Double Crochet Hat in 10 Sizes – Free Pattern for Beginners

Free Double Crochet Hat In 10 Sizes

Learn how to crochet hats in 10 different sizes using double crochet stitch following this super easier pattern, that’s going to be a decent addition to your crochet skillset and hat collection.

Double Crochet Hat In 10 Sizes

Double Crochet Hat In 10 Sizes

This Double Crochet Hat pattern is marvelous, showcasing crochet craftsmanship’s versatility and beauty. Designed to fit a wide range of sizes, it’s a perfect project for crocheters looking to make thoughtful, personalized gifts for their loved ones. The easiness of the instructions ensures that even beginners can approach this project with confidence, while seasoned crafters can appreciate the pattern’s adaptability and the opportunity to play with colors and yarn textures. Truly, this pattern stands out as a shining example of how simple stitches can come together to create something both practical and delightful to wear.


  1. Worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver or Red Heart with Love was suggested)
  2. 5.5mm (I) Hook
  3. Yarn Needle
  4. Scissors


  • Sl St: Slip Stitch
  • Ch: Chain
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • DC: Double Crochet


For all sizings, the pattern begins with creating a magic circle.

Premie Hat:

  1. Round 1: Ch 2, 9 DC in the magic circle (9)
  2. Round 2: Ch 2, 2 DC in each st around (18)
  3. Round 3: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC, repeat from * around (27)
  4. Round 4: Ch 2, *2 DC, DC in next two st, repeat from * around (36)
  5. Rounds 5-8: Ch 2, DC around (36)
  6. Round 9: Ch 1, SC around. Tie off and weave in ends. (36)

I have listed only the steps for the smallest size, “Premie”. The instructions for the other sizes (Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, Toddler, Child small and large, Adult small and regular) follow a similar pattern but with a different number of stitches and rounds.

At the end of each round, it should be attached to the first stitch using a slip stitch; chain stitches at the beginning of each round do not count as stitches.


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