16 Best Friendship Bracelet Video Patterns For Beginners

freindship bracelet patterns

Need some creative friendship bracelet ideas along with detailed guides to make them? Check out this list of free friendship bracelet video patterns for your next project perfect for beginners and experts. From simple to embroidered you will find many fun notions like ghost, braided, chevron, floral, heroic, and even 4th July themed. They are not just accessories but tokens of affection so you should just not miss the ideas we are sharing with you.

16 Ideas for Making Friendship Bracelet


Friendship bracelets are everybody’s favorite crafts because they are so versatile. They can be fashioned into bookmarks, keychains, and anklets. Moreover, they have become universal symbols of friendship. The choice of materials, from classic embroidery floss to satin or hemp, influences the texture and adds another layer of uniqueness to each bracelet. Along with these bracelet pattern ideas, you can experiment with different knotting techniques and embellishments like beads or charms. All these things make this project of great joy.

Sharing friendship bracelet patterns in posts not only serves as inspiration but also fosters a sense of community among crafters. Such exchanges encourage learning and experimenting, helping crafters of all levels to explore new designs and refine their skills. So, to explore and learn these ideas move below:

Ghost Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Learn how to make an adorable ghost friendship bracelet, just in time for Halloween. It features a cute ghost pattern against a black background making it cute and thematic. You will need embroidery floss in mentioned colors, alongside common materials like scissors, tape, and fabric glue. It’s a fun project suitable for those with a basic understanding of friendship bracelet knots.

Despite the fast-paced overview of knot-making, Jen encourages beginners to consult her detailed knot guide. It ensures even beginners can tackle this project. The bracelet has a loop start, triangle ends, and braided ties, emphasizing its handmade charm. Jen suggests securing the back-end threads with fabric glue for a clean finish. This creative piece can be a personal DIY accessory or a heartfelt gift.

Arrowhead Bracelet Tutorial

Arrowhead Bracelet Tutorial

In the Arrowhead Bracelet Tutorial, you will learn to create a striking friendship bracelet. It features a beautiful gradient of colors that form an arrowhead pattern. Masha describes this project as beginner-friendly but advises it not to be your first attempt at bracelet making. She recommends her chevron tutorial as a starting point instead.

You’ll need strings of various colors. Masha chose six for her demonstration, but you’re free to adjust this number to alter the bracelet’s thickness. The tutorial not only covers the basic steps but also showcases different starting and ending options. Masha chooses a teardrop loop in her demonstration. It is worth crocheting.

Chevron Bracelet Tutorial

Chevron Bracelet Tutorial

The Chevron bracelet, with its striking V-shape pattern, will be an excellent project for beginners. Simple in design and construction, the bracelet is made using a series of forward and backward knots. It enables new makers to practice and become comfortable with the basic techniques essential for more complex designs.

To create this bracelet, you’ll need embroidery floss in your choice of colors, scissors, a safety pin, and a pillow or a similar item for securing your work. Masha Knots suggests using about one and a half meters of string per color to start with a basic loop. This bracelet serves as a fun and creative crafting experience but also results in a beautiful handmade gift.

Braided Stitch Bracelet Tutorial

Braided Stitch Bracelet Tutorial

This tutorial will help you create a beautifully handcrafted bracelet that combines vibrant shades of purple, teal, and pink. The bracelet stands out with its braided stitch pattern, offering a unique blend of sophistication and style. Suited for crafters at the beginner to intermediate level, this project requires embroidery floss in three colors. The tutorial emphasizes the creation of an adjustable bracelet by adding a braided section at both ends, allowing for a comfortable fit for any wrist size.

The instructor provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to execute the braids and knots. It makes the process accessible even for those relatively new to bracelet making. This bracelet is not just a fun crafting project but also makes for a thoughtful, personalized gift.

Here is a striking two-toned bracelet that looks oh-so-cute with the wave patterns. While not labeled as a beginner project, it’s approachable for those with some experience, and recommended after trying simpler bracelets like the Chevron. This tutorial guides you through creating a loop start, transitioning into a wave pattern by using a mixture of forward, backward, and square knots. It necessitates standard bracelet-making supplies: embroidery floss in two colors of choice.

Masha emphasizes the importance of understanding basic knots and provides a tip for ensuring a clean look: carefully correct any color miscues by gently pulling the errant thread back into place.

Leaves Bracelet Tutorial

Leaves Bracelet Tutorial

Leaves Friendship Bracelet, highlighted by its beautiful and unique appearance that interestingly looks even better on the reverse side, adding an exceptional dimension to it. This project is beginner-friendly, especially for those who have practiced making a chevron bracelet, as it builds upon those foundational skills with only minor variations. Required supplies include six colors of string, cut to about a meter in length, to create a vibrant rainbow effect.

