How to Crochet Bullion Stitch (Without Latch Hook!)


With this tutorial, you can learn how to crochet bullion stitch without using the special hook known as a latch hook. Although most crocheters consider this a tricky stitch, it is not as difficult. You will love those coiled stitches that give it a puffy feel. It is great for scarves, scrubbers, etc. So, let’s get started!

HOW to CROCHET BULLION STITCH For Without Crochet Hook
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How to Crochet Bullion Stitch

Ready to learn how to crochet the bullion stitch? Check out the below step-by-step instructions for beginners:

Techniques to Know: 

Preparation for crochet hook

If you don’t want to get a latch stitch for the Bullion stitch, you can try the below hack by Nazastia:

Tape two aluminum crochet hooks together from the center, side by side – the one of which should be inverted (the back side will face the front side of the main hook) and far some distance from the shaft of the hook. By keeping the distance, you can easily gather the loops and insert the hook into the stitch. This will help to keep your loops even while yarning over.

Stitch Instructions


  • Insert the main crochet hook into the knot and the inverted one out.
  • Crochet three turning chains to get the height. Now, also insert the back side of the inverted hook in the knot.
  • Hold your taped crochet hooks in your right hand, and with your left, yarn over your hooks 6-10 times – the famous number is 6 times. The number of times you yarn over will determine the thickness of your stitch. Be sure not to pull too tight. Keep the loops in place (stacked) by blocking with the inverted hook.
  • Insert hook into stitch: Then, insert free hook into the next stitch.
  • With the hook in the stitch, yarn over again and pull through the stitch.
  • Now, pull through all the loops on your hook at once with your left hand.
  • Finish the stitch: Finish by yarning over once more and pulling through the loop. This creates the finishing chain of the bullion stitch.
  • Continue: Repeat for as many Bullion stitches as required.

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