumpkin Coaster

This easy crochet pumpkin coaster pattern is a fun and easy way to show off your skills with crochet. Using simple stitches, this easy-chic pattern will allow you to place it almost anywhere around your home as a reminder of the Autumn season and a keepsake for years to come. Make it in your favorite colors to add a pop of color to your coffee table, or use this simple pattern for a Halloween or fall party!

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Garland

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Garland

If you want to give your home a cute look, try this easy crochet pumpkin garland. With its soft and delicate stitches and lovely shades, it will instantly improve the overall appearance of your house. This easy crochet pattern is perfect for making some admirable and unique additions to your home decor with minimal effort.

Fast & Easy Chunky Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Fast & Easy Chunky Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

This Fast & Easy Chunky Pumpkin Crochet Pattern will help you make your favorite squishable amigurumi in no time. With minimal effort and basic knowledge of crochet stitches you can create the adorable pumpkin motif to add to your fall decorations! Using the basic crochet stitches, create a unique pumpkin amigurumi with minimal effort.

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

This easy crochet pumpkin pattern is a quick project for Halloween or for your autumn home decor. Use this cute pumpkin as a decorative fall piece or a perfect seasonal gift. Using the unique pattern shown, you can create a new crochet pumpkin each season to match your changing decor. Follow the instructions and have your own squishy loveable mini pumpkin! You can use this pattern throughout the year as well. This pattern includes instructions for both a small and large pumpkin.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Free

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern Free

This amazing pattern is a great addition to your amigurumi collection, perfect for Halloween. It is easy to follow and can be made using only one color or a mixture of colors with contrast to create an eye-catching centerpiece. It will be the most admirable accessory you have ever tried and I hope you’ll love it too.

Rustic Farmhouse Crochet Pumpkin

Rustic Farmhouse Crochet Pumpkin

This Rustic Farmhouse Crochet Pumpkin Pattern is a fun project for your home this Fall. Follow this quick and easy pattern to create your adorable pumpkin that will surely be a great addition to your classic home decor, or give it as a gift to someone special! Each pumpkin will be different in its characteristic, adding to the farmhouse charm of these clever decorations.

Quick And Easy Mini Crochet Pumpkin

Quick And Easy Mini Crochet Pumpkin

This quick, easy mini-crochet pumpkin will become your favorite fall decoration. Whether on your front porch, in a vase, or just sitting in a corner, this tiny pumpkin will liven up any space and make your home look fashionable and festive. It only takes a few hours, and you can use any color of yarn for the flesh or choose a different color if you prefer.

Crochet Pumpkin Free Pattern

Pumpkin Free Pattern

Learn how to crochet this adorable 10-inch pumpkin amigurumi with our beginner tutorial! Featuring a full-body design and no sewing required, this easy one-day project is perfect for crocheting beginners. It’s also a great way to use your leftover yarn and make something fun for Halloween! It’s also a great way to spend time with children as they learn to read a pattern and follow through on the steps.

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Free Pattern

Easy Pumpkin Free Pattern

This Easy Crochet Pumpkin Free Pattern will be great for any beginner that wants to learn how to crochet. It features a simple pattern with an easy flow and moose yarn that works well for beginners. The most difficult part of this project is knowing the basic stitches, but once you learn them, you can easily make as many of these little pumpkins as your heart desires!

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Stack

Easy Pumpkin Stack

This pumpkin is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick easy and inexpensive Halloween decoration on the front porch. This crochet pattern is an easy ribbed pumpkin for your home or garden. The unique ribbing is crocheted by working a row of double crochet in combination with a row of linked slip stitches. This item is great for fall decorations!

Easy Crochet Pumpkins

Easy Pumpkins

Crocheting pumpkins are a fun and easy pattern that prepares you for fall! Whether you want to use them as ornaments or add color to your home decor, these crochet patterns are perfect for any crocheter. I’ll show you how to make a small and large pumpkin using this free pattern, it is great for beginner crocheters and anyone looking for quick little pumpkins!

Crochet Pumpkin Pillow

Pumpkin Pillow

The Hello Harvest Pumpkin Pillow is a quick and simple pumpkin pattern that will look adorable on any year-round sofa or chair. The unique ribbing is crocheted by working a row of half double crochet in combination with a row of linked slip stitches. This pillow uses bulky Yarn’s, giving it a naturally soft texture that your room’s decor needs.

Mini Crochet Pumpkin

Mini Pumpkin

Make your mini crochet pumpkin following this super easier tutorial! This adorable fall decoration is easy and quick to make. It’s easy and quick to make so you can crochet at least a dozen tiny pumpkins during your free time. You can surprise your loved ones by gifting them these tiny pumpkins or making them fun projects for yourself!

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