Masha emphasizes the importance of arranging the strings symmetrically and being gentle with the knots to maintain the leaf effect. Despite being an easy introduction to friendship bracelet making, it promises a genuinely rewarding crafting experience.

Celtic Wave Bracelet Tutorial

Celtic Wave Bracelet Tutorial

This bracelet’s double wave pattern adds a unique twist to the design. Despite its intricate appearance, the bracelet is relatively simple to make, suitable for those with some prior bracelet-making experience rather than complete beginners. The required materials include strings in five colors, with a length of about two meters each, folded to create one-meter lengths. This bracelet is symmetrical, featuring a central color surrounded by other complementary colors, which Masha chooses to create a sunflower-inspired look.

An interesting aspect of this design is its wave-like structure, achieved by a specific knotting technique that only uses some of the strings, creating a visually appealing effect that is especially on the bracelet’s reverse side. Masha suggests being gentle with the knot tension to maintain the design’s integrity and prevent the bracelet from twisting.

crochet spider man bracelet

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Spiderman-themed friendship bracelet having the superhero’s iconic red and black mask with a white web pattern. This alpha pattern bracelet requires intermediate crafting skills, suited for those who have made a couple of similar projects before.

You’ll need three colors of thread—white, red, and black—and a set of base strings, typically in white to blend seamlessly with the design. The bracelet features a unique alpha technique where base strings run throughout its length and are covered by knots of your working strings, resulting in the detailed Spiderman mask appearance.

The tutor provides step-by-step instructions, emphasizing the importance of keeping your tension consistent to ensure a neat finish and avoid buckling. She recommends using a clipboard to secure your work for easier knotting. This bracelet can be a cherished personal accessory or a heartfelt gift for a friend, especially if they’re a fan of Spiderman.

Candy Stripe Tutorial

Here is a beginner-friendly project ideal for novice crafters, despite recommending starting with the chevron bracelet for a comprehensive knotting foundation. This eye-catching bracelet, made by sequentially tying forward knots, features a simple yet vibrant stripe pattern that can add any color combination you prefer. You’ll need around one meter of string for each color, or two meters if you’re folding them for a loop start, with three colors used in the example provided.

Masha emphasizes the importance of practicing both forward and backward knots to enhance your skillset, although the candy stripe primarily uses forward knots. For a polished start, she suggests exploring a half-triangle end, a technique that offers a cleaner beginning compared to the traditional overhand knot method. This bracelet serves as an excellent handmade gift or a fun way to express personal style.

DIY Three Colors Thick Stripe Patterns Friendship Bracelets

The DIY Three Colors Thick Stripe Friendship Bracelet is a patriotic craft perfect for the 4th of July. It features three bold layers of red, white, and blue. With a finished length of 120 cm, it fits average wrist sizes comfortably. The thick stripe pattern not only gives a striking appearance but also simplifies the making process, suitable for crafters at any skill level. This bracelet is an excellent way to express festive spirit and makes for a thoughtful handmade gift.

Create these friendship bracelets in the 4th of July color scheme and share them with friends. It will spread the cheer. A helpful tip is to measure your wrist size beforehand to ensure a perfect, snug fit.

The Easy Two-Tone Hearts Bracelet tutorial offers a delightful craft perfect for Anniversary Day. This chevron-based pattern requires only two colors of craft cord, making it not only economical but also simple to prepare.

The bracelet features alternating dark and light pink tones, creating a series of cute hearts across its length, which are highlighted in the final chevron pass of the design. It is an easy-level project, recommended even for beginners, involving basic forward and backward knotting techniques.

Meg suggests using a loop start and securing the working area with tape for stability, though she prefers safety pins for anchoring. This project is particularly fitting as a personalized gift or festive accessory.

 How to make a quick and easy THREAD BRACELET

Using some wax polyester thread and a unique macrame technique, you can crochet a simple but attractive bracelet following this video tutorial. The tutor gives many different options for selecting the length and thickness of the bracelet. The finished macrame bracelet with beautiful ridge eff is great for bohemian style lovers and you can gift it to such a friend.


easy leaf bracelet

The Quick and Easy Macrame Leaf Bracelet features a charming central leaf applique, accented with two small beads at the edges, attached to a slender string that can be thickened for added durability. The tutorial explains each knotting step, making it suitable for beginners eager to expand their macrame skills.

The instructor suggests that with some creativity, you can also transform this bracelet design into a stylish necklace or a pair of earrings, enhancing its versatility. This project not only serves as a quaint piece of wearable art but also offers a wonderful opportunity to create personalized gifts or accessories. A useful tip is to choose high-quality string and beads to ensure your creation lasts longer and maintains its appearance.



Learn how to make this beautiful and shiny macrame bracelet in two colors using six threads knotting. This bracelet has a cute texture of continuous ridges that adds to its beauty. The tutor uses just three threads to make a braid as a closing extension with a margin of 15 centimetres. Crochet this in two alternative colors for a royal items lover.


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