Free Crochet Oatley Pattern

Free Crochet Oatley Pattern

Learn to make a small, adorable crochet ghost with our free Oatley pattern! You’ll create a cute and slightly quirky ghost using white and orange yarn. This easy and fun project is perfect for crocheters of all skill levels and adds a charming, handmade touch to any space. The pattern, designed in bright shades, brings a delightful, whimsical ghost to life ideal for Halloween decorations, a sweet gift for someone special, or as a playful desk topper. Start this free pattern today and add a cheerful, vibrant character to your collection of treasures.

Free Crochet Oatley Pattern

Making Your Crochet Oatley Amigurumi


  • White And Orange Yarn, Thinner Dark Grey Or Black Yarn For Embroidering The
  • Mouth And Eyes
  • Crochet Hook In Corresponding Size, Yarn Needle, Scissors, Polyfill

Techniques (Us Terms)

  • Sc-single Crochet
  • Sl St-slip Stitch
  • Inv Dec – Invisible Decrease Fo-fasten Off
  • Inv Fo-invisible Fasten Off
  • Inc – Increase
  • Dec-decrease Blo-back Loop Only
  • Flo-front Loop Only
  • Mr-magic Ring Standing Stitch Join

Step by step Pattern

Cheeks (Make 2 In Orange Yarn):

  • 1. Sc 6 In Mr 2. Sl St Into First Sc, Fo

Legs (Make 2 In Orange Yarn): 

  • 1. Ch 5, And Then From Second Chain From Hook: Sc 3, Sc 3 In Next St, Sc 2, Sc 2 In Next St (10) 2. Sc 10 Around In Blo
  • 3. Dec In Blo, Sc 4, Dec In Blo Twice (7) 4. Sc 5, Dec (6)
  • 5.-11. Sc 6 (Sc 6 For 7 Rds) 12. Sl St, Fo

Body (Outside)

  • 1. Sc 6 Into Mr 2. Incx6 (12) 3. Sc, Inc X 6 (18) 4. Sc 2, Inc X6 (24) 5. Sc 3, Inc X6 (30) 6. Sc 4, Inc X6 (36) 7.-15. Sc 36 (9 Rds Of 36 Sc) Embroider Face, Sew On Cheeks 16. In Flo: (Sc 5, Inc) X6 (42) 17. (Sc 6, Inc) X6 (48)
  • 18. (Sc 7, Inc) X6 (54), Inv Fo
  • Join White Yarn Using A Standing Stitch Join In The First Blo Of The Previous Round 17 On The Inside Of The Ghostly Body. We Are Closing Up The Bottom Of Oatley Now. 1. Standing Stitch Join, Sc 35 (36)
  • 2. (Sc 4, Dec) X6 (30), Begin Stuffing The Body With Polyfill 3. (Sc 3, Dec) X6 (24)
  • 4. (Sc 2, Dec) X6 (18)
  • 5. (Sc1, Dec) (12)
  • 6. Dec X 6 (6), Fo With Needle Through Back Loops And Pull Closed


  • Sew Cheeks To Body Between Rds 9-12 And Approx. 7 Sts Apart. Sew On a Straight Mouth Between The Cheeks Right Below Row 10. For Eyes, Make 5 Knots On Top Of Each Other (In the Same Place On The Yarn) To Make A Big Knot (Alternatively, Make a Big French Knot). Place Between Cheeks One Row Above Mouth And Close To The Cheeks (So Close They Almost Touch, Leave
    Maybe 1 Mm Of Room Between Eye And Cheek).
  • Sew Legs To The Inside Part Below The Little “Apron” At The Bottom Of The Body Approx. At The Same Distance As The Cheeks, Slightly Pointing Outwards But With Tips Pointing Slightly Inward.

Crochet Oatley Pattern

